Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 23


Mrs Olu sounded very disappointed when I told her I was quite far away from home. Titi couldn’t be happy enough when I ended the call. Just then, Mrs Olu’s call came through again. I picked up and she told me she was at my door. She said she has been at my door for a while and even mentioned two songs I played earlier. “Don’t worry. If you don’t open the door I’ll understand. In fact, I’ll just go back home now”, Mrs Olu said. I opened the door as I heard her footsteps walking away from my door. She turned back with a straight face an walked into my apartment. After dropping her bag on the sofa she asked me for a drink. I quickly brought some water and orange juice. “No alcohol?”, Mrs Olu asked.

Meanwhile, before opening the door for Mrs Olu, I cleared the apartment. I picked up Titi’s purse and slippers from the sitting room and gave them to her. “I’ll be back once mom leaves. Just send me a text if you need to tell me anything while she’s here”, I whispered. Then I locked my bedroom door with Titi still inside. I raced to the door before ending the call.

So, I dashed into the kitchen in a bid to quickly satisfy Mrs Olu. I needed her to leave immediately so I could go in and enjoy Titi’s ready pussy. Mrs Olu drank a full glass of the red wine I handed her and asked for more. Before I could return with the bottle, Mrs Olu already removed her sandals and laid on the sofa. I was confused. Mrs Olu had no idea there was a third party in the house so she spoke loudly. “Tunde, hmm, what you’re doing to me is not good o. The only time you come home is when your mom is around. Well, I’ve come for my entitlement and you must give it to me before I leave”, she said. I prayed in my heart that Titi would be asleep so she won’t decipher what was going on.

For once, I saw Mrs Olu like a demon that was sent to ruin my show with Titi that afternoon. I so wanted to tell her to get the fuck out of my house but I couldn’t. Mrs Olu is not just my mom’s best friend. She was my best friend too as we shared so many dirty secrets together. As far as I was concerned, Mrs Olu and I were closer than I was with my own mother. She is not someone I could tell to get out of my house for any reason. I decided to do her bidding quietly before returning to Titi in the bedroom. After increasing the volume of the music slightly, I decided to take a peep into my bedroom. Mrs Olu was already removing her clothes and feeling comfy on the sofa. When I opened and sneaked into my bedroom, Titi was asleep.

I thanked God for the miracle and returned to the sitting room stealthily. Mrs Olu was naked and fingering her pussy already. My plan was to give her one very hot round of fucking and make her leave so I can return to Titi. My dick got hard easily from watching Mrs Olu masturbate. I moved closer to her and went on my knees. Her legs were so wide apart I could almost look into her asshole. Still holding her legs apart, I covered her ass hole with my tongue and bit on it with my lips. Mrs Olu chuckled and screamed, “it tickles”. I quickly covered her mouth with one hand while my tongue moved toward her clitoris. She moaned and screamed as I licked and sucked on her hopelessly wet cunt. I didn’t stop the sucking until Mrs Olu groaned and came in my mouth.

I sat on the sofa and Mrs Olu climbed on top of me. She begged me to squeeze hard on her ass as she slowly rode my cock. Before long, I was feeling a super slippery sensation inside Mrs Olu’s pussy. She was on the verge of an orgasm so she tried to increase the pace. She bounced so high my dick mistakenly slipped out of her pussy. We both raced for my dick in order to insert it back into her pussy in time for the orgasm. Mrs Olu beat me to it and quickly sat her pussy on it again. The hand with which she held my dick was all whitish from her pussy cream. We fucked so hard and switched positions a few times before I came inside her pussy. I did everything I could until Mrs Olu left my house, although reluctantly.

As soon as Mrs Olu walked out of the door, I went into my bedroom. Titi was still asleep so I decided to watch TV for a short while until I recover. I just had to fuck Titi too. She is the one I’ve reserved my energy for. Just then, Titi walked out of my bedroom, all dressed and ready to leave. I jumped up from the sofa and held Titi by the arm. “Where are you going?”, I asked. She smacked my hand and asked me to take my filthy hands off her.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. I was also thinking she feigned her sleep… But who knows. You sef? Mrs Olu sef? Na wa for una ooo….
    Nice story.
    Guy this update dey tey na. E no easy but abeg try make e dey fast small small.

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