My Madam And I – Episode 32

My head ached so bad and my body couldn’t carry my weight anymore which made me fall at every interval. The smallish one booted me severely on my rib each time I fell. Suddenly, the familiar guy pleaded for them to pardon me. When i stood up, i couldn’t stand still. I felt woozy and passed out .

I woke up shortly, after lots of water was poured on me. It was indeed hell. I don’t wish it for my worst enemy. At least my balls weren’t trodden upon. It would have been worse.

The familiar guy acted as though he didn’t know me, he was casual all the way through save that he had a good heart. I finally felt perhaps he may not be who I thought he was. Two younger soldiers helped me back to my cell. I laid on the cold cemented floor, my head ached as though it was banged on a wall. The fever grew and my temperature rose tremendously. I folded myself, shivering in my wet cloth. Suddenly, the door opened and the bulky man walked in. He came closer to me and squatted in front of me.

“are you ready to tell me the truth?”, he said in a very gently tone.
“I didn’t sleep with her sir”, I said.
“I am going to ask them to make you confess if you don’t want to be wise. You know those boys are ruthless”, he said in a kind tone.
“I swear sir. I swear I haven’t slept with her”, I said, struggling with the fever.

“boys!”, he shouted and four young soldiers walked in immediately.
“take this stubborn man and make admit his mother is a prostitute”, he commanded.
Two of them dragged me up and pulled me out, holding me by both hands. They pulled me till we entered a room that reeked of death. It was dark, dirty with table and chairs stained some dark stains I imagined to be dry blood.

They forced me on the table lying tummy down and started tying me up with a solid rope to the four corners of the table. I was so weak to resist so I laid still praying that my death be quick.

Few minutes later, I was fastened to the table. My tummy laid on the flat surface, my hands tied on both sides and legs that were downwards were tied to the feet of the woods. They pulled down my trouser as one started tapping my ass and laughed.

“after we finish with you, you won’t be able to sit again in your life. You better confess before we begin”, the youngest said, still tapping my ass. He seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. One of the guys brought three horsewhips with three layers and showed it to me.

“this is going to go to your back and your buttocks”, he said, grinning devilishly.
“and when we are done, we will help redecorate your fingers”, another said.
They all laughed as they started smoking and passing a bottle of dry gin across.

Before long, three started flogging me. One took my buttocks, thighs and the back of my legs. While others two took turns on my back and shoulder. They must have flogged for few minutes or more before I passed out.

I opened my eyes to see I was in the hospital, Sandra standing beside me. As soon as I saw her I made to run away, but she resisted, pressing me down.

“hey baby! Calm down”, she said, pushing me to the bed.
“what are you doing here? Please go! Go! I don’t want trouble please!”, I tried to scream but my voice was too weak.
“you saved us both sweetie”, she said smiling.

“you stood your ground, I’m proud of you”, she continued.
“please leave before they take me back there”, I pleaded, looking round the room in search of a soldier.

“no one is taking you anywhere anymore. They believe now that we are just friends”, she said, smiling.

How her smile used to melt me down, but not this time.
“how? Who asked them to free me?”, I asked, peering at the door and expecting a soldier to walk in anytime.

“I did. I threatened to leave my husband if he doesn’t allow you go. So he ordered that they let you go since you didn’t yield during the torture”, she said, kissing my hands. I spontaneously pulled my hands away from her.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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