My Madam And I – Episode 30

They tied my hands upwards, suspended to a tree so that I would stand all night. Mosquitoes had the best of me as I suffered from drought in my throat. My legs shook from weakness. The rope they used on my hand was so tight it got swollen. That was another torture on its own.

I remained there until morning. They did their morning routine, went on their various duties and I was still there. None said anything to me. All they did was to say something I barely heard as they walked past. I was almost passing out when a young boy snuck water to me. I rushed after it hungrily. As the boy was about to leave, the soldier girl caught him.

“hey you! Stop there! Who asked you to give that rapist water?!”, she shouted.
The boy knelt on a knee begging. But she seemed to be angry that he was begging. She made him frog jump for five minutes before letting him go. The water kind of rejuvenated me. I felt a lot better as I panted heavily. I was a little bit sad that I couldn’t catch the boy’s face.

The morning and afternoon sun roasted life out of me, yet no one payed any attention towards me. In the evening, I passed out only for a bucket of water to wake me up. I was still in hell just that the water cooled me down a little.

“take him down”, came a voice from behind me.
As they loosened the rope I fell to the ground. My hands were swollen and I couldn’t feel a thing.
“clean him up and bring him to my office”, the voice said and walked away.

I could barely see who it was as I laid still on the floor.

They poured buckets upon buckets of water on me before throwing soap in front of me and commanded that I wash off. I did so sluggishly because I was overwhelmed with fatigue. I could barely hold the soap still because of my swollen hands. Eventually, I succeeded in cleaning up a little. Then I was commanded to put on a funny looking trouser and a blue t shirt.

Few minutes later, I was in an office that everything reeked of military. Flag on the table, maps on the wall, camouflage jacket hung on one side of the wall, picture of the bulky man and other decorated soldiers on the wall, picture of the bulky man in what seems like after battle shot on another side of the wall.

I just sat looking at them as though they were some kind of trophies. Suddenly the door opened and the bulky man walked in.
“how has the hospitality here been here? Hope you enjoyed it?”, he asked, smiling as he sat opposite me, fitting his bulky buttocks into the chair. I just nodded and shrugged. He smiled and continued.

“now tell me…for how long have you been fucking Sandra?
“we are just friends”, I answered.
He looked at me amusingly, shook his head one side and said, “of course you are friends. I want to know how long you have been fucking your friend”, then his face hardened a little.

I remembered Sandra told me jokingly that if I ever admit sleeping with her to her husband he will cut off my long dick and nothing will happen. So, I insisted on standing my ground.

“she doesn’t want a sexual relationship with me. I tried severely but she kept saying that’s not what she needs, she just wants a friend, someone to lean on and talk with”, I added.
“and her husband isn’t enough for her to lean on and talk with?”, he asked suspiciously.
“He’s barely around”, I said.
“but you were in boxer shorts and she was clad in just a wrapper around her chest, meaning you guys have been having sex”, he said simply.

“yes! I have been cheating with her but it has been only emotionally and not physically. I swear we are not having sex, she likes to tie wrapper and I love to be free around the house”, I said.
“does that mean you haven’t for once conceived the idea of fucking her?”, he asked with an amusing look on his face.
“many times sir! Sandra is a beautiful and sexy girl but I respect her wish not to sleep with me. I tell you sir, the day I bleep her I won’t wash my dick for days”, I said.

He laughed out loud and heavily as his voice pervaded the room, then finally he said, “you are a very good liar!”.
I looked shocked and asked, “how do you mean sir?”.
“it’s like the drilling wasn’t intensive enough”, he said, now looking mean and dangerous. Then he continued, “I’m going to ask them to sap the life out of you little by little, perhaps you will confess, and if you don’t…you will die with your sin and your blood will be on your head”.

This scared the piss out of me. I never want to go back there again. Never! But I can’t give in. I’d rather die with my bleeping rod intact.

“please sir!”, I begged, kneeling down with tears pouring out of my eyes uncontrollably. “I didn’t sleep with her, I swear to God sir”.
“how do I know? I wasn’t there”, he said, standing as he started walking away.
I rushed his leg and held it so tight. “please sir, I haven’t slept with her just believe me sir”.

He looked at me smiled and said, “this is why I said you are a good liar. Sandra confessed to it. She admitted to be sleeping with you for long now”.

This paralyzed me that I didn’t know when he walked away.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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