My Madam And I – Episode 22

I remained on the roof of the car till a knock came from the gate.

“I’m coming!”, a voice yelled from inside the house.
“please dear, don’t go out there he might have a weapon on him, ” a female voice pleaded.
“I don’t think so. They are here now. Nothing will happen, moreover, ‘action is watching him”, the masculine voice said. Soon, the door swung open, a man and a woman surfaced.

I sat on top of the car watching the man as he came out looking at me as though I was going to jump on him, and the lady stood behind the door staring at me with dread. Deep inside, I felt slightly scared of what may unfold .

The gate was opened and the dog that was hovering around the car, made to attack the men who it presumed to be intruders. But the man who came out of the house held it by the neck collar and dragged it to its chain.

Strange looking men surfaced. From their looks and dress code, they were definitely vigilantes. They held double barrels, save two who held pump actions. I was down already, went straight to them to explain myself. One if them seem to be irrational. He gave me a slap and asked me to sit on the floor, to which I humbly complied . He was very muscular, wielding the short pump action gun as if it were a toy. I called out from the floor, yelling my address and calling the names of influential people I know on my street. This made them treat me with a level of respect.

“how did you get here?!”, The muscular one asked harshly.
“armed rubbers took my phone and wallet from I and my friend Prince, they wanted to shoot me so I ran”, I said, looking helpless on the floor.

The mention of the name prince, made them exchange glances. Then the lanky one asked, “what was this Prince putting on?”.
“blue jacket and a combat trouser”, I responded, wondering what was going on.

They went to a side to discuss briefly. They came back to me and commanded me to stand up. I stood up looking at them puzzled. One of them asked of the location we were attacked and I told him. Then he crossed his hand on my shoulder, walked a little from the rest and said, “your friend is dead”.

I spontaneously took his hand off my shoulder, looked at him as if he doesn’t know what he was saying.

“how? When?!”, I asked in disbelief.

They didn’t bother to answer me but turned to the to the man who called them to discuss something. Then they escorted me to my house.

My mom was so exhilarated to see me, she jumped and hugged me. My hands were colored in dried blood but didn’t bother me much. The news of Prince’s demise shook me to the marrow that all the brouhaha from the night’s event became unusually vague.

Prince was buried, my madam put to bed, I was in the village. Yes! village, because I had to seek asylum somewhere, away from the preying eyes of whosoever wants me dead. I was so secluded from the happenings of the town, my current state resulted to depression. I took to weed as my source of consolation. I had a cousin who was an ardent smoker. You can never catch him sober.

So, it happened one day we were both high and reasoning deep inspirations under a tree.

“do you know that the world is one?”, my cousin said.
“how do you mean?”, I asked, puffing out smoke.
“look, if you travel to Brazil, you will see your townsman there”, he said, laughing out loud.

I reasoned what he said, there is truth in it, the world is indeed one.

“money is paper, human beings are disgusting”, he added, frowning. “just paper that we all die for, I won’t kill or die for ordinary paper o, I will wipe my ass with it. Look at your saliva, disgusting! catarrh! Hmm! And someone will still kiss it. Gosh!”.

I nodded in agreement.

“life is a penny, but death is a dollar”, he said, dragging more smoke into his lungs. As he puffed out, he continued, “you see this tree my brother?”, pointing at the shade above us, “this tree is money!”, he laughed, looked at me to be sure I was with him still, “don’t you know?”.
“I know”, I said, nodding in agreement and puffed from my tie.
“I’m very rich because I know I am poor. It’s only a poor man that says he is rich”, he continued and he shook his head. “life is an ocean. I wonder how many can swim to the other side”. Then he shook his head sadly.

“haven’t you noticed that the sky is blue?”, I said, looking up to the sky.
He looked at me and nodded in agreement.
“the reason is because sickness is described as blue, we are all sick in different ways”, I said, dragging in more smoke.
He nodded in agreement and said, “bros! You’re wise”, then he looked at me confused and said, “but sometimes it’s white, why?”.
“it’s because some people are angels on earth. They are the blessed ones. We are the sick ones”, I responded and we both laughed.

I heard my madam gave birth to a baby boy, who looked so much like me. Why did she keep the pregnancy if she doesn’t want me to father her child? This thought kept me up most nights. Though I wasn’t sure about the pregnancy, but her current reactions speak more. So, I packed my few clothes one morning and set out for the city before anyone decides to talk sense into me.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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