Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 25


Titi and I soon began to date again. It was our final year on campus and we got quite serious with each other. Titi regularly fantasizes about carrying my baby in her womb. I could tell it made her feel good but I was to be careful. She doesn’t mind me pouring my seed inside her whenever we made love. Then I knew I had to be very careful and sure of what I was doing. A few pointers here and there would make me want to doubt her love. But then there are more reasons to fall in love with Titi. At the same time, I knew better than to take mom’s dream for granted. My dad made that fatal mistake years back and ceased to exist. The instruction was simple. “Do not travel yet”, but he did.

Taking Titi back into my life saved me lots of expenses. No more one night stands and less eating out. My daily expenses reduced significantly. Everything I needed was within reach especially when it came to sex. None of the prostitutes could give it to me like Titi does. I never eat a prostitute’s pussy. For me, it was as good as sucking another man’s dick. But I’ll gladly let my Titi squirt in my face, mouth inclusive. Her pussy was mine and mine only. Titi began to spend most of her time in my house. She only goes home once in a while. We were about to become an item on campus and my friends were wondering what’s happening. They knew she abandoned me for Larry earlier but larry abandoned her too.

As far as my internet hustle was concerned, Ibrahim was my mentor. He just got some good pawn recently and was able to purchase a Mercedes Benz 4matic SUV. Despite being mad at me for bringing Titi back into my life, we saw each other almost everyday. We were drinking together on this particular afternoon when I told him about my plan. He was more than glad to pull it off with me. I got home that day and began to show extra love and care toward Titi. Ibrahim visited almost everyday. By then, Titi had been begging me to teach her how to drive but I didn’t.

Mrs Olu called me one Saturday morning that I had to come over. My mom was on her way to visit us. I left Titi alone at home that morning to be with Mrs Olu. On my way, Ibrahim called to tell me he was at my house. He said Titi wanted to learn how to drive and he had some spare time so I agreed. It’s a great thing to learn how to drive in a Benz jeep, I thought. Mom arrived at Mrs Olu’s place and we spent several hours together. There we planned my dad’s next remembrance anniversary. Mom left and Mrs Olu made sure we fucked before I left her house. I called Titi on my way back home to tell her I would be home soon. After that, I called Ibrahim too. He told me Titi was a very fast learner.

Weeks passed and Titi began to drive quite well. She even drove my car to the campus on several occasions, all thanks to Ibrahim. But I soon began to notice some changes in Titi’s behaviour. One evening I got home unexpectedly. Her phone was on the table in the sitting room while she was cooking in the kitchen. She had a list of incoming whatsapp messages on the screen. I quickly previewed them and saw several messages from Ibrahim. After dropping the phone, I walked to the kitchen and hugged her from behind. We kissed and I told her about my day. However, Titi appeared to be less interested in my gist. She went into the sitting room and returned with her phone in her hand. Fifteen minutes later, I checked her phone and all the messages from Ibrahim were gone with no traces at all.

Ibrahim invited me to his neighborhood the weekend that followed. We sat together at some bar and ordered drinks. He was busy chatting on his phone when he told me it was time to leave. However, I was to wait at the bar until he has signaled me to come to his house. Impatiently, I continued with my bottle of white wine. It was almost thirty minutes when I got a text message from Ibrahim. It read, “door is open. Just enter”. I got up from my seat immediately and boarded a bike to Ibrahim’s house. Quietly, I opened the door into his sitting room and then to the bedroom. I wasn’t surprised at all. Everything worked out as expected.

My beloved Titi didn’t see me on time. Her boobs dangled as she tried to remove Ibrahim’s boxer shorts. Ibrahim was either too loyal or his hatred for Titi was that much. The plan was for him to fuck her already but he didn’t. Instead he delayed until my arrival. Ibrahim left the room as soon as I entered. Titi prayed for the earth to quake and swallow her that moment but it never happened. She went on her knees and began to beg. “Tunde, please. This is the devil at work”, she said. I walked out of the room and ordered Ibrahim to send her out of his house. “Lock the door and put my keys under the foot mat when you’re ready to leave”, Ibrahim said to Titi. Then we returned to the bar to continue drinking.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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