My Madam And I – Episode 31

I was left all alone in the office for an hour. Throughout the time I spent there I brainstormed, weighing every options whether to give in or not. I brooded around the office muttering out my thought to myself.

Suddenly, the door opened. I was expecting to see the bulky man but saw a young soldier who asked me to follow him. I followed silently beside him. I weighed him he was not enough to challenge me even in my weak state. I also fancied the idea of running away through the fence which we were walking along, but I couldn’t tell why I didn’t execute any. He opened a dark room with just a small opening at the top where little rays of light penetrated.

“go in!”, he commanded.

I obeyed. I was surprised that I was so grateful to be in the room. My tummy cried bitterly for food. Few minutes later the door opened and they threw in a sachet water and a loaf of bread. They closed the door almost immediately it opened, letting out a banging sound. I spent the whole evening and night there. Nobody came to check on me. At least I slept well. My whole body ached so bad I felt feverish.

The noise from the door woke me and a very ugly looking soldier walked in. He looked really frightening. Everything about him was huge. His boot, legs, hands, chest, nose, eyes. I stood up immediately I saw him.

“come with me!”, he said.

Surprisingly he has a very tiny voice. I almost let out a giggle but cautioned myself and quietly followed him. We got to the office of the bulky man who wasn’t around. The soldier ordered me to sit and I did. He stood at the door looking ominously at me. I just kept my cool. The door swung open after what seemed like forever. The bulky man walked in with a cigarette in his hand. He was dressed in suit. The tummy part of the jacket looked so ridiculously protruded and the trouser was big as usual. The huge soldier guy saluted and walked out.

“good morning sir!”, I greeted, standing up.
He just waved his hand. I sat watching as he enjoyed his cigarette.
“hope you enjoyed your comfy room?”, he asked, looking at the stick in between his fingers and dragging another smoke into his lungs.
“thank you sir, it was so very kind of you”, I said humbly.
“are you ready to confess?” he said, looking at the ash tray on the table as he dropped ash from the cigarette into it.
“sir, to God who made me, all I told you is the truth”, I said in a very pathetic way that I was shocked to know I can be.

“I heard you have started liking corporal Vicky”, he said, looking at me with a devious smile.
I wondered who corporal Vicky was so I asked, “who sir?”, very slowly.
“the lady that loves balls”, he said, grinning.
My heart sunk into my tummy knowing what he was up to.
“please sir! Not her! Feed me to the dogs instead”, I begged with a knee on the ground.

He let out a loud giggle that shook the room.

“I heard she is in love with you…who am I to separate what God has joined together”, he said grinning.

“Sargent Joe!”, he called.

The huge guy came in briskly, saluted and stood at attention.
“take this kind young man to Vicky, she’s in love with him”, he said, lighting another cigarette.
I knelt down begging, but the huge guy bundled me out with little effort. I was too weak to struggle with him which made it easy for him to drag me out. Luckily for me, Vicky was not available at the moment so I was made to wait for her lying while facing the sun.

“get up from there!”, a very huge voice called.
I hurriedly stood up to see a very smallish soldier in company of three other soldiers. They seem to be senior officers judging from the star on their uniforms.
“see as he is enjoying himself”, one of them said.

I recognized one of the soldiers. He was my very good friend during my primary school days. But he didn’t recognize me. He was just looking at me as though he knows me from somewhere. I struggled effortlessly to remember his name.

“Stand! put your hands on your back and place just your head on the floor”, he said, then bent over to demonstrate it to me. He stood up, dusted himself and said, “like that”.

I was hungry, thirsty, weak, tired and feverish. I struggled with futile effort to remember his name. If only I could remember his name.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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