Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 30


The weekend was fun with Mrs Olu around. She went to the market with mom and they returned to cook enough soup for the week. I joined them in the kitchen and mom was glad I came to assist. Mom had a phone call and excused herself from the kitchen. I smacked Mrs Olu’s ass immediately and she moaned. She shook her ass seductively and asked me to smack it again. After smacking her ass severally, she challenged me to make her cum before my mom returned. She bent over and rested her arm on the kitchen cabinet like she wanted my dick from behind. I went on my knees quickly and shifted her pant to the side. After fingering her briefly, I began to suck her pussy and lick her ass at the same time. She found it so ticklish she began to chuckle and moan softly.

She was having an orgasm with her eyes closed when we both heard mom’s voice. “Why are your eyes closed like that? Where is Tunde? He’s gone, abi?”, mom asked Mrs Olu. I quickly opened one of the cabinet doors and pretended like I was looking for something. Mom noticed me and asked what I was looking for. Then I told her I wanted to take dad’s old corkscrew. Mom said she had changed the location of such items in the house and went to bring it from her bedroom. “Ah! Tunde, this woman will soon catch us o”, Mrs Olu commented. I got up and headed straight to my room.

I waited in my bed endlessly at night but Mrs Olu never came into my room. It was in the morning she told me that mom was awake all night sorting some documents. Mom slept around 5am and that’s when Mrs Olu came to me. We both knew better than to fuck at that time because it was a Sunday morning. My mom would never skip church for anything so she’s bound to wake up soon. Truly, mom got up around 6:30am and prepared for church. Mrs Olu feigned a headache so she could stay at home. By 7am, mom already left home and asked me to join her later. Mom had to go early as a worker but Sunday service begins by 8am.

As soon as the coast was clear, Mrs Olu came into my room. She wanted me to fuck her real quick before leaving for church. I resisted until she left my room. I rushed into my bathroom to take a shower but returned to find Mrs Olu back in my room. She was seated on my bed. I was already naked and watching her play with her own nipples and pussy only got my dick hard. Mrs Olu must get the dick at this time or there’ll be no church for me. I decided to satisfy her real quick. We made out and soon my dick was swimming deep inside her ocean. We soon changed position and Mrs Olu was on top of me. As she closed her eyes in anticipation of another body shattering orgasm, the door opened.

My mom stood in awe as she watched her best friend cumming on her son’s dick.

I tried to push Mrs Olu off me but she didn’t understand. She just closed her eyes and kept grinding her pussy hard on my cock. She didn’t open her eyes until she was done cumming. By the time she traced my eyes to the door, she got cold immediately. The evil day has finally come. A great drama ensued right after and I was lucky to find my way out of the room. I could hear mom saying she had been seeing signs but chose to ignore them. That was how one young cock put a strain in a decades long relationship between two friends.

The aftermath of that Sunday’s discovery was Mrs Olu traveling to the US to spend some time with her son. She couldn’t cope with the shame of it. My mom was her only friend. However, she decided to stay longer and it’s been six years since she left. I tried calling her for days in order to go with her for the abortion. Mrs Olu never picked up until she was in the US. She called me one day to tell me she went for the abortion alone. She was already in Texas with her son.

Now, she’s back in the country. More exposed and her love for me seemed to have been refreshed. Mrs Olu actually professed her love to me like some college kid. But she wanted to reconcile with my mom first. We made passionate love in her house that morning and she begged me to cum inside her again. She later made me understand that there would no longer be an abortion. She was ready to carry my baby if she got pregnant again. Yes! She loves me that much.



I am saying a very big thanks to you for reading through with me. All your comments, likes and shares are so appreciated. I am also sorry for those times I delayed with the updates. Tunde is a multi-dimensional man. I do a lot of other stuff outside LTD18 so please try to understand. In all, I promise to do my best not to let you down. Every wait will be sure worth it.

God bless you all.

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Can’t believe it finally ended, thought it would continue forever. Enjoyed every episode. Tunde, youre the boss. I hail thee.
    That kebbi series is upset right?

  2. Wow. Extremely captivating and intriguing. Walking down the street every day I always see some women that look like Mrs Olu.

    Nice piece. Keep it up.

    1. @Bugatti…where have you been? Well, don’t dull with those women o. Most of them are praying for a guy like you. Shoot your shot and tell us about it later. Thanks a million

  3. Thanks Mr T. That was very Interesting. More grease to ur elbow. Great that your big bros down south for me too

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