My Madam And I – Episode 58

The guy that fell on the table was badly injured. Some guys rushed out from the inner room to talk me into paying if I can’t face the challenge. 
“there’s nothing to reason. I’m straight! I’m not gay!” I yelled. 
They began trying to hold me down before Thomas intervened. He promised to pay the money but I refused. 
“how can you pay, for what?!” I barked angrily. 
“that’s how it’s done here Mike! You either pay or be forced if you refuse to oblige willingly.” Thomas said, walking towards the inner room. I allowed Thomas do his thing. Afterall, he was the one who brought me here in the first place. But I had my eyes on that guy who bid for me to be fucked. 

Thomas was inside taking care of my debt while I sat alone cautiously looking around. The whole fun was subsided in that section and the broken pieces was being gathered. I sat, waiting for Thomas to come so we can leave. Not quite long he came out. I stood up instantly and headed for the door. He followed me. I got downstairs into the club and forgot the road that led to the exit. Thomas then took the lead and led us out to the parking lot. 

“what kind of madness was that?!” I barked as we got away from the noise. 
“I’m sorry, I just wanted you to experience another side of life.” Thomas said. 
“I’m very happy you are the one to pay that money, because I wouldn’t have forgiven you if that money left my hand.” I said. 
Just as we were about entering the car, I was waiting for Thomas to open the door when someone shouted. 
“Thomas! going home to enjoy your boyfriend huh?”

I turned and saw the restroom guy peeing close to a car. I immediately ran to him and hit his face on the fence. He fell and struggled up. I punched him twice on his face before he bent and used his shoulder to push me backwards. My leg hit a short pavement and I fell over. He jumped on me and landed several blows on my face before I held his shirt, dragged him to my self and gave him a headbutt on his nose. He fell backwards giving me a chance to stand up. I picked up a stone and hit it on his head. Blood splashed like a punctured pipe as he slumped. That was when Thomas arrived. 

“Mike! Mike!” he said, looking at the guy with wide eyes.” 
I was petrified that I couldn’t move a muscle. I watched as the guy jerked on the floor. 
“I think he’s dead! Let’s go. Let’s go!” Thomas said as he dragged me away. 
We quickly got into the car and drove away. 
“do you think anyone saw us?” I asked, looking behind my shoulder, ensuring no one was watching. 

Thomas drove in silence till we got to the hotel. When he brought the car to a halt, he said, “Mike! That guy could be dead. We are not sure yet! Why did you do what you did?!” he yelled. 
“mehnnn! I don’t know!” I said and buried my face in my hends. 

Early the next morning we checked out and I was home before I knew it. I had some extra money but I wasn’t happy. I was worried and scared. The previous night’s episode kept replaying in my dream that I could barely sleep. I took my phone and called Jacky but he wasn’t answering. I thought of who to call next aside Sandra but couldn’t find anyone. So, I ended up calling the lady I met at the mall. 
“hello!” I said.
“Mike! You finally called. I told myself if you don’t call me before this week runs out that I was going to delete your number,” she said. 

“I’m sorry. I traveled. How are you doing?” I explained.
“I’m okay. Where are you?” she asked.
“I’m home. I would like to see you,” I said.
“okay, can you meet me up at zoom cinema?” she said.
“yeah. It’s close to my house,” I replied.
“okay, meet me up around 2pm.” she concluded.

We hung out, saw a movie and it was fun. She was very beautiful that everyone who saw us kept looking at her. I dressed my best for the outing and she looked nothing like a mum in her mini yellow gown and simple slippers. 

On our way back, a reckless driver, driving a hummer2 jeep drove towards us. We tried to avoid him yet he bashed us on the side. The driver and two other guys jumped down, banging her car. She gently alighted but I remained inside, praying to God to save me from temptation. 

Suddenly, they started shouting at her, saying she was going to fix their car. This was trouble but I wasn’t ready for it. I came down from the car and begged her to leave, that I was going to fix both cars to avoid trouble. But she seemed to have lost her cool and was raining insults on the guys who returned it and extended it to me as well. But I overlooked it all. I managed to ask her to enter the car and I went to settle with the guys. I took out 15000 and gave it to them with pain in my heart, but I did it to avoid trouble. 

She took me to her house. A beautiful classy bungalow. The gate-man opened the gate and we drove in. She led me into the house and offered me a glass of fresh fruit juice at the dining. She sat in front of me and asked, “do you know my name?” 
Surprisingly, I never asked her name.
“I’m sorry I never asked.” I said, smiling sheepishly. 
“it’s okay. I am Phila. What did you save my name with?” she asked.
I smiled and said, “pretty woman.”
She laughed, blushed looking at her nails, then turned to me and asked, “so, what do you do Mike?”
“I do whatsoever is available,” I said, smiling.
“that’s to mean you don’t have a steady job!” she said.
“yeah”, I responded.

She looked as if thinking of something, then asked, “will you like to work in my dad’s company?”
I was shocked to hear this so I reacted as such, “of course, but what are you guys into?”
“he’s into real estate. It doesn’t matter what you study. It’s easy. You can learn.”
Just then, a very tall, fair, macho guy walked in. He looked at me suspiciously, then turned to Phila and asked in a hostile tone, “who’s this?!”
She ignored him and turned to me. 

”please, meet king,” using her head to gesture towards him. 
“hello king,” I said, extending a handshake.
He held my hand and squeezed it hard. I pulled, but he pressed on. 
“who is this guy?” he asked again, still squeezing my hand. 
I tried with every effort not to show any sign of pain.
“what is your problem?” she asked.

“are you always going to show your immaturity everywhere you go?” she added.
“you told me you were going to hangout. My source saw you with this man. And you had the guts to bring him here?” he said, still squeezing my hand. 

I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I dragged my hand off and almost gave him a punch, but held myself back. 
“please, lemme drop you off!” Phila said, standing up. 

I was about to stand up when the guy pushed Phila back into her sit and she fell over on the floor. I rushed to raise her up but he pushed me aside. I wanted to hit the glass cup on his head but I kept my peace. He begged Phila, kneeling in front of her. She stood up and started walking to where I was but he held her hand and dragged her back. 
“come back here! Let him go!” he pleaded.
I quietly told her not to worry that I can find my way out, then strolled out. Just a little distance away, I heard them quarreling but I didn’t bother to look back. 

I got home and switched on the TV to behold the restroom guy’s death on TV. The police was involved and the DPO made a speech, promising to bring to book anyone who has a hand in the death of the son of the commissioner of police.

To be continued…

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  1. Nawa o… Abeg, which kind like this Mike dey live na? I just tire. You don want enter another one. Na you na. Baba for the girls.

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