My Madam And I – Episode 18

I was off job for three days now, lazying around the house fuddling with anything I could lay my hands upon, waiting for the day I and Ruth will execute our plan. Suddenly an evil thought that’s invariably accompanied by idleness hit me! Candy! I need to drop by her place to check on her. I have been so in lust with her ever since I set my eyes on her. Even in my current state, the hunger in my groin knew no limit.

So, I was there. Ruth apparently would be working her ass out by this time of the day. I was about to knock with anticipation that she would be home. The door swung open, a very dark muscular guy with a fierce look walked out and candy behind him, perhaps going to see him off. I stood back for the guy who gave me a dangerous stare that melted my guts.

“hey Mike!”, Candy said joyfully and hugged me immediately, ignoring the guy who was apparently displeased. “you came to see me!”, she smiled, holding me on my neck. Then she turned to the guy, “sweetie, meet Mike, Ruth’s boyfriend”. I flinched when I heard that, but I kept my cool. I extended my hand for a handshake toward the guy, who obviously wasn’t comfortable with me around.

“Bro!”, I said, not knowing what else to say.
“guy!”, he responded coldly. His fist was so huge it swallowed my hand and he gave me a hard squeeze that I almost screamed before he let go.
“sweetie, I have to attend to him, bye! Call me!”, she said and dragged me inside, leaving the guy by himself looking surprised. Before he could grasp a hold on himself and call after her, Candy already shut the door.

Candy will never cease to amaze me with her crazy fashion sense. She was dressed in a mere black T-shirt that barely covered her butt . Underneath, she wore a g-string that seemed as though she wore nothing because her butt was evidently unclad, else she takes off her top.

As soon as she closed the door she pushed me against the door and jumped on me with her hands round my neck while I supported her from beneath. She kissed me as though she hasn’t seen me in ages.

I was conscious of the guy outside, my mind focused on his footsteps to know when he leaves. Candy obviously didn’t give a damn. I felt my hands straining from carrying her for long. So, I decided to rest her on the bed still kissing and half checking on the door. Then suddenly I broke the kiss.

“please bolt the door. I wouldn’t want anyone to badge in on us”, I said while looking back at the door (obviously referring to the macho man) with her hands still wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist.

“hmm…Are you scared?”, she asked.
“no! Just cautious”, I replied.
“I really don’t give a damn! Two adults making out isn’t a crime, and Ruth isn’t coming home till late hours. But if that’s what you want…”, she said then stood up and went for the door.

Watching her walk towards the door, I felt my libido overly active. She looked so stunning and arousing. Her physique was just so perfect. I never knew I could feel this way towards a slim girl until I met Candy. She stood at the door stricking a seductive pose as she bolted the door, exposing a part of her unclad butt. Her straight legs and round butt were something to look at. I didn’t know when I stood up abruptly, walked to her in an hypnotic speed and pulled her to myself immediately she bolted the door. She just smiled, held me and attacked my lips.

We kissed radically, ripped our clothes off, sucking and licking each other. She moaned out loud and I cared less of it. My cock became to hard for further foreplay so I raised her T shirt up to her breasts and made her hold it there. With one hand, I shifted her G string to the side and inserted my throbbing rod into her readily dripping cunt. Candy moaned and wiggled her ass in excitement while it felt like heaven as my cock slid through and deep down into her vagina. As soon as I penetrated her from behind and thrust about some five times, I came massively inside of her, shaking in an epileptic way.

She looked at me in surprise. “what just happened Mike?”, she asked with a chuckle. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t face her. She didn’t even wash off, when she grabbed my limp cock and sucked it intensively as if it was coated with sugar. My dick came alive almost immediately. As soon as it gained life again, she mounted me and started riding. Candy kissed me with her semen mouth. I was surprised to see that I didn’t resist.

Suddenly, she stood up abruptly and I wondered what she was up to. She went to get something from the wardrobe, put it in her mouth looking at me and smiling seductively. Then she came and mounted me again. She slid three into my mouth through a kiss. I tried to spew it out but she stopped me with a hand on my mouth, showed me four on her own tongue before swallowing it. So, I followed her trail with the tasteless tablets.

She continued riding and kissing me when suddenly I felt strange as though I was in a paradise of sex. Everything felt extremely ecstatic and extraordinarily sweet. I became wild, dipping my mouth every where. It felt like I was dreaming. I think she pooped as I bleeped her in the ass and I somehow found the smell so sexy. I took her poop, sniffed and rubbed my chest with it. At a point, I couldn’t remember what happened next

However, I woke up hours later to see poop on my chest, and pain in my ass hole. My head felt like hell. The room was in a mess. Candy just laid on the floor on top of urine sleeping her life out. I staggered into the bathroom to wash off, came back and tried to wake her up but she was dead asleep. So I fixed the place to the best of my ability. I came across a Love Machine covered in shit. “could it be that it was used on me?”, I wondered. But then I decided to think less of it. I cleaned Candy and covered her up before leaving.

As soon as I stepped out, I checked my time and it was almost 7pm. I felt tired to the bone and famished. I took a cab and headed straight home.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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