Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 7


I could tell Mrs Olu had no pants on as she walked into my bedroom. Her ass danced the samba dance effortlessly. I fumbled with my door latch for several seconds because I was distracted by her rumps. My imaginations got wild immediately. I began to fantasize. “This is it. I’m fucking this woman again tonight”, I thought. Just then Mrs Olu said, “why haven’t you been focusing on your studies? What are your distractions?”. I paused for a while and didn’t know whether to really answer her questions or tell her to forget the ranting. All I wanted to do was raise her nightie up and fuck her to a couple of orgasms. Mrs Olu got to my bed and sat on it. “Come and sit down, let’s talk”, she said.

We sat together and Mrs Olu, instead of advising me like she’s supposed to, changed the topic to something else. “How have you been? Did you miss anything since you left my place?” she asked. I told her I was doing okay but I was too shy to tell her I missed her cougar pussy so much. As a matter of fact, her pussy had been my major source of distraction for the past two weeks. I masturbated endlessly to the thoughts of her. Then Mrs Olu asked the question again but with a dervish smile on her face. “Have you missed anything since you left my place?”, she asked. Shyness won’t let me look into Mrs Olu’s eyes. “Come on, don’t be shy. Feel free to tell me anything. We’re closer than that, aren’t we?”, she asked.

Mrs Olu was literally pushing words into my mouth. Just then, I threw caution to the wind. She’s not gonna blackmail me for whatever I said. Besides, she had more to lose if things get ugly. I was young but then not ignorant of my rights. “Ma, I…I…I missed what we did at your place”, I finally stuttered. Mrs Olu hugged me immediately. “That’s my boy. I knew you must have thought of me severally since you left my place”, she said. Then, she pulled me closer and kissed my forehead first. She placed my hands on her bosom and asked me to squeeze on them. We started kissing afterwards and Mrs Olu released my cock from my pyjamas. It was going to be a night to remember.

We made out on my bed for several minutes. Mrs Olu raised her nightie and she had no pants under. She told me to touch her pussy and I obeyed. It was quite damp. “Is it wet yet?”, she asked. “Not really ma”, I responded. Then she asked me to get it wet for her asap. I got up immediately and made to insert my dick inside her vagina. “You’re still a novice at this. When I say get it wet, I don’t mean fuck. Lick my pussy first. Same way I sucked your cock”, Mrs Olu said. Then she laid on her back with legs wide apart. Flashbacks of the porn movies I had watched came to my head and I remembered things. I covered Mrs Olu’s pussy with my lips and began to suck on it.

Mrs Olu moaned softly and paused at some point. “Tunde, where did you learn to suck a pussy so good at your age?”, she asked. I smiled and told her I’ve been watching lots of porn. For the very first time I felt so free to discuss any and everything with Mrs Olu. “No wonder”, she said. Then she spread her pussy lips wider with both hands. “Please lick my clitoris until I cum”, she begged. Although I was not a professional yet, I managed to make her cum. That just got her really hungry for my cock.

Mrs Olu got up and walked to the door. I thought she was leaving but then she asked me to follow her. I did and we halted at the door. She placed both hands on the door after raising her nightie to her breasts level. Slowly, she led my dick inside her pussy and we began to fuck. We fucked by the door for about fifteen minutes until I came inside Mrs Olu’s pussy. “You this boy, don’t you know you’ll get me pregnant this way?”, she whispered. Just then she held my ear and squeezed it painfully. I lost my erection instantly. “pull your pants up quickly”, she whispered and I obeyed. She unlatched the door and to my surprise, mom was standing right there. No better way to get busted.

Mrs Olu smiled at my mom and said, “I came to have a counselling session with my boy. He needs to stop being childish”. Mom kept a hard face still like she wasn’t impressed. “Hmm…please talk to him o. I’m about to get fed up of his stubbornness”, mom said.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. See formatting. Why I dey suseoct saybyournmumnssbi wetin dey sup but she just no dey talk?

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