My Madam And I – Episode 54

Her pussy got wetter with each thrust as she rode my dick. The sensation was quite warm and it got my rod harder inside her. Amaka fucked me like she owned me that night. We kissed hungrily like long separated lovers. As much as I didn’t like her, my hard dick seemed to be loving the feeling of her mature pussy. Amaka came once, twice and never stopped until I held her real close and filled her cunt up with my semen.

My dick was limp afterwards. I laid back, resting from from the marathon sex, but I didn’t know Amaka wasn’t done with me yet. She went into her wardrobe and brought a bottle of herbal drink. 
“this will help,” she said, handing the bottle to me and laying back on the bed. 
“what is this?” I frowned and asked in disgust. 
“it’s called quick action. Look at it boldly inscribed on the sticker. I bought it for our escapade which you turned down,” she said, smiling devilishly. 
“I can’t take this,” I said, handing it back to her.

“how can you pay for what I have done for you Mike?” she asked, sitting up. 
“how do you mean?” I asked.
“you are asking? I gave you 500,000 Naira just like that because of what? That amount of money will take me weeks or more to recover. I sacrificed it for you, because of what? Mike! Drink that stuff and get back to business.” she said and laid face down with her big butt in view. 

I almost got angry with her statement, then on a second thought realized that I can’t refund the money, neither can I pay back. A side of me still blames Amaka for my friends death, even though it wasn’t her fault. But I blamed her because the fight that got me mixed up with those thugs happened in her mall. Nevertheless, I owed Amaka, I am not the type of guy who doesn’t pay his debt. 

So, i took a gulp. The taste was both bitter and sour. I frowned after I swallowed it. 
“take more,” she said, lifting her head towards me. 
I took another gulp, then dropped it on the floor beside the bed. 

Amaka then came to me and put my cock in her mouth. Few minutes of intensive professional sucking and it came back alive. She laid on her back dragging my neck with her. We had another rigorous sex. She tried with much effort not to moan out loud because of her children while I pounded with reckless abandon. 

She orgasmed the second time after we resumed and moved away from me to catch her breath, but my rod was still very much active. It was so hard and kicking with veins. Without penetration, it hurt as though it was going to break. I didn’t bother to tell her what I was going through, instead I forced myself on her again. She hesitated for a while but we continued. 

Her vagina was so dry that she had to apply lubricant upon lubricant, yet my rod refused to come down. She even had to resume sucking for a long time, still it remained adamant. I discovered she wasn’t responding to the sex anymore because of her dryness and I wasn’t even close to ejaculating. So, I went under her, giving her the sucking of her life just to set the mood right while I gently stroked my overly turgid rod. When She seemed to have gotten too excited with my head giving, she turned and asked me to take her from behind. I pounded as though my life depended on it (of course my life depended on it). She squirted over and over while my rod still stood. 

“I’m done Mike! I’m done!” she said, gasping for air and moving away from me. 
“but I’m not! I have to cum too. My rod is killing me here, it is painful,” I said, opening my eyes wide and stroking my dick. 
“really? Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked, looking at my hard cock in fear. 
“I just couldn’t say it. It’s embarrassing,” I said.
“Okay. I know what to do,” she said.

She brought some lubricant and asked me to lie facing up closing my eyes. Then she greased her palms and started stroking my dick gently, up and down. After what seem like forever, I gave a massive ejaculation that made me groan loudly. 

It was later I discovered that I was supposed to take just two teaspoons of the herbal drink, instead I took two large gulps. 
The sound of a crying baby woke me up from a very deep sleep. Then I noticed that the cry was coming from the next room. It was already morning and my head ached so bad that I couldn’t stand up immediately. I eventually managed to stagger up and headed for the bathroom. At least a shower will do a lot of good to me. 

Few minutes later I was out of the bathroom still having headache. I decided to check on Amaka and also see the baby, then I remembered she was hiding me from her kids, so I laid back waiting for her. 

About 30 minutes or so, the door opened, Amaka came in without the baby still tying the same wrapper from last night on her chest. 

“where’s the baby?” I asked, half turning my head to her. 
“good morning lion!” she greeted and sat close to me, ignoring my question. 
“good morning. I thought I heard the baby crying,” I asked. 
“oh yes he was. He’s with the nanny,” she responded.
“I want to see him,” I said, sitting up.
“not now, let the kids leave for school first,” she said. Then she turned to my head and asked, “how is your head?” 
“fine, just having headache,” I answered.
“alright, I will tell the cook to fix you coffee,” she said. Then she picked up her phone, dialed a number and said after a brief silence, “Faith, fix me one jog of coffee. Drop it at the dinning upstairs. And let me know when you’re done.”

“how is my boy?” I asked, laying down. 
“let me see your hand,” she said, avoiding my question. 
“I said, how is my boy?” I gently sat up, facing her. 
She looked at me frowning. Then when she noticed I was serious, she smiled and said, “what is wrong with you? I told you, you can see him anytime you choose to.”
I felt a little foul play in her speech, so I asked, “why have you refused to admit that I am the father?”

She didn’t say anything but stood up and walked out of the room. Few minutes later she came in with a jog of coffee and placed it on a stool beside the bed. She dragged it to where I was, then went to the fridge at the other side of the room, brought out powdered milk and sugar. She came back, sat beside me, placed them on the stool and asked, “you like milk or sugar?” 
“that wasn’t what I asked you,” I said in a raged tone. 
“and what the hell are you talking about Mike?!” she yelled, standing up to face me. “…and who told you you are the father?! Don’t provoke me right now, do you hear me.”

I lost my temper and stood up from the bed and responded angrily. 
“what do you know…? Well, I know a lot dear. I investigated you and I have every proof to my claim. I know a lot of things about you, I even know that I am the only one who has succeeded in impregnating you.” I bellowed.
Just then, I realized that I must have compromised Sandra’s investigation.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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