My Madam And I – Episode 102

I was at the hotel almost in no time and waited my butt out for Amaka. I called her but she wasn’t picking up. This made me very pissed and raged. My phone continued to bang. Calls from Jacky and co but I refused to pickup. 

It was almost 7 pm. I had been waiting for 4 hours already. I was so pissed and was about leaving when someone called me from from behind. 
“Hey brother!” 
I turned and saw a guy in his early twenties walking hastily, pointing at something on the floor. I turned but saw nothing.
“Is this money not yours?” he said, picking something on my feet.
When he stood up he was holding 100 bucks note. I looked at it in surprise.
“I saw it fall from your pocket,” he said, handing the note over to me. 
“I’m sorry. I don’t think its mine,” I said, moving away from the note. 
“Are you sure you don’t want to take it?” the boy seemed shocked.
“Keep it,” I said and immediately started heading for the hotel exit.

I stopped a taxi and entered. My mind was so mixed up with lots of emotions, especially anger. 
“Money boss,” the driver said.
I reached for my wallet and couldn’t find it. I was not sure it was missing so I checked myself over and over again.
“Boss, my money please,” the driver said.
I then dipped my hand in my small jean pocket and found 150 bucks which I hid there for no reason. I gave the taxi man 100 bucks and had 50 bucks left.

The man drove off. I still had a journey of 100 bucks to take me home so I tried Amaka’s number again. This time she picked. 
“What have you done?!” I barked into the phone.
“Mike! Don’t yell at me please!” she yelled back. 
I immediately called myself to order.
“Sweetie, you left me stranded,” I muttered pathetically. 
“I’m sorry love, where are you now?” she asked casually.
“At bank road,” I said, almost in tears.
“Okay, I’ll send my driver to pick you up soon,” she said and hung up. 

I was surprised. No apologies, no remorse. I immediately broke into tears like a girl. Even I was surprise at this side of me. I would have channeled it to anger and beat someone up but now I’m acting all sissy. I waited in anger and clouded emotion for Amaka’s driver. Suddenly, a Volvo car drove pass and packed in front. I looked at the car suspiciously. It blew a horn and that was when I recognized the car parked at Amaka’s house. 

We drove silently home, then suddenly the car started jerking.
“What is the problem?” I asked.
“I don’t know oh…let me park and check,” the driver said.

He parked at a side of the road, came down and opened the bonnet. It was already dark. Few passersby were seen and cars driving off in speed on the high way.
“Whats it?” I asked, looking from behind the drivers shoulder.
“I think the plug is bad,” he said, fumbling with the engine. 
“Plug? Do you have any extra in the trunk?” I asked hoping he has a solution.
He turned his sweaty face to me and said, “I don’t!” 
“What do we do now?” I asked.
“We walk home. It’s dangerous here.” he said.

I scratched my head in frustration while the driver wrapped up what he was doing. 
We were on our way home on foot when a big bus stopped in front of us for passengers to alight.
“Let’s catch up!” the driver said and started running towards the bus.
I looked at the smallish man running so fast I could barely believe my eyes. When I caught myself, I followed up his pace and we were in the bus heading home.

“Like i was saying…” came a voice from a fat man putting on an undersized T shirt with a bulky stomach bulging out from under. He was standing in the middle of the bus with a bottle of concoction in one hand while the other held the rail.

“This medicine can cure anything you can think of. Whatsoever the ailment is, just take it. I was outside the country to sell this drug last week. People bought it and ordered for plenty. I was surprised when a blind man regained his sight with this drug. Believe me, it’s a wonder working drug. Even if a person is born crippled, take two shots daily and see what will happen. Don’t worry, it has no side effect. You can take it if you are barren. Even if an arm is longer or shorter, i promise you, it will be repaired. If you want a figure 8, for the ladies, take 4 shots daily and see how your fat will burn down, I tell you. Believe me and buy one bottle. I promise you, you are going to come looking for me. HIV aids has been cured by this medicine. I am telling you the truth…” the man went on and on.

I looked at the shapeless man talking about shape. I took my mind off him and focused on the road ahead of me.
“Your money!” came the conductor in a husky voice. 
“How much is it?’ I asked.
“200!” he said.
My eyes bulged out and my mouth dropped.
“200?! How much is a taxi?” I yelled.
“Don’t mind him, it’s 50 bucks,” said the driver seated beside me. 
“Won’t you mind your business? If mugu fall we chop!” the conductor said and collected the money from the driver while I took my time to fetch mine. 

“Please…somebody should buy this medicine from me. I have family at home, please pity me and buy,” the fat man said, almost in tears.
Nobody showed concern as they all mind their business.
“Brother…” the fat man called towards me.

“Please na, buy small. I promise you wont regret it.” 
I shrugged because I had zero amount on me. 

“Leave that man alone. He sells crap. I bought it once and purged for a week,” a man seated behind me said.

To be continued…

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