My Madam And I – Episode 14

We called our madam with my phone which was the only one saved from the ill fated invent. She came promptly with the police to the scene. After the preliminary questioning and investigation, the police escorted me to the hospital for stitches and medication before taking us to the station to file our statements. The body of the heavily built guy was found the next day at a nearby secondary school, he obviously bled to death. And the tall guy was arrested the same day.

I was let off the hook because of my madams influence. She knows someone of importance who made it a walkover without stressing me as much as it should have been.

I was given 3days off to nurse my injury that happen to be a deep cut. I had already spent two days off and was enjoying my last holiday. Sandra came over to visit me at my place. Her presence gave me the succor I needed. She brought provisions as she invariably did since the first day of my house rest, this made me fall for her even more.

“Mike, come home with me”, she said.
“why not? It’s been boring here, I’m so grateful for having you”, I said enthusiastically.
She smiled and gave me a peck on my cheek.
“can we?”, she said, standing up.

I looked at her from the couch where I laid, hesitated a little then followed .

We got to her place, a comfy one bedroom flat, tastefully furnished with everything of standard quality. I sat in the sitting room, where we drank a bottle of beer each.
She drew closer to me, taking a closer look at the bandage on my arm, checking if it’s healing fast. I felt hot blood rushing down my groin and my heart pumped as though it was going to explode if I don’t kiss her, gosh! She’s got very tempting lips. In a spontaneous move I kissed her. She drew back in shock, her eyes looking all surprised. Then she smiled and came close to lock lips with me.

I struggled a little with my arm because of the pain but it didn’t stop me. She ripped open my short sleeve shirt, scattering the buttons all over. I looked at her in amazement but she gave me a seductive smile and continued kissing me. I tried to lead in the romance but she invariably forced her way to lead.

She did things to me that I can not put down here because most of you may have a negative impression of me, but fuck it! Let me share a little bit of it. She undid my zippers and began to lap on the tip of my already hard cock with her tongue. “mmmm…a huge member you’ve got here”, she said after struggling hard to take the full length of my cock inside her throat. She licked and sucked my dick like a cock starved whore for several minutes. I had to do my trick of counting down from fifty to zero in order to distract myself from cumming too quick. Sandra took off my pants and licked everywhere under me. I couldn’t help but chuckle on feeling the tip of her tongue on my anal opening.

In the end, it was all new and adventurous. She was indeed skilled and experienced. Her voluptuous body increased my libido that my dick knew no rest even after several orgasms.

All through, she took charge. I felt perhaps it was my injury. Even as she led, she gave so many new positions that made me moan out loud. She was so resilient that her lips and tongue visited every part of my body.

I had the best sex of my life with Sandra. I loved her so much that I kept vigil looking at her sleeping. She was so beautiful, so sexy and so admirable. In my widest dream, I never knew I could land someone of her status and beauty. I was just so happy. Suddenly her phone rang, it was an international number, I immediately put it on silent so as not to disturb a sleeping beauty.

I caught a sleep late at about 3am. Then a voice woke me up, it was Sandra’s and she was on a call. “you’re coming back tomorrow?”, she said as she jumped from the bed. I looked at her startled and sprang up immediately, wondering what made my sweetheart this jumpy. She noticed that I was up, turned to me and gave me a false smile, then stood up and walked into the sitting room, leaving me to my dilemma.

Few minutes later, she came back. I was very anxious to know what happened, so I stood up abruptly walked to her, kissed and hugged her.
“is everything okay sweetie?”, I asked.
“yes” she responded. She hesitated a little, then broke free from my grip and said, “please sit down, I have something to tell you”.

We sat down on the bed, and she looked so troubled and disturbed. I kept trying to cheer her and know what’s going on. Eventually she spoke.

“Mike, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way…”. Automatically, I knew whatsoever is coming isn’t going to be palatable. But I was ready to take it.
“speak on sweet heart”, I said, trying to control my breaking nerve. She hesitated, then shrugged and said. “I’m married”.

It sounded like a bomb in my ears. I drew back a little from her before repeating what she said.
“I am married?! Meaning you are married?”, I said, looking so wounded.
“yes, I am. He is coming to the country tomorrow”.
I felt horrible that I laid back and covered my face with my hands to hold back emotional eruption.
“I’m very sorry Mike”, she said. “I like you so much, I wish we had a longer time to explore each other”.
I jumped up abruptly as a weird thought crossed through my mind, “we can still be hanging out, can’t we? Nothing will change”.

She just looked at me and shook her head.
“everything has changed. You don’t know me, my name is not Sandra, and I don’t live in this town, I just came in to have fun. This house…”, she looked around, “I pay monthly for it. My husband is a very influential man. He can kill you if he finds out. For your safety…please stay clear…”, she paused a little, then continued, “we still have the rest of the morning to ourselves, it is just past 5am. Why don’t we have a goodbye sex?”, she said while giving me a sexy smile that made me aroused and emotionally insane.

She took my dick in her mouth again and began to suck on it like a teenager in possession of a lollipop. Sandra didn’t stop until I poured my sperm deep in her throat. We paused for a while before I made her sit her pussy on my mouth. I licked her like I was paying back for the amazing head she gave me earlier. She came in my mouth twice before I gave her the dicking of her life. Sandra recieved every stroke like a pro and she had endless orgasms. This time, she asked me to pour my semen on her firm breasts, which I did.

We had crazy sex that morning till 7.30 am. I cried as I made love to her, I poured my whole heart in the sex that it would leave an everlasting scar in my heart for the rest of my life.

She drove me to work that morning. I couldn’t bring myself to step down from the car. I was very emotional and she seemed to be in control of hers. We kissed our last kiss before I came down to find Ruth looking at us with so much rage in her eyes. I cared less.

Sandra reversed her car, paused to say goodbye with her horn, then drove off. I was pinned to the ground, I felt my heart driving off with her. A tear escaped but I wiped it off before it saw the light. Ruth who was blinded by jealousy called out my name from behind.

“Mike! Are you going to stand there looking like a lost child or come inside?”, she said as she walked in. I turned and followed her, trying to look okay.

At work I tried to call Sandra severally but her number was switched off. I couldn’t wait for our proper closing hour before jetting off, neglecting Ruth who was rushing to catch up with me.

I got to the place we once spent the night, the door to her apartment was locked. In my heart I prayed silently that she just lied to test my love for her but reality set in fiercely. I felt my heart melting into my tummy as I sagged on the ground.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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