Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 28


Nancy’s death just made me realize life is too short. Death can approach anytime. The youths held a candle light possession for her which Ibrahim and I attended together. For a while, I began to see life differently. It was as though Nancy and I were really close before she got killed. Whenever I closed my eyes she would appear or be in my thoughts at least. For several nights I had to drink and get drunk in order to find sleep. At some point, I stopped sleeping in my house and would drive to Mrs Olu’s place every night. She was glad that I was coming around every evening. The very first evening, she thought I was around for the usual brief visit. She was surprised when it was almost 8pm and I showed no signs of leaving.

I fell asleep on the sofa while watching TV but Mrs Olu woke me up and led me to her bedroom. She knew I had alcohol running in my veins instead of blood so she removed my clothes. I was in the shower for a while until I felt quite invigorated. Mrs Olu was standing there watching me all the while. We got back into the bedroom and I fell flat across the bed with no clothes on. She smacked my ass and asked me to adjust my body properly into the bed. She needed some space to sleep too. With my dutch courage, I got up and looked Mrs Olu straight in the eyes. “I’m the man here and you will respect me”, I said. Then I pulled her closer and smacked her hard in the ass. Mrs Olu screamed.

We played like kids and ran around her bedroom. I wanted to smack her ass again for calling me a bloody drunk. After catching up with her, I lifted her in my arms and slammed her body into the bed. I fell on top of her and we both panted for some minutes. “Oh Tunde. I can’t help but wish we were age mates sometimes. We’ll just get married no matter what anyone would say”, Mrs Olu said. Really, Mrs Olu gives me peace of mind. I’m always happy around her. There’s nothing I need to hide or pretend about. Many times I wished she was my biological mother. But, before I could snap from my thoughts, Mrs Olu began to moan beside me. She was playing with her pussy. I smacked her ass again for masturbating beside me. She loved it.

She held my semi hard cock in her hand and began to squeeze on it lightly. In seconds, my dick became one hell of a steel rod in her palm. Then she sat up and spat on it for lubrication. Mrs Olu put so much saliva until her palm slid up and down my cock freely. I asked her to let me eat her pussy and she sat her wide ass on my face. As soon as I began to lick her thick flesh, she took my cock in her mouth too. We sucked each other for some minutes and Mrs Olu came in my mouth twice.

Mrs Olu got up and held on to the headboard with her ass right in front of me. I spread her ass with my left hand and fingered her pussy from behind with the right one. She began to moan but I stopped and removed my hand. I drove my huge cock deep into her vagina in one quick thrust. Mrs Olu screamed like she was hurt. It must have been a mixture of pain and pleasure for her. I quickly apologized but she said, “No! That’s how to fuck me”. Then she arched her ass backward some more like she wanted me to hit it harder. I followed her instruction and began to pound her meaty cunt from behind with the strength of nine horses. “Yes! Yes! Yessssss! Please don’t stop”, Mrs Olu moaned as she approached an orgasm.

She came but I didn’t reduce the pace of my pounding. I just went on and on until she started having multiple orgasms. Before long, Mrs Olu was begging me to take a break but I didn’t listen. She climaxed over and over again until her legs could barely support her weight anymore. I continued fucking her even though she had fallen flat on her tummy. Her body was experiencing a huge tremor. “Yeeee! Egbami o. Tunde ti pami oooo”, she screamed saying I’ve killed her in another orgasm. I swear, shayo na bastard. We fucked for well over an hour before my time to ejaculate finally arrived. I withdrew my cock and poured loads of sperm on her big ass. She slept in that same posture til the next morning. “Please stop drinking whatever it was that you drank yesterday”, she advised.

Mrs Olu and I got so reckless that we didn’t care who was watching sometimes. We began to show our affection for each other even publicly. The next few nights I spent in Mrs Olu’s house were literally of thunderous lovemaking. At some point, Mrs Olu thought I was using some enhancement but I knew what it was. I was fucking her mainly to get my mind off Nancy. The girl was too young and lively to be gone. The aggressive and prolonged fucking was fueled by my distracted thoughts.

Weeks later, it was another anniversary of my late dad’s departure. Mrs Olu got pregnant for me again.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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