My Madam And I – Episode 16

Candy clouded my head shielding the thought of Sandra and Ruth’s kiss. I was so in lust with her. The only thing I wanted was to fuck that slim waist of hers. My wit cautioned about treading with care with the likes of her but my groin was ready to proceed without caution.

I and Ruth went to work together the next day leaving Candy at home sleeping helplessly. We started our day as usual and talked about everything save the previous night’s kissing.

Within the middle of the day, my madam came in. She was looking rather fatter than usual. She was decked in a maternity stripped pink gown that extended to her toes. She had to raise it up as she walked in order not to trample on it mistakenly. Her face was void of makeup and looked rather tired, contradicting her vibrant personality. Madam Amaka has invariably been absent from work of late, which was seldom her thing. Even though we were all happy each day she saves us the heart attack, yet we still wonder at her newly adopted character.

She walked straight to her office neglecting our greetings and paying no one any attention. I cared less anyway, focused on my job until Ruth popped in with her gossip.

“didn’t you notice anything about her?”, Ruth said as she gestured with her nose towards madams office.

I shrugged and said, “she looks rather fatter but tired today. Guess she didn’t sleep well or something”. I kept wondering what she was up to.

“she’s as heavy as heavy can be”, Ruth said, slapping me on the shoulder.
“heavy as in pregnant?”, I asked, rubbing the spot she just slapped.
“of course she is!”, Ruth said, giving me a surprised look. “how is it that you are the only one who hasn’t noticed? Are you that naive?”, she asked .

My mind wondered if it was mine. And if it’s mine what do I do about it? Could it be that all she wanted was for me to impregnate her? I was still pondering when Ruth slapped me on the shoulder again.
“Mr Mike! Are you OK? Why are you looking as if you lost your mind in an old woman’s vagina?”, she said, ridiculously smiling. She was half close to the truth.
“nothing!”, I responded, pretending to act normal. “do you know if Madam is seeing someone?”, I enquired.
“hmm! How am I supposed to know? My business here is to sell o!”, she said, shrugging her shoulders and making an ignorant face.
“then, how come she’s pregnant? Or perhaps she overfed, you know? One can be tired and have a bulging tummy when they’re over fed you know?”, I Said, trying hard to convince myself otherwise.

Ruth gave me a stern look. Perhaps she was trying to study the reason behind my speech.
“have you had something to do with Madam during your visits to her place?”, she asked, staring directly into my face. Perhaps she was searching for a hint that will give her the truth.
I looked startled. “how…? How…do you mean?”, I stammered.
“Mike! You have been fucking her!”, she half screamed, closing her mouth.
“No o! I haven’t o”, I said, reeking of guilt.
“Mike, stop lying! Even a baby can see it all over you that you are lying. So that’s what has been happening?”, she said as she sagged into a chair.

A customer walked to her trying to enquire about where to get something. Ruth just snapped, “get the hell out of my face!”.

I quickly intercepted the shocked and confused customer, who was about to retaliate furiously to a side and apologized for Ruth’s action. Then I helped him to locate what he wanted. When I returned, I could hardly recognize Ruth’s face, she was so vexed that she changed and had this ominous look that scared me. She kept her gaze at my madams office.

“I am going to her office right about now!”, she said, trying to stand to her feet.
I held her back. “going to do what there?”, I enquired.
She looked at me with anger in her eyes. “Mike! I’m disappointed in you! You hurt me so much I don’t know why. How could you?”, she said as tears began to gather in her eyes. Suddenly, she forced herself loose but I held her tight and took her outside before we start calling the rain of attention which was already cloudy.

We went to the canteen and sat there. Ruth suddenly bent down and started crying. I was overly perplexed. I wondered why she was this emotional over my business. She suddenly looked up and said. “I know she forced you. I know she used your job as a leverage against you, that’s what hurting me. You were subjected to a lesser you because of this nonsense job that we’re managing”, tears falling down her eyes uncontrollably. “you are not this man Mike, it’s not you”, she said, sobbing.

I tried to hold her close but she pushed me away and controlled her emotion. She wiped her face and looked normal again. I was ashamed of myself after hearing what she said, there was truth in it. But how am I sure that the pregnancy belongs to me?
“it could not be mine”, I grumbled.
“now you agree that you slept with her?”, she asked in a deep emotional tone.

I explained to her how it all started and how it happened. She just sat motionlessly looking at me as I talked and I left nothing out.
“I know”, she said finally. I looked surprised at her, then she continued. “I suspected but decided to look the other way, I have noticed how you responded to my revelation about her pregnancy before now, since then I have been suspicious.

“I did it because if this job and because I felt I would gain from her”, I confessed, looking sheepish.
“who ever told you that you have anything to gain? She is the godmother of stinginess. She can only use you, that’s all!”. You should have told me before now, I would have told you how to deal with her likes”, Ruth said.
I looked away for a while then asked again, “how are you sure it’s mine? For all we know, she could have someone else fucking her”.
“go and confront her about it. Focus on her reaction than her words. When you find out the truth, let me know”, she said.
“and what will you do with the findings?”, I asked.
Ruth’s reply was, “don’t worry, just do as I say”.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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