My Madam And I – Episode 28

I took Sandra’s car one afternoon after some hardcore sex rounds to quickly get lunch from a fast food joint. After buying what I needed, on my way out I saw an average aged man looking around the car. I quickly approached him.

“what do you want?”, I enquired.
The man looked at me in a suspicious manner and said, “who gave you this car?”.
My wit told me it’s trouble. So I said, “I’m working for a servicing company. My oga asked me to test drive it.
“who brought this car here?”, the man asked.
“by the way, who are you? If you claim you know the owner why not call them and stop asking me nonsense!”, I said as I pushed past him to open the door of the car. I entered and drove off while the man stood looking at me.
On my way, I quickly called Sandra to warn her that she should tell anyone who called to ask about the car that it’s in a car servicing company.

So, I got to Sandra’s place. A man was with her. I looked surprised, but kept my cool.
“hey Mike. I didn’t hear you coming”, she said, as I entered the sitting room.

“this is Musa, the guy handling your case”, she added.
I shook hands with him, dropped what I got on the dining table and returned to join them.
“Musa, could you please replay all you have been telling me to his hearing?”, Sandra said.
Musa went on, “okay…Mrs Amaka Ntagu is a very connected and successful business woman. She is…”

“we all know about that, could you please go to the point?”, Sandra said, interrupting him.
“okay ma!”, he said and continued.

“the three girls are not hers. She adopted the twins and her first daughter belongs to her late elder sister. I dug into her dirt and discovered she is a lesbian. Her lover is her cousin. And also, anyone she has ever dated dies eventually, same as her husband whom she gave hell before he died. And about the baby, I paid her maid to get me a strand of the baby’s hair so we can run a secret DNA test. I will need yours as well”.

After Musa left, I asked if anyone called her and she said, “no”. I told her that we had to apply caution but she assured me there’s nothing to worry about as her husband was out of the country to return in three months time. Sandra insisted on dropping me off later that evening at my place. So I put a call across to Ruth just to know where she was to avoid running into us.

Sandra knows a lot about Ruth but Ruth knows nothing about her. I meant to keep it that way. Ruth confirmed that she was still at work making it safe for us to drive to my family house.

We got to my place and Sandra parked close to the gate. We decided to just chat a little before she left. Suddenly, Ruth came out of the gate with my elder brother who saw and recognized the car and started walking towards us. I felt like slapping the devil out of him as I drew myself low in the seat.

“oh boy!”, he said, knocking on the window.
I quickly came down from the car, saying a snappy goodbye to Sandra who drove off immediately.
“guy, is this not the fine babe you were…”, he continued when I quickly pushed him aside as I hugged Ruth who looked at me with a puzzled expression as I have never done that before. I dragged her in to avoid any other lousy utterances from my brother. I discovered that she intentionally told me she was at work just to surprise me. She pleaded that I follow her home but I promised to be with her the next day.

I waited patiently for the result of the DNA test to arrive for days. Eventually, Musa sent it to me via sms. It was positive. I had every proof I needed to go for my child. I decided to inform my mom of this new development. She was so exasperated and hysterical. I had to refrain her from going to Amaka’s house, telling her that a friend has employed a professional to handle it.

The next day I was at Sandra’s place. The sex was breathtaking as she sucked my dick and made me cum twice consecutively. It was as though she had a pussy in her throat. I could not help but spew my seed inside her mouth. Sandra drank it all up each time then she began to suck my dick once more. This time I didn’t let her finish. I made her climb on top of me and I fucked her from under. The thrusts were long and deep. At some point, I began to hit it faster and faster. Sandra moaned and screamed in pleasure as she came over and over again. Before long, my cock and balls were covered in her pussy cream.

After cumming on her breasts, we were both exhausted. Without cleaning up, we relaxed and were watching a movie together when a knock came on the door. Sandra stood up to get it. She was clad in just a cloth wrapped around her chest while I was in boxers. Her scream startled me. I jumped up to see what it was all about and was surprised to see Sandra half on her knees begging a bulky man in a silent plea who stood at the entrance of the door with two soldier men behind him.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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  1. Na wa o. Where I wan take start from? These stories ehn, na die. Guy, why? Never get caught. Sister candy grace too na wa o. But you sef get plenty bad spirit for body o to go dey talk talk for church. Amaka na boss… E be like say Dem set Una sef up… I pity Una condition. You go chop some kind beating wey dey new to human race for the next few days or weeks, maybe months sef… Na die you dey o.. Into God’s hand I commit your body and soul o Tunde… Your village people strong.

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