My Madam And I – Episode 101

The whole day felt like a part of me was missing. I didn’t meet mum at home when I got back. So, I went to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.

Four hours later, after turning restlessly on my bed, I took my phone and called Amaka. She wasn’t answering. I stood up and walked around the room apprehensively. Then I made up my mind to go downstairs and sit outside so I don’t bother too much. I went to mum’s shop and mum was surprised to see me.

“I had already made up my mind to file for a missing person,” she said.
I ignored her and sat on a stool close to the back entrance of the shop. 
“Where have you been young man?” mum asked, sounding very serious. 
Her words seemed to be disturbing me. I wanted to stand up and leave without uttering a word but I managed to mutter.

“I told you to stop disturbing yourself. I’m a grown man for crying out loud.” I said.
“Grown man still living with his mum?” she said sarcastically. 
I looked at her in anger and controlled my temper. 
“If you call yourself a grown man, then you wouldn’t switch off your phone and put everyone in high tension,” she continued.

“Your dad has been worried sick because of your disappearance.”

I stood up angrily and raged.
“How many time will i tell you I’m…” 
“…a grown man!” mum helped me finish my statement.

“I’ve heard that a lot of late, but haven’t seen it in your character…,” she looked at me silently for a while then said, “Will you seat down there?! Grown man.”

I looked at her and hesitated a little before I sat. I was going to say something in anger when Ruth walked in. She was shocked to see me and almost turned abruptly but was stopped by my mum’s call.
“Where is the stuff you took under my bed?” I asked aggressively, standing up to face her.
She moved backwards to avoid any impetuous move from me. 
“Where the hell is my stuff you took?!” I said, approaching her ominously

“Mike! Will you stop that?!” mum shouted.

“Ruth what is he talking about?” mum added.
“Mummy, I don’t know oh!” Ruth answered innocently.
“Liar! Shut your lying mouth up and speak the truth before I knock off your front teeth!” I barked.
“Mike! What is wrong with you?” mum said and stood between us facing me. 
“Mum, tell her oh! I am not joking oh!” I shouted.
Ruth suddenly broke into tears but tried to control it, still standing where she was and looking pathetically at me. 

“Mike! When did you become so heartless?” Mum asked softly.
Someone knocked on the protector. 
“Hello, I want to buy something.” 
Mum turned towards him and said, “I’m coming please,” then she turned to me and said, “Mike don’t do anything crazy. Ruth my love, please come in.” 

Ruth came circumspectly moving away from me. I just had to control myself not to drag and shake the truth out of her. As soon as mum’s customer left, Jacky came and stood at the protector. The moment I saw him, I remembered I had something to deal with which I haven’t.

“Mike my brother my blood,” Jacky said smiling. 
Mum looked at me and shook her head in disapproval without Jacky seeing her. I didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, Jacky’s presence had started giving me running stomach.
“Blood where have you been? Good evening ma,” he said hastily immediately he saw mum.
“I took a trip out of town,” I said.

Mum gave me a surprised look which interprets, “I thought you were at his place.”
“Come outside bro, we have got stuff to discuss,” Jacky said, smiling.
I felt completely helpless and my countenance revealed my inner feelings. So, I sluggishly walked out through the gate. I was surprised to see four other guys standing out of sight beside mum’s shop. They looked at me and whispered something within themselves. I walked to them feeling my palms moist and heart racing rapidly.

“Supermen!” I greeted.
“Blood!” they replied simultaneously.
We shook our secret handshake and Jacky started talking in whispers immediately with his hand around my neck. 
“Blood, why did you disappear? The gang has been on my neck to fetch you. You know you have an unfinished business and you disappeared,” he said.
I felt my heart seizing air from flowing freely but I managed to compose myself and act cool.

“Blood, you have to brew us in a zanga!” one of the guys shouted from behind me. 
“Yes, you have to buy us drinks,” Jacky said.

”Do you have any greens with you…or should I lend you?” he asked.
“I do” I said.
“Alright, where are you taking us to? We have a lot to discuss,” Jacky said, still in a whisper. 

After drinking two bottles and smoking some sticks, I felt slightly relieved. They relayed my next mission and people to go with me. It’s still about me killing ZIKA. I kept quiet and listened but I wanted to discuss with Jacky alone to know if there was a way I could avoid it. 

While we drank and discussed about other things, Amaka called. Immediately, nothing mattered anymore. I stood up like there was a spring in my legs.
“Hello! Hello! Where are you? Can i come? I need to see you.” I said, hastily walking to the joint’s exit.
“Where are you baby?” Amaka replied calmly. 
“Home. Where are you?” I asked, walking restlessly. 
“Are you missing me?'” she asked.
“For crying out loud! You know I’m dying!” I said.

She laughed and said, “Okay, come to our rendezvous. I believe you know there.”

“Yes! Yes! See me there in a second!” I said joyfully.
She laughed again and said, “Please watch out for cars,” before she hung up.
I ran off immediately, forgetting I had visitors and bills to pay.

To be continued…

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  1. Na wa o… Wetin Amaka put for toto for you. Abi she sef don enter kayan mata levels no🤔🤔🤔

    Thumbs up dude. Nice one.

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