Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 6


“Remember, nobody else must know about our little secret”, Mrs Olu whispered. “Okay ma! Nobody will know”, I responded. I boarded the bus and dozed off almost immediately. The sleep was so deep I didn’t hear my bus stop being called by the bus conductor. “Ehs! Fine boy. We don reach last bus stop. Come down make you go sleep the remaining for your house”. I looked around and it was the bus conductor talking to me. “Shit!”, I exclaimed as I got off the bus and walked five bus stops back home. As soon as I greeted mom, I went straight into my room and crashed into bed. I didn’t wake up until three hours later.

“Tunde, your food is on the dining table. I didn’t want to wake you up earlier because you looked so tired. How did your exams go?”, mom asked. “Wonderful mom, the questions were moderately difficult but I did my best”, I said. I had to force a smile for mom to really believe everything was okay. Suddenly, I remembered my ordeal with Mrs Olu and guilt came over me once more. Mom asked several questions and I answered them without looking in her face. It was as though she knew what was on my mind when she asked how Mrs Olu was doing. “Oh yes! I fucked her real good all night. It’s the reason I’m so weak and tired now”, I said in my mind. Mom left without waiting for an answer.

As soon as I was alone with my food, I began to think of Mrs Olu’s body and the sex we had. It made me wish I was still in her house. Or, better still, she should come visiting right away. I began to fantasize until I lost my appetite. Instead, I had a throbbing hard cock between my legs. I tried to suppress it but it got harder as much as I tried. Mom had to ask me what went wrong when she saw my covered left over in the kitchen hours later. I promised her that I’ll finish the food later. It’s a big crime to have leftover in my house. It’s better to take a little and ask for more than to waste mom’s food .

I expected Mrs Olu to come visiting the next weekend as she promised but she didn’t. However, she showed up two weekends after. It was as though she had come solely to seduce me. She was wearing new braids and dressed like some sexy secretary. She was wearing a mini skirt with a silky sleeveless shirt. Her pearly necklace and makeup made me feel like fucking her right there on the sitting room floor.

As soon as Mrs Olu settled in, mom began. “Hope Tunde didn’t misbehave at your place”, mom asked. “No o! Tunde ke? He knows I won’t tolerate any nonsense. He behaved himself and I’m sure he wrote well in the exams too, abi?”, Mrs Olu responded looking at me. “Yes ma! I responded shyly. Then, mom continued. “Please help me talk to him. Tunde hardly reads his books. All he does is lock himself up in his room and play video games”, mom complained. “Really? Tunde, is your mom right?”, Mrs Olu asked me. I didn’t know whether to say yes or no. Mrs Olu didn’t wait for my response either. She told me she needed to rest and that we’ll talk later in the day.

The evening passed slowly until it was bedtime. I locked myself up in my room but couldn’t play any video games. Instead, I kept thinking about Mrs Olu like a newfound love. I couldn’t help it at some point so I took my lotion and masturbated with it. Mrs Olu was the subject of my masturbation that night. I played back every memory of that Friday night in her house until I came. Sleep came easily after masturbation.

It was almost 1am when I heard very soft knocks on my door. I got up from bed and walked slowly to the door. From the knocking and whispering voice, I could tell it was Mrs Olu. My mom would knock loudly and barge in most of the time. She is the reason I don’t forget to bolt my door every time I’m up to some dirt in my room. Mrs Olu must have noticed my shadow approaching from under the door. She whispered as soon as I got close enough. “Tunde, it’s me. Open the door”, she said. I unbolted my door and there she was. Mrs Olu walked into my room in her night gown. Her ass wiggled recklessly under the shaky silky material her nightgown was made of.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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