My Madam And I – Episode 103

We finally arrived at Amaka’s place after my common sense had instructed me to call mum. Amaka was fast asleep when I arrived. Seeing her sleeping almost got me mad but again I just couldn’t. Instead, I felt like kissing her on the cheek and that I did. She turned and faced me.

“Hey! When did you come in?” She asked, rubbing her face with the back of her hand.
I sat beside her, adjusted myself and said in a low pathetic tone, “You left me stranded.”
She sat up and held my hand.
“I’m sorry dear, you should understand that my business owns me. I am going to make it up to you somehow,” she said and pecked my cheek.

“Have you eaten?” she added.
“No,” I replied.
“Okay, go and meet the nanny in her room and tell her to fix you something. I need to sleep baby,” she said and laid back.
I wanted to say something but I kept quiet and quietly went to locate the nanny’s room.

I opened the door without knocking and saw the most sexy body I had ever seen. She was coming out of the bathroom Unclad when I walked in. She immediately covered herself up with a towel hanging on the door.
“Who are you?!” she yelled.
“I’m sorry. I am your madam’s friend,” I said, looking behind me.
“It’s okay, you can turn over now,” she said.

She was looking so beautiful. The darker version of Beyonce with Amber Rose’s height and physique. The towel couldn’t conceal her voluptuousness, it was evidently bulging.
“What can I do for you?” she asked.
“I…I want you…I mean I want you to get me something to eat” I stammered.
She smiled and responded in a sexy tone, “Okay sir. What would you like to eat?” 
“Anything,” I replied.
“Okay sir, I’ll be with you soon. Please let me dress up,” she answered.
It was then I realized I’ve been looking lustfully at her.

“Okay. I am down stairs,” I said and left the room.
I noticed my dick was evidently hard. I felt embarrassed but ignored it and went to wait at the dining table downstairs in the kitchen. The nanny came to the kitchen in a red maternity gown that reached her ankle, yet her shape remained evident.

“You are new,” I asked.
“Yes sir,” she said, going to refrigerator.
“You are beautiful,” I said, standing to face her.
She hid her face and carried the frozen food to the microwave.
“Did you hear what I said?” I asked, smiling.
She nodded and said, “Thank you sir.” 

I could see her round buttocks through her shapeless gown bouncing as she moved around. My whole body craved to hold her and make love to her but I fought the urge and my standing rod. She hid her face and stood facing the microwave, backing me. I walked to her and held her waist from behind. She shook in shock and tried to move away from me, but my grip was too strong for her to break free.

“Please sir, I don’t like this. Let me go!” she said, struggling with my grip.
I then realized I was doing a wrong thing so I released my grip and she moved far away from me.
“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry! I don’t know what came over me,” I apologized.
She kept quiet and hid her face.

The food got ready, she quickly dished my food and was about leaving when I held her hand. She looked startled.
“I’m sorry,” I said, looking into her eyes.
“It’s okay sir. You are not the first,” she said, pulling her hand off my grip.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Maryjane.” she said.
“Mary,” I called.
She looked at me expectantly.
“Your beauty can make a man misbehave,” I said, smiling.
She blushed and went upstairs while I looked lustfully at her.

The next morning I went to check on Maryjane while Amaka was fast asleep. She was with my boy when I entered her room.
“Good morning sir,” she greeted.

My boy had grown so big since the last time I saw him. His dipper was being changed and he kicked as she struggled to pin it.
“Do you need help?” I asked.
“No sir, thank you.” came her response
She was still in the previous night’s gown and I could see her bare ass through the light reflection. Immediately, I lost track of my boy and started looking at the line between her ass. She was soon done and stood up with my boy.

“Can I carry him?” I asked. 
She hesitated a little, then gave him to me. He looked at me suspiciously and suddenly his face changed into an angry frown followed by a loud cry. 
“He doesn’t like strangers,” Mary said and took the baby from me.
“Your beauty haunted my sleep,” I said without knowing when I said it.

She looked at me with a startled expression and then blushed. I walked closer to her and held her arm.
“What should I do to blow you off your feet?” I whispered into her ear.
She smiled and was going to pull her arm away when the door flung open. Two fat looking girls walked in. Obviously, they were Amaka’s adopted daughters. Same ones she has been hiding me from. They looked at me with ample curiosity. Bad enough, I was holding Mary when they barged in. Mary quickly moved away from me in guilt.

“Who are you?” The smaller one asked.
I looked at her and smiled politely.
“She asked you a question!” The bigger one yelled.
“I am your uncle,” I said, uttering the first thing that popped into my head.
“Which of our uncles?” asked the younger one.
“He is lying…he is Mary’s boyfriend,” yelled the older one.
“I’m going to tell mummy,” said the younger one.
“Please. He is your mummy’s friend. He came to check on the baby,” Mary said in panic.

I just stood there watching the drama.
“Liar! I caught him holding you,” said the older one.
“I prefer aunty Lovette,” the younger one said.
I knew I had gotten Maryjane into trouble so I had to act fast to save her.

To be continued…

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  1. Wetin voluptuousness go cause for this life ehn…… Those Amaka pijin set no get sense. Na by force to tell mummy? Fat kids no dey get sense be that 😂😂😂
    Just help boys fuck Mary wella. Do us proud…

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