My Madam And I – Episode 17

I found myself in my madams office almost as if I was teleported there. She gave me a questioning look as I stood staring at her wondering how to start.
“yes, Mr man, what can I do for you?”, she said after a while of my standing there without a word.

I began to wonder why I wasn’t rational in my action. But I had already struck the first blow, I should be ready for the fight.

“I understand you are pregnant ma”, I said finally. She looked shocked to hear this. I continued, “I want to know if the baby is mine”. My gimmicks ability evaded me and all I could think about was to be direct.
“and how do you think that I, Amaka Chukwuka will allow myself to be impregnated by a commoner like you?”, she gave me a degrading look from my head to my toes and then back to my head. Then she continued, “and you had the guts to stand before me asking me such lousy question, what impudence?!”, she stormed.

I looked a little bit aloof, then suddenly I felt an anger in my spine. I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “that I’m asking about the pregnancy now makes me disrespectful, ehn!? You know I am a commoner and you allowed me to fuck you without protection. Do you think because I have been absorbing your trash that I don’t have a mind of my own? If you think I am going to buy this act of yours you better think again. And if you refuse to level with me and reason with a commoner, every goddamn person who cares to listen will know in detail how I fucked you and how you moaned loudly, calling my name”, I said absolutely outraged and was surprised to notice it shook the devil out of her.

Now I could see that my threat got to her, even though she tried to conceal it, her countenance sold her out.
“so you have now condescended so low beneath your degenerated life to threaten me?”, she said, looking straight into my eyes. “You won’t get nothing from me! And if you think that telling any clown who cares to listen would shake me, just get ready to get the shock of your life!”, she said coldly.

“are you trying to tell me that I am not responsible? How do you expect me to believe that shit?”, I asked, slightly raising my voice.

“OK! I see you want to create awareness”, she said, crossing her hands over her big boobs and sitting back to nod her head. “let me tell you, you can go ahead and do as you please. I owe no one no explanation. And if you…”, she paused for a while, then continued, “…and if you dare to go above your limit, better watch your back, because I can make your life a living hell. Now, get out of my office and out of this mall. Never return here again. You are fired!”, she yelled.

I was a little shocked, then I regained my composure and said, raising my voice, “to hell with your crappy job! I will show you that I am no fool!”. Then I banged the door behind me.

Every one was curious to know what was going on. A colleague walked up to me to enquire. I was about telling him what happened in anger when Ruth quickly intercepted and whisked me away.
“are you crazy? Do you want to start blabbing about what happened and end everything here?”, she said, scolding me. “so, tell me what happened in there?”, she said as she dragged me out of the mall.
“the crazy bitch denied it!”, I said, half shouting. We were outside at the parking lot. “she even threatened me and sacked me!”, I said, resting my back on a car.
“hmm!”, Ruth said thoughtfully, stroking her chin. “she’s indeed a devil”, she said, still thoughtfully stroking her chin. “now listen!”, she suddenly came alive, as though she just caught a bright idea.

“what is it?” I asked, looking hopefully at her.
“do not say anything to her for a week. Give her time to brood in uncertain anticipation of your retaliation. Then strike!”, she said with a clap.

I thought of what she said, and wouldn’t see any bearing in it.
“and so what?”, I inquired.
” we are going to send her a text about our move”, she said, letting out an evil grin.
“a text?!”, I exclaimed in perplexity.
“yes! A text. It will entail our threat of publishing your shenanigans with her in a popular news paper if she doesn’t comply with our terms and conditions”, she said, still grinning evilly.
“a blackmail?”, I asked in surprise.
“it’s not a black mail, it’s a ticket to a better life”, she said smiling.
“do you think Amaka is going to take it lightly with me? She’s connected o! She may even delete me. Ah! Me I can’t o! I’m scared of her!”, I said, in an obvious paranoia.

“don’t be a baby. Life is a risk and only risk takers survive. How old are you…lemme ask you?”, she said waiting for my response.
“I’m old enough. What does my age have to do with this?”, I stormed, feeling uncomfortable with her idea.
“everything!”, she screamed. “everything! Your mates are out there making it big and you are here picking scraps from a woman’s butt. Aren’t you tired of living like that?”, she said, pushing me hard against the car.

“leave me alone!”, I half screamed moving a little away from her. “I hate cheap stuff like blackmail”.
“bring your voice down will you?”, she asked and walked closer to me. Standing in front of me she said, “she’s probably pregnant with your baby, she treats you like trash, she will bring up your child as her own without your baby knowing you as father. How do you like that?”, she said, looking into my eyes as if in search for something.

I thought about it and found sense in what she said. Then I asked. “so what does she comply to?”.
“now you’re talking. What do you want out of it?”, she asked.
“how do you mean?”, I asked, wondering what she’s got up her sleeve.
“I mean what do you stand to gain for impregnating her?”, she rephrased.
“nothing! I just want to be given the right to my baby, and to be respected and not looked down upon”, I answered.

Ruth looked at me for a while and asked, “do you think you can take care of a child as you are now?”. I said nothing and she continued, “don’t you think all you need right now is money and not a baby?”, still I said nothing. “you should have kept your job and allow her care for your baby while you focus on your life, then turn up later for claims when you are well to do”. I looked at her devilishly for not advising me on this earlier. She continued, “now you’re jobless and in need of money desperately”.

“why didn’t you advise me on this earlier?”, I said. I was so blinded with anger on how I was treated that I wasn’t rational. In anguish, I held my face.

“I want the best for you. I don’t like how she treated you like a piece of trash. We have to get back at her for all the Ill treatments”, she said, holding my arms and sounding very concerned. “this is going to be an opportunity for you to rise above your current position. Trust me!”, she said. Then I gave her a thoughtful look.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

2 thoughts on “My Madam And I – Episode 17”

  1. I dey suspect Ruth for this matter sef… She wan chop inside the money wey she dey expect to show from the blackmail. Na she o….
    Abeg no let candy go without the dick o. Infact you fit bang their two together. I feel say Ruth dey form. Candy go gree sharps.
    Nice stories 13-17… Thumbs up bro. Be safe.

    1. thx fam…Episode 18 is up already. Candy na bad sharp girl I swear. But you know say me sef I no well. Who wan die just meet who go kill am. Ruth na correct girl sha.

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