My Madam And I – Episode 2

With my palms folded, I massaged her thighs while intentionally avoiding her butt. The blood in my system pumped recklessly. I tried to press my now overly protruded groin against the bed to avoid embarrassment. Her silky nightie suddenly became transparent. Or, I probably didn’t notice it all these while as I intentionally avoided looking that way. I could see her pink rose G-string which made matters worse for me. Obviously, if I continue to rob my joystick against the bed I may piss myself.

Like she noticed my struggle and wanted to exert more torture on me as usual, she motioned on her waist. I had to massage such a massive waist which has now become the most seductive view I have ever seen. It contradicted my first notion of Mrs Amaka.

My tremulous hands must have given her the satisfaction she wanted. She gave a mocking chuckle and then turned to me with a serious face. She spoke slowly but rather seductively, “are you enjoying what you are doing?”. I was startled at this, and it showed in the spontaneous way my hands withdrew from her body.

“Are you new to this?”, she asked, staring steadily in my eyes. This was more than bearable for me. I responded with a childish “no” by nodding my head. I guess she noticed my outstretched crutches which led to her loud giggle. She covered her mouth to tame further outburst of laughter. ” You are really enjoying yourself young man, and you do have a blessed manhood”, she said. I was shocked to hear this. But, I knew I was in for sex with my boss.

All the while I haven’t said a word, my low self esteem has taken the best of my badness. “Now I think it’s about time I show this oversized MILF what I’m made of. Perhaps, I may have a lot to gain”, I thought.

I looked straight into her eyes, smiled and looked away. “I’m sorry ma. I don’t want to cross my boundaries. But, if you don’t like how I’m doing it I can do better”, I said, intentionally trying to sound sheepish. She looked at me for awhile and then let out a wide grin. “Come here!”, she commanded. I walked hypnotically to her. “Show me what you got”, she said erotically and went back to her previous position.

I climbed and crossed my legs over her heavily built thighs. This position gave me full access to grip her waist. I exerted the pressure needed, while intentionally letting my crotch bruise her butt. Then, I extended my hands to every part of her body. Her shoulders, neck, rib sides, back and down to her thighs, while spending time on her sensitive zone.

She moved her butt rhythmically closer to my groin, while I pushed it harder against hers. This time, I was smooching rather than massage. Suddenly, she rose abruptly, turned and gave me a fixed stare as though I crossed my boundary. She had this hot flare in her eyes that put the ‘big soup’ panic in me. But she did the opposite when she gripped my neck and planted a hungry kiss on my lips. I returned her kissing and laid her back on the bed.I began to do what I know how to do best.

Mrs Amaka can moan for Africa whenever I suck her nipples or kiss her neck. And then she alerted the neighbors when I started environmental sanitation with my tongue between her legs and butt hole. My fingers entered every opening while I sucked and licked every hole it wasn’t drilling. At last, my snake swam into her. Mrs Amaka bit me like a virgin trying to contain the loudest cry I have ever heard. I felt her fingers boring holes in me as I pounded. We explored every position possible until I suddenly gave her a massive ejaculation.

She looked at me in disgust and said, “don’t tell me you just did that?”. I sagged back trying to catch my breath from the rigorous sport we just had.

Suddenly she climbed me and put my limp dick into her hole. “What are you doing? It’s down!”, I voiced in shock. “Don’t worry boy, we are just getting started”, she retorted while smiling maliciously at me. She rolled her waist on me over and over until I felt life entering my groin.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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  1. Damn! Na wetin you sabi do best true true. Nice story oga Tunde.
    Btw, how you dey? Na wa for you o. Everything just dey take time for here these days. E be like say you don change hustle abi? Be safe bro. Happy Sunday!!

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