My Madam And I – Episode 53

It was lonely and dark. I tried to call Ruth but she rejected my calls. Then I began strolling down the street, praying that someone or something doesn’t jump on me. 

I walked a few yards when suddenly I heard voices from a nearby bush. I peeped to spot a thing but found nothing. My legs faintly held me so I immediately started walking fast towards the junction which appeared to be far away. I remembered a route Ruth showed me sometime back that was quicker to the main road. So I took it. Just then mum called. I told her that I was with a friend and I may not return tonight just to ease the poor woman’s stress. 

I had walked for about thirty minutes when I realized that I was lost. I had to return to the familiar spot which now seemed difficult to retrace. All I could see was partly bush parts and houses whose gates were locked. As I walked in darkness with only my phone torch as my source of light, dogs barked from different directions. 

I ended up meeting a dead end that led to an uncomplicated building. It was already past midnight and I was lost. So, I called Ruth again, still she refused to pick up. I tried several times yet she refused to answer. My whole body shook in fear and I suddenly felt droplets of urine dropping in my pants. I quickly went to pee but very little came out. 

Then I started walking cautiously through a path which I don’t know where it leads to. Suddenly, a torch shone on my voice, followed by a voice, “if you move! Stop there!”
My heart melted. I felt urine dropping down my thigh. I tried to hold it but it kept escaping. The guys came to me pointing guns at me. 
“who are you!” one of them asked. 
“I…I…I…” I stuttered. 
“I what?!” one shouted. 

I kept quiet and wasn’t able to make out words. I didn’t know why I was so scared. Perhaps the soldiers beat out the confidence in me. 
“raise your hands!” one commanded.
He searched me with the torch still shining in my face. I didn’t know who they were. I just prayed they weren’t ritualists because that was the trend around Ruth’s place. 

“what are you doing walking around by this time?” one asked in a hostile manner. 
“I came to see a friend off,” I suddenly realized it wasn’t a right statement in such situation. 
“and your friend allowed you to leave by this time?” one asked. 
“we quarreled sir,” I said, still raising my hands. 
“where is a means of identification on you?” another asked. 
I tried to look at who was talking but the light remained on my face. 
“I don’t have any,” I said. 
“alright, call the person you claimed you came to see,” one of them said. 
“please take my phone and dial Ruth,” I said. 

One of them collected my phone from my side pocket and dialed Ruth’s number. 
“the number is switched off,” he said. 
“you are a phony,” one of them said. 
“lie down!” the one with a gun said, pointing the gun at me. 
I quietly laid on the floor, trying to explain myself which fell on deaf ears. 

They emptied my pocket and started scrolling through my phone. 
“500,000! Wow!” one of them shouted. 
“wait! let me see,” another said, looking at my phone. 
They were scrolling and reading all my messages when my phone rang. 

“Amaka!” one said before asking, “who is Amaka?” 
“she’s the owner of Ami ventures, “I hurriedly said. 
“how can Ami ventures be calling a low life like you?” he asked.
“please answer and confirm,” I hurriedly replied. 

He picked up and said, “hello, we are vigilante group…He is in our custody…Who are you?…okay!…okay! Why should we?…okay…It’s not going to be that easy…Alright… okay.” 
He hung up, called his guys together, discussed something, then asked me to stand up. I quickly stood up. They ordered me to follow them. We went to their van and drove off. 

Few minutes later, I was in front of Amaka’s gate. The one with my phone called her and after a while the gate man came outside to them. He called the leader aside and gave him something. Then he asked me to follow him into the compound. 

I met Amaka standing at the entrance that leads to the sitting room. She tied just a wrapper around her chest. She smiled at me seductively and indicated that I should be quiet, then motioned me to her room without saying a word. When we got to her room, she pushed me on the bed and I fell sitting down. It was then she saw my bandaged head and hand. 

“what happened?” she asked in a low tone, looking worried. 
“I was engaged in a little fight,” I said. 
“Mike, could you just stop fighting?” she said, standing in front of me while inspecting my hand. 

She asked me to bring my voice down as the kids were around. So she loosened my hand bandage that was stained with blood. She cleaned it with mentholated spirit, then used a clean white handkerchief to tie it up . It looked good and neat after she was done. She offered me dinner and soft drinks. 

Few minutes after I was done, she then sat on my thighs crossing her legs on me. She held me around my neck and started kissing me. She allowed her wrapper drop down to her waist exposing her nakedness. 
“you ran away from my proposal and still came to me,” she said and planted a deep hungry kiss on my mouth. 

She opened my zip with a hand while kissing me, took out my dick that was already very rigid and forced it inside her pussy. It was so warm and wet. I didn’t bother to decline because I felt I owe her for saving me that night.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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  1. Dem for best nonsense commot your body…. Wetin do you before? Girl wey dey shout no need help. You for leave am make she go. Anything wey her eye see na her own.
    Lucky you sha.
    Nice stories. Weldone

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