My Madam And I – Episode 41

Someone tapped me on my buttocks severally. I woke to see it was Amaka. She covered her chest with the bed-sheet.
“it’s morning,” she said. 
I looked through the window and it was already very bright outside. 
“what time is it?” I asked, feeling headache on one side of my head. 
“I don’t know, you check!” she said, returning to the bed and quickly covering her unclad back and buttocks with the bed-sheet she used on her chest. 

I reached for the phone, it was 8.30am. Ruth left four missed calls and a message. I didn’t bother to read it and flung my phone to a side of the bed. I laid down facing the ceiling. I was still naked and my dick rested comfortably on one side of my thighs. 

Amaka stood up sluggishly, staggered to the bathroom, covering her chest and trying with futile effort to cover her butt (perhaps it’s hangover making her stagger). She dropped the sheet on the floor at the entrance of the bathroom, went in, did her peeing on the floor, brushed her teeth and showered with the door open. I occasionally looked in her direction, then back to the ceiling where my gaze was reminiscing about the previous night. She came out with the towel tied to her chest. She looked much better covering her nakedness. I stood up and went to the bathroom. 

“why didn’t you join me?” she said, applying her lotion.
I just shrugged and went in. Brushed my mouth with the toothbrush she used without seeking her permission and started having my shower. I noticed she was just looking at me when I turned towards her. I ignored her and finished with my business, came out naked and wet since she was still wrapped in the towel. 

We both got dressed chatting casually at intervals. Amaka was already set to leave when I brought up the topic again. 
“can we discuss now?” I asked. 
“discuss what?” she said, sounding completely aloof of what I meant, already standing with her car keys in hand ready to walk out of the room. 
I almost got pissed and raised my voice, but I applied caution and tamed the anger that threatened to erupt. 

“about helping me help my brother,” I said very calmly. 
“oh! That? I’ll think about it.” she said and started walking out of the room. I quickly intercepted her and shut the door. She looked at me as though I had lost my mind. I knew this was trouble and I know how stubborn Amaka can be, so I played it wisely trending softly.

“please! Don’t do this,” I begged, looking down at the short lady who wasn’t even tall up to the level of my chest. 
“Mike! Did I promise you anything before we came here? Didn’t I tell you to follow me here so we can discuss it?” she asked, sounding as though fighting to subdue an uprising venom. 
“so, can we discuss it now? Please!” I begged again. 

She looked at me for a while and said, “Mr Mike. One million isn’t a small money. If I part with such amount of money it will take me four good months to recover. I’m a businesswoman. As such, I don’t spend money anyhow, save what will yield income.” 
“then, why did you bring me here if you weren’t going to help me?” I asked angrily.
“I never said I wasn’t going to help you, did I Mike? I said you should give me time to think of it. And…” she paused, smiled and continued, “…If you continue to do my bidding, perhaps you can get more than a million.” she said, biting her lips, looking seductively at me while stroking my tummy and chest with a finger.

I gently removed her hand from me, suppressing an impending outburst of anger and violence and said, “after today, I won’t ask you about it, and this…” I looked around the room in contempt, “…will never happen again, I promise you.” Then I walked out of the room. She just looked at me without moving for a while, then smiled and followed me out. 

We drove in silence. My mind was on Sandra. Only if she was around, I won’t be going through this stress. She dropped me off at my junction. Dropped a bundle of cash she took from her hand purse on my thigh.
“use this to get yourself something nice,” she said, smiling. 
I looked at the money and at her, took the money, dropped it on her dashboard and came down from the car without saying a word. 
“Mike!” she called. 
But I ignored her and walked straight home. 

I felt used again as I sat on the couch, brooding on how easily manipulated I have become. I needed a distraction, perhaps someone who isn’t afraid to say the truth. So I took my phone, scrolled through, then got the number I was looking for, an old friend of mine whom I constantly avoided because of his smoking habit. 
“hello jackisula!” I said. 
“who is this?” he asked, sounding sleepy. 
“it’s Mike”, I replied 
“which Mike?”, he asked again.
“Mike na…Amigo!”, I explained.
“who’s amigo?” he said, still sounding really dozy. 
“number five street na…Jacky”, I described further.
“who knows my name?” he said, sounding a little more active. 
“stop this na, it’s me, Mike blacky amigo”, I said.

“Oh! Oh! Mike! Mtcheew…Why didn’t you tell me its you?” he said, fully active now. “how have you been? I heard they sacked you from your job and that you are as jobless as I am. It’s a good thing. At least we can be smoking together now. I’m so happy you’re sacked,” he said, laughing hysterically. 
“please, where are you?” I asked, smiling. 
“where can I be by this time if not my bunk? Are you around?” he asked. 
“yes, I am.” I answered.
“you are very stupid! In fact in stupidity you were conceived. So you are at home and you allowed me to fry my brain alone with no one to reason with? Boy! It will not be well with you. You are very wicked!” he shouted. 
“don’t worry, I’m coming.” I said and hung up. 

We both sat on the couch of Jacky’s sitting room in front of the TV watching a cartoon movie and smoking weed with a bottle of soft drink by our sides. 

“are you telling me that you have three chicks on your balls?” he said, puffing out a smoke.

“and you are telling me you are not a lucky bastard. How many jobless and useless youths can boast of a girl? and you have three?” he looked at me in unbelief. 
“men…It’s twisted.” I said, dropping ash in the tray. 
“untwist it nah. You got yourself twisted in between three rabbit holes.” he said, dragging smoke into his lung. 
“I need advice on this rich lady that is very stubborn. She never agrees to anything I say save hers. I end up being used by her each time I try to be smart.” I said, trying not to let him know it was my ex boss I was referring to because of his loose mouth. 

“hmm….Listen my friend. You are very stupid for allowing a woman use you and you have the guts to open your dirty mouth to tell me. Don’t you know women are like children? They expect you to be an adult in handling them. My advice? Get a stubborn child, study him or her then you can handle her. Concerning her being a smart kid. Hmm…You have to be a fool to fool the wise. In another sense, play to her tune and foolishly decline her ignorantly…” He stopped to drag in more smoke. 

“now, what about the girl who loves me? How do I handle her, because Sandra has taken over my head?” I asked, looking at him. 
“do you love her?” he asked, taking a gulp from the bottle of soft drink. 
“I like her,” I replied.
“you did not answer my question. Do you love her?” he retorted.
“I don’t think I do. I love another” I said.
“the married one you mean?” he asked, molding another wrap. 
“yes!” I answered.

“hmm!” he sighed, sealing the molded weed up with his saliva.

“you can’t marry a general’s wife bro. Do you want to die? My advice. Gather as much cash as you can from both women, don’t listen to their gibberish talk about love. Love is an excuse for the weak. Get your head straight. You are jobless and useless. Use what you have bro to gather what you need. I don’t know why fools get the best stuff.” he said, lighting his weed up with a lighter.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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