My Madam And I – Episode 3

We had an exhaustive marathon sex that left me in awe. When I checked the time, it was 8pm. She made sure she sapped the moisture in me before letting me go. Every member of her family including the maid went to spend the weekend with her mom. That way, her house was able to absorb all the sexual cries she exuded. I felt good with myself, believing that all will be well henceforth.

I got home tired to the marrow. Sleep came immediately I dropped on the bed and the next thing I heard was a knock on my door. Mom was already calling to know if I would be going to work. I jumped up, looked at my wrist watch and it was past 9am in the morning. “Oh my goodness!”, I screamed as I rushed into the bathroom and did the needful. I swung into my work clothes and jetted out in a flash.

After managing to beat traffic with the aid of my brothers bike which I took without his consent. I knew he must have cursed his ass out, judging by the series of missed calls he left on my phone.

Even though I managed to overcome one phase triumphantly, I still have one huddle to cross. Actually, I felt it was going to be a walk over judging from the previous night’s episode. But my madam had a surprise for me.

“Stupid boy! Where are you coming from by this time? Do you think you can just walk in here anytime you desire like its your fathers parlor?”, came the greetings from my boss. I was perplexed because I felt we were supposed to be in good terms. Not after the good sex she confessed I gave her. She also said she wouldn’t trade my dick for anything in the world. “It is the best I’ve ever had”, she said.

I tried to explain myself but she lashed on me hard before I could form a word. “shut that your wretched stinking mouth! You fool! If everyone comes to work by this time do you think we’ll still be operational?”, she barked. I just stared on like a zombie, and managed to mutter “I’m sorry ma, it won’t happen again”. She looked at me with so much contempt and said, “you better not try it again. If I hear, even in my dream that you came anything after 7am, just consider looking for another job. Fool! Ewu!”.

I felt so used and inconsequential as I struggled to walk to my station. She kept throwing words around at any one who crosses her path. At a point she even threw a ceramic cup at me for not responding to her call pronto. I managed to escape it and it landed on the desktop in front of me and shattered the screen.

“Ha! Look at what you have done, this stupid boy! I’m taking it off your salary”, she shouted. I looked at her and the damage before me. “How can this witch do this to my first salary?”, I imagined in my heart before I charged, “madam you can’t do that to me! I didn’t throw the cup at the system. What if it had landed on my head, don’t you know how bad it would have looked?”

A pin fell on the ground and made a very loud noise. Every one stood and was looking at me as if I have committed a sacrilege I’m unaware of. Madam Amaka stood statue still, with a dropped jaw looking at me. Then she turned to the manager and said, “let that guy lose. He’s no longer a staff of this mall”. I heard that and it dawned on me, ‘you’re going back to your days of unemployment and begging’.

The next thing I could recall was me kneeling down and begging her with my whole heart. After what seemed like forever, she later spoke, “your pay will he halved!”. And then she walked away

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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  1. Her dick will be halved too…. She get craze gan o. She still dey try form seriousness after you don scatter her settings ba? Na she o..

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