My Madam And I – Episode 11

I only wanted to create an impression hence my reason for obliging her request. I called as I arrived at the hotel.
“I am in the hotel”, I said.
“alright, come to room 7. I’m waiting for you”, she replied.
“OK ma”, I said and hung up.

I found myself standing in front of room 7. I gave a gentle knock on the door and her voice beckoned me in. She was still in the pitch sleeveless gown she wore earlier. She sat at the foot edge of the bed facing the entrance. I walked in, shut the door behind me and greeted her. She just sat there looking at me. I felt uneasy, then sat in a chair close to the bed.

“do you know why I wanted you to come here?”, she asked, turning herself half way to face me.
“no”, I responded.
She then moved to where I sat by the side of the bed and sat in front of me.

“I don’t want you to feel the reason I asked you to come over is because you’re kind of special. Don’t feel that I can’t let you lose because of the sex. There are a thousand guys out there who would beg for this privilege you’re enjoying. I wanted to fire you today, but I had a second thought, if I fire you it would be childish of me”, she kept her words soft and gentle.
“I just wanted you to know this. So you can know your place”, she added and laid back. Turning herself to face the bed, she continued, “give me a massage”.

I looked at her as though she’s possessed with a wicked demon. My wit stressed that I quit and walk away but my vulnerable side yielded. The next thing I saw was I massaging her, consoling myself that as soon as I save enough, I will quit.

The moment she was satisfied with my services, she gave me a key to a single room downstairs away from the main building, which was presumably a quickie spot for short time sex. The room was overly small with everything reeking of semen, at least my imagination felt so. I managed to sleep in an empty stomach because I couldn’t afford the hotel food, the local joints were far from the hotel, and it was late to go home or take the risk of getting anything. So, I slept grumbling.

The next morning I was at work on time, famished to the marrow. I could barely sleep the previous night, and now I could barely stand erect. I watched with both hands under my jaw as other staff strolled in and took their respective positions after exchanging greetings. Some were all about the previous day’s football match, while others gossiped about a mutual friend, as it was early for customers to start trooping in. The janitors, three young guys and an advanced lady mopped the floors and dusted the furniture. The mall was just waking to the reality of the day.

I couldn’t curtail the rumbling in my tummy so I walked to the fridge, took a soft drink and collected a pack of biscuits. Every pin in the mall is accounted for, or else the manager pays. So that implies that I’m definitely paying for what I took.

Few hours later a customer walked in, I walked up to him trying to know what he wanted. He just shoved me the hand that he knows what he is doing so i left and went to attend to other prospects. Suddenly, I coincidentally looked toward the guy’s direction and saw him putting a foreign biscuit in his jacket. I quickly accosted him and requested that he produce what he had if he doesn’t want to be disgraced. He tried to play a smart one but discovered he was in for a deep shit. So, he pleaded and replaced it back where he took it from.

As soon as he dropped it I tried to enquire why he did what he did and encourage him not to try it next time, when a resounding slap landed on my cheek. I was surprised. He held me on my shirt and was screaming that I should show him what I’m accusing him of stealing. I was perplexed for a while that I couldn’t fathom what was playing.

The rest of the staff drew near to know what was going on. As I tried to speak the guy gave me another slap and called me names. I couldn’t take it anymore so I gave him a good head on his nose, he drew back. Now I was pissed. I quickly rushed him and threw him on the floor. He tried to break free, but I overpowered him, positioned myself in a way that I could send blessings on his face. I placed one hand on his neck to steady myself, and his face to receive the rain of several blows. I descended on him, aiming directly on his nose before I was pulled off him by some coworkers . The damage I caused him was so glaring as he was bleeding profusely, he even lost a tooth.

The guy was dark and athletic built. His entire face and head were void of hair, save his brows. He was clad in a faded blue jean, a sun worn out brown winter jacket upon a milk white T-shirt.

He promised to deal with me and swore all kinds swearing about ending me. I felt like pulling out his gullet with my bare hands but was restricted by my coworkers. My madam walked in in the midst of the brouhaha.

“what’s the meaning of the fuss?”, she demanded. Nobody said anything. She could read meaning to the event playing.
“Mike! You have been fighting my customer abi?”, she shot an ominous stare at me. Just as I bent down to explain, I received a massive echo on my ear.

To be continued…

This article was written by Topher Chris.

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