My Madam And I – Episode 29

The two soldiers dragged me into the trunk of their car. This called the attention of neighbors. I was clad in just boxer shorts and they dragged me in such a way that my dick dangled outside my boxers. The car drove off and minutes later parked. The trunk opened and they pulled me out with so much recklessness that I bruised my elbow and knees as I landed on the floor. I noticed we were in the barrack.

They commanded me to frog jump along side them as they walked. The place we were going to seem not to have an ending. I received a hot slap on the back of my head or cheek each time I tried to rest a little. I frog jumped until finally I got to where we were going to exhausted.

They ordered me to take off my boxers. I did as they commanded. I was asked to lie facing the sun until they they have time for me. In their very words, “go and rest until we need you”. The most shameful part was children and passersby that were watching amusingly.

Someone’s shadow covered me. I tried to see who it was but couldn’t, due to the direct rays of the sun in my face. The person commanded that I stood up in a military tone. I did without hesitation. Just then, I discovered he was the bulky man of earlier.

“so you’re the one fucking Sandra?”, he asked, looking at me in contemptuous way.

His fat face and pot belly made him look somewhat like four persons in one. He was dressed in a striped XXL short sleeved top that could barely accommodate his pot belly and a baggy trouser which fitted him right.

“answer me! Are you deaf?!”, his barking shook me that I almost ran away.
“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again”, were the words I could form out of my mouth.
“do you know who’s wife she is?!”, he asked, still looking into my face.
I just shook my head in denial.
“her husband is general Ibrahim. Do you know who the general is?!”, he said.
I just shook my head and muttered, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know, it won’t happen again”.
“After you are dead, I will be sure it wrong happen again. But that would be after my boys torture the life out of you”, he said.

I almost peed on myself. I was evidently shaking profusely. The man commanded that I go back to my position before he left. On the floor facing the sun, I swore never to have anything to do with someone else’s girlfriend let alone wife. I prayed to God to save me from this, that I will be celibate till I die. I was left under the scorching sun all afternoon and when the heat subsided, two soldiers commanded me to stand up. I was fried by the time I stood up and thirsty to death. One asked me to sit on the air carrying a cup of water on my head. And if a drop should fall from it I will receive six direct dirty slaps in my eardrums, three on each.

I could barely carry myself for one minute and the whole thing spilled. He asked me to put my hands on my side then gave me a deafening slap. Anytime I reacted to it he increased it by two. We continued that way until I started bleeding from one ear. Then he left and a female soldier came. She asked me to spread my legs, look in the sky and close my eyes, the others laughed when she mentioned it. One out of them pointed out how she loves that drilling.

I did as she instructed. The next thing was a boot on my testicles. I felt an excruciating pain as they ran into my tummy. I fell on the ground grabbing it with both hands. She commanded that I should stand up again. I still remained on the floor. She booted me, calling me rapist. I eventually staggered up but couldn’t look up again and struggled to open my legs. I begged for mercy in tears but they all laughed and called me names.

“bloody civilian like you enjoying a generals toy. Who do you think you are, comparing yourself with a general?”, she said in so much anger that I wondered if the general is related to her. “come on! open your legs and stop wasting my time!”, she commanded.

My ears still rang from a slap. I vaguely heard most of what they were saying. All I did was to strain and read lips. Finally, my legs were apart after she threatened to ask her colleagues to continue the slap section. Another horrifying kick made me feel as if I would die from it. I just dropped to the floor like a log of wood grabbing my balls. Saliva flowed uncontrollably from my mouth. I felt this would be it, this could probably be my last minutes on earth. The soldiers just laughed and started smoking and drinking. Some of them kicked me as they walked pass but I didn’t make any move to respond to it.

“alright! Roll!”, one of the soldiers commanded.
I acted as though I wasn’t the one he was referring to as the pain completely paralyzed me.
“are you deaf?! I said roll on the floor!”, he yelled again.
I tried to move myself but I couldn’t. I tried again but still i couldn’t.
“we have not started with you and you are acting like this. When we finish with you, you will understand. Now roll! Or I am going to use stone on your testicles, not a kick any more!”.

I humbly rolled. He followed me and kept backing, “roll!”. He made me roll round the building several times until he asked me to stop. By this time it was dark. I was still naked and looking extremely dirty beyond recognition. I kept swearing that if I survived this I’ll never cheat or look at a married woman in my life.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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