My Madam And I – Episode 13

On my way home from work the next day, I and Ruth as usual accompanied by two coworkers Bright and Jude were just teasing each other and laughing hysterically when two rugged looking guys approached us. One was average height and heavily built. The other was tall and muscular, he was clad in a black singlet revealing his macho upon a faded blue jean. The heavily built one wore a blue hugged T-shirt upon a combat shot and a huge boot.

The heavily built one brought out a machete and demanded for our valuables while the other one just stood by his side watching us with a dreadful gaze with what looked like a locally made pistol in his hand . I refused to comply and tried to challenge them. The tall one sent a dirty slap in the middle of my face while the heavily built one used the machete on me which gave me a cut on my arm. The rest of my colleagues were so petrified they couldn’t move. I wanted to run but couldn’t because of Ruth who just covered her face and was speaking in tongues.

The tall one put the gun in my head and asked me to move to a dark side of the road. I refused because I knew my fate was uncertain if I agreed. He sent a blinding punch on my eye. I moved backwards and held my eye with both hands. Then the heavily built one held me by my belt and dragged me off the road, commanding the rest to follow. “please stop hurting him, take everything, just please stop hurting him”, Ruth pleaded still shielding her head and face. The rest of my colleagues were just so scared they barely spoke a word.

“he is tough ehn? We are going to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry”, the tall one said.

While we were being oppressed, cars drove pass, pedestrians ran back as they saw what was going on. The guys were so relaxed and overflowing with an usual confidence. I was bleeding in my arm and nose when we got to the place they dragged us to. It was an uncompleted building. We entered into what seemed like the sitting room, judging by the size of the place.

“You’re Mike abi?” The heavily built one asked the moment we were in. I was so shocked and I could see my colleagues were as well.

“how did you know my name?”, I asked.

“you are the greatest fighter, abi? You just fight anyone you see, abi? Today you are going to know that it’s not every one you see that you should fight”, the tall one said.

I knew this was not a robbery, it was something else. My mind ran to the guy I fought with, I remember he promised to deal with me. I started praying that nothing happens to my colleagues who were now entangled in the mess. I felt a hard pain behind my head. The heavily built one gave me a well orchestrated direct punch at the back of my head. I bent over and another blow by the side of my face close to my nose. This one sent me to the floor. The tall one kicked me very hard on my ribs while the heavily built one pounded my head with his big boot. I tried to shield my ribs and my head most of the time. I could hear Ruth crying and pleading on my behalf.

Suddenly the guy I fought with came in. He wore the same outfit from the other day. As soon as the other guys saw him, they stopped hitting me. He shook hands in a pattern with them and he exuded happiness in his countenance.

“nice work boys”, he said as he seem intrigued at the good work they were doing.

“I told you, didn’t I? Now you will learn the lesson of your life tonight. After I’m through with you, you will beg for death”, he said before turning to my colleagues. “and you little urchins, I’m sorry you had to be dragged into this”, he said as he gave a malicious grin. “tie them up!”, he commanded.

The tall guy quickly went to get a rope inside the building. He came back immediately and stood beside the heavily built one.

“please, let us go, we are not part of this, I beg you, you even said it yourself. I’m an only child of my poor widow mother, please…”, Bright begged kneeling while Jude nodded in agreement.

He looked at both of them and said nothing, then turned to Ruth.

“beautiful girl, you will be sweet for good fucking”, he said, looking ominously at her. Ruth covered her face and was speaking in tongues. “he is your boyfriend, abi?”, he asked, letting out a loud laugh bending himself backwards. “I will make him watch as I fuck the shit out of you. Boys hold her down!”, he commanded abruptly as he immediately started loosening his belt.

The two guys quickly rushed on Ruth. She struggled but was overpowered. My other colleagues made to escape, but the heavily built one threatened to kill anyone who leaves. They both just melted.

He was almost mounting Ruth. I didn’t know what happened to me but I felt a hot rush of blood entering my head and I was mad! I stood up in a flash (didn’t know where the strength came from), picked a wood on the floor with nails drilled in it. Immediately landed it on the head of the guy trying to rape Ruth twice before he fell over. The first hit splattered blood as the nail sank into his head, the second sent him over.

The two other guys moved backwards in the sudden attack placing their weapons in my advantage. I quickly grasp the machete and jumped on the heavily built one , with a swift swing the machete entered his neck, he held it with his hand as blood gushed out. Before I could descend another mayhem on him he ran away through the open exit. The tall one jumped through the window and escaped. I wanted to run after them but restrained myself.

Ruth couldn’t contain herself. She just laid there screaming while the guy was still lying on her shaking with blood splashing out from his head. I dragged him off her. She held me shivering, clinging to my legs so hard I could feel her claws boring holes in me.

“he almost raped me”, she kept muttering, pointing at him.
“it’s OK”, I said, patting her back. “it’s over now, he can’t hurt you anymore”.

I started looking hatefully at the now stiffening body of the guy.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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