Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 9


Mrs Olu and I became regular fuck buddies. We fucked at every opportunity. Mrs Olu was always horny and I was eager to explore sex as much as possible. My sex drive began to shoot up on a daily basis. I had no interest in girls of my age. Whenever my dick got hard and needed some attention, Mrs Olu comes to mind. I could almost say I had fallen in love with her. Mrs Olu’s visits became more frequent and mom always loved to have her bestie around. Meanwhile, we always waited for mom to go to bed then we would fuck several rounds. Mrs Olu has fucked me in every part of our house. She developed a habit of calling me her son and that just killed any iota of suspicion from mom.

Months passed and I gained admission into the Lagos State University. Ordinarily, that would be the beginning of academical advancement for a teenager like me. Instead, it was my sex life that got a boost. Mom was so excited to find out I made the first admission list. The very first person she called was Mrs Olu. Mrs Olu screamed on getting the information and congratulated mom. She didn’t even bother to talk to me as the celebrant. She and mom spoke for several minutes before the call ended. After the call, mom began to tell me reasons why Mrs Olu was her best friend. Mom thought Mrs Olu was excited because I gained admission. She didn’t understand. Lagos State University is in the same Ojo town where Mrs Olu resided. Her house was a mere five minutes drive away from campus.

Mrs Olu visited again by weekend. This time, I wasn’t just her son anymore. I became her favorite boy as she showered me with gifts. Mom was very appreciative at first but soon became worried. “hmm…you’re going to spoil this boy for me o”, mom said on a certain Saturday afternoon. Mrs Olu had bought me a phone and a sterling silver necklace. I was so happy. My mom never bought me a phone because she believed it would be a distraction. Now I can call my friends and enjoy the social media like everyone else, I thought. Mom kept insisting Mrs Olu was giving me too much until it became an argument. Then, Mrs Olu told mom to mind her business as it was a mother to son thing. She actually told my mom I was the reason she came around.

It was soon bed time and Mrs Olu playfully left mom’s room. She claimed she was tired of mom’s rantings and would rather sleep in her son’s room for the night. I was her son. Mom merely hissed and walked into her room. Mom actually took the whole drama for a joke. There was no way on earth she’ll suspect her friend would fuck me. “That’s your problem. If you like, buy him a car for school”, mom said as she hissed and shut her door. Mrs Olu called my name loudly from the sitting room. “Please open your door. I’m sleeping in your room tonight”, she said. I opened up and she strolled into my room. It was like a dream.

As soon as I let Mrs Olu into my room, she bolted the door herself. She opened her arms for me to run into like a baby would. We hugged and began to kiss just by my door. She led my hand to her inner thighs and I touched her newly growing pubes. She was oozing of pheromones from her armpit as I kissed and licked her all over. Even as a teenager, I was practising sex like a professional pornstar. Thanks to all the adult movies and magazines hidden under my bed. Bigger thanks to Mrs Olu who has made herself available as a mature training material. Whatever I watched or read about sex was practised with Mrs Olu and she loved me for that. She would say, “Tunde, you’ve gone to learn another move, abi? I hope you won’t kill me with this your experiments one day”.

I told Mrs Olu I would like to eat her pussy. She looked at me as though she was disgusted. Then she pulled me by my shirt until we were right beside my bed. Wham! She pushed me into bed and yanked off her nightie. Mrs Olu climbed on top of me and sat on my face. She parted her pussy lips as she positioned it on my mouth. I held her ass and began to lick her raw flesh. Her clitoris began to swell as I sucked on it. Mrs Olu held my head and pressed her pussy harder onto my lips. She wiggled her waist until I could feel her cum in my mouth. Mrs Olu smiled and got up from my face. “you know you’re my sweetheart, right?”, she asked.

Mrs Olu asked me to hold on for a while as she was going to check on mom to confirm if she was asleep. She wore her nightie and I covered myself with my blanket. Mrs Olu opened the door only for mom to walk into my room. With an expressionless face, “Iya Femi! What have you been thinking?”, mom asked.

“Finally, this woman has caught us”, I said to myself.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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