My Madam And I – Episode 37

Episode 37

“Isn’t that Sandra?” Ruth asked, trying to conceal her jealousy. 
My mind ran 360 as I perused through my archive of lies but found none, so I had no choice but to admit it. 
“Yeah! She picked me up on my way here,” I said casually, walked to her and held her hand. “sweetie you look stunning,” I said, trying to flatter her.
She blushed and looked at me with a frown. 
“You look tired. Did you sleep last night?” she said, with her tone depicting worries. “Have you been engaged in a sex rump with Sandra?” her tone gradually changed into suspicion.

“My dear, it’s hangover. You’re late for work. Why are you still home by this time?” I asked, changing the topic.
“Yeah…I was waiting for you.” Ruth replied.
I felt so horrible, my conscience pricked me so bad, but I tried to hide it. 
“Let me see you off dear,” I said.
“You think you are smart?”, she said, smiling suspiciously at me. 
“How do you mean?” I asked. 
“You know what I’m talking about Mike, stop playing smart. It’s not working,” she said.
I didn’t know how to defend myself; so I decided to play the blame game.

“So, that’s why you refused to call to know if I was dead, right? You didn’t do well Ruth,” I accused.
She looked at me in a very annoying way and said, “What’s that Mike…the blame game?”.

I tried so hard not to reveal any guilt or feelings that will sell me out. So I said,  
“What do you mean by blame game? I expected you to call me this morning Ruth, I wanted to see a missed call from you to show you care.”
“My waiting for you is what Mike?” she asked, looking in my face as if to get a clue. 
“Yeah…that was…was cool,” I grumbled, confused.

She placed me off balance with the last question. My guilt poured out like a spilled milk. 
“Admit it Mike; you were with Sandra.” she said in a pathetic tone. 
I couldn’t say anything, I just kept gazing into the sky while scratching my beards. 

“Mike, I love you. Why do you keep doing this to me?” she said, as tears clouded her eyes. 
“I told you I wasn’t with Sandra!” I screamed.

“Alright wait, let me call Philo,” I said, scrolling through my phone looking for Philo’s number that hasn’t been in use for long.

“here”, I said, giving the phone to her, “dial it to confirm”.
She just looked at me for a while and said, “I don’t need to confirm anything, I was just praying you wouldn’t tell me you were with her. It’s okay, I believe you. I’m off to work”.

After seeing Ruth off, I stopped to get energy drink from a store when my phone rang. It was Amaka calling. I wondered what she wanted. 
“hello”, I said. 
“hello Mike. Long time”, she greeted.
“what do you want?”, I asked. 
“come on Mike, don’t be a boy!”, she said.
“boy you said? After using and sacking me you are calling me a boy?”, I asked. 
“come on Mike! Let’s put the past behind us”, she urged.
“No, I am not! You did a lot to me, you shouldn’t expect me to forget it easily”, I retorted. 
“I know, I’m sorry. Please come to my place, I’m alone today”, she pleaded.
“like seriously, are you high or something?”, I asked.

“No, I’m not”, she laughed and continued, “I miss you Mike, I love how you handle me”.
“please I’m not in for games”, I said and hung up. 

I was so angry that I started cursing. The little boy selling looked at me as though I had lost it. I collected the items and started strolling back when a text notification came on my phone. I opened and it was Amaka. The text read, ”Mike I’m sorry, please forgive me, I was being childish.”
I looked at my phone and let out a loud laugh. I put the phone back into my pocket and headed home. 

I sat in the sitting room watching a movie trying to catch sleep when my phone rang suddenly. It was Amaka again. 
“what do you want?” I asked in a tired voice. 
“I want you Mike. I thought I could replace you but I discovered no one has the capacity as you do. You are a gift to women. Please just forgive all I did to you” she said, sounding apologetic. 
This really shocked me. What happened to the ever ranting, abusive and arrogant Amaka?
“are you ready to acknowledge that the child is mine?” I asked, trying very hard not to mention that I know anything about the baby. 
“about that, we can resolve it when you come. Please Mike, I need you. I feel as if I am under a spell or something but I had it investigated. It isn’t a spell, its natural. Please Mike” Amaka begged.

I was too tired to argue or think. She meant nothing to me now. Sandra gives me enough money and sex but I need my sleep at the moment, so I said, “alright. I’m about to sleep, I went for a vigil last night, I’ll talk to you when I’m up.”
“Okay, I will be waiting for your call. Sleep well”, she said and hung up.

Three women on me. Now, Amaka has fallen for my spell too. I don’t see any need for investigating her anymore, since she has yielded. I made up my mind to visit her when I wake up.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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  1. Mike! Mike!! Mike!!! u won’t hear now be allowing that little boy below to be controlling ur brain ooo. AmaKa never teach u lesson enof?

  2. Hmm…. Okay o. Go and let’s hear what she wants to say.
    Nice one. Thumbs up bro.
    Don’t take too long now…

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