My Madam And I – Episode 5

The next morning I was early to work, observing the usual routine when someone called from behind. I turned to see an amazing looking fair lady. She was professionally clad in a black jacket and skin tight mini gown that revealed her voluptuous spotless thighs. She wore a ponytail and light makeup, giving her the ‘epitome of beauty’ look. I felt my heart drop into my stomach in the presence of this goddess.

“Good morning, please, can you direct me to where I can get a wristwatch?”, she asked while seeming to be in a hurry.
“Good morning madam! That should be in the accessories section”, I said. “I can take you there if you don’t mind” I added, trying with every strength I can gather to keep my voice steady, coz I was melting too fast into a heap of wax.
“Oh no! I don’t mind, Please”, she responded.
I started towards the accessories section, taking the stairs. I couldn’t contain my heart anymore, it felt as if it was going to explode if I don’t mingle with this chick. So I started something.

“I don’t mean to be out of place, please understand me, but I have to tell you this”. She looked at me in surprise. Then I continued, “I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world!”. She smiled and said, “thank you”, casually. I went on, “since you walked in I have been farting, not because I have running stomach it’s just because my whole system turned upside down at the sight of you, so please pardon any offensive smell when you may perceive any, it’s actually not my fault “. This made her laugh heartily, and when she was done she began to blush.

We got to the accessories section, went to jewelry section and started perusing through the stock. She implored my assistance and approval all the way through before eventually settling for a simple Versace chain watch.

On our way out she asked for my name and I told her. “My name is Mike, but you can call me Miko”. She smiled and said, “Sandra”, on her way out of the joint. I stood looking at the two round balls behind her, they were the softest balls on earth, ‘Wow! God is wonderful!”, so I thought in my heart.

Just as I was still trying to awaken to reality, guess madam Amaka helped me a little faster with her penetrating gaze. She has been staring at me all the while I was with Sandra from the provision section of the mall, which is close to the front exit. When I caught her gaze, I acted busy automatically.

“Mike!”, she shouted. I ran to her. “yes ma!”. “What do you think this place is, a chalet?”, she yelled. I looked puzzled at this statement, trying to know how my action could result to the use of such word. “How dare you go around chasing my customers away with your flirtatious attitude you adapted from your good for nothing father? Mike! Mike!! How many times did I call you?”. She didn’t wait for my response before she continued. “hmmmm…ehhhmmmmm… You’re looking for my trouble o. The next time this repeats its self just look for another job”. I tried to defend myself but she shut me up with a “get out of my sight fool! Ode!!”.

I wasn’t bothered a bit about her ranting, instead I smiled. I knew my game was intact. Just jealousy and disappointment speaking through her. I needed to step up my game and give her the sex of her life. So I sent her a text and it read:

I’m very sorry about yesterday. I promise to make it up to you. This time, I’m going to be better than I was. About the lady customer, I was only trying to make her call back. But now, I know you don’t like it. I’m very sorry. It will never happen again. Please give me a chance to make it up to you.

I stared at her from where I was and saw how she tried to hold back a smile, then frowned. She stood up and walked out of the mall without looking in my direction or a word to anyone. This time I had no fear, I just need not to be too cocky but play the cautious novice.

At about few minutes to Five music phone rang, a hidden number was calling, I answered wondering who it was. To my surprise it was my madam. “Come to the venue sent you yesterday by 7”, and then she hung up. I smiled as I continued my work.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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