Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 21


Ibrahim was such an expert at the advance fee fraud thing so I handed it all to him. He got control of my emails and passwords. The next payment the pawn made was forty thousand dollars. Right there I determined I must buy a very good car too. But there was a big problem. How do I explain the source of my sudden wealth to mom. That was when Ibrahim advised me to buy the car for campus use only. I could declare it to mom much later when I’ve gotten a good proof for my money. All these while, Titi was amazed at the way I began to dazzle on campus. My grades dropped significantly but I didn’t give a hoot. Money was all I cared about and I was getting it.

I rented an apartment off campus without informing either mom or Mrs Olu. It was well furnished and I barely went home to Mrs Olu anymore. One weekend, I decided to surprise her with a visit. I bought her a fifty thousand Naira gold chain and she really appreciated it. But that was after I’ve had to convince her that I didn’t rob for the money. Mrs Olu was quite understanding and slightly more exposed than my mom so I opened up to her. Then she advised me to try investing money in something legit. She said that way I’ll have a good proof for my financial status. I yielded to Mrs Olu’s advise and dabbled into a few ventures. Some went bad but others paid up. Life is a learning process after all. My mom just had to be the last to know all of these.

That very day, I came to one conclusion about women. ‘You get the best sex from a woman when you make her happy’. Mrs Olu wore her gold chain on her neck right away. I told her I was leaving and she jumped up from her seat. She ran to the door and removed the keys after locking it. Mrs Olu dropped her wrapper to the floor revealing her lovable nakedness. “Tunde, you’re not going anywhere. I’ve masturbated twice today just from thinking about you. My pussy is slightly wet and itchy right now. You touch it and see”, she said while holding my hand and leading it to her cunt. I really wasn’t in the mood but Mrs Olu would rape me at that point if necessary. Her pussy had become moisturized by her own fluid when I touched it.

I sniffed my fingers and my dick got hard immediately. Mrs Olu’s pussy will never stop smelling sweet. With a straight face, I began to remove my clothes until I was naked too. I laid Mrs Olu on her back and spread her legs apart with my hands. My dick was already pointing at her pussy entrance. Then I bent my head and began to lick around her vulva. Mrs Olu moaned and began to beg, “Tunde, please spend a few days with me now…”. I didn’t say a word. I just kept licking her pussy until she tightened her thighs around my head in orgasm.

Mrs Olu jumped up suddenly and turned her back. “Please fuck me with all your power. I know you’re going to disappear after this as usual but please make it worth it. I want my pussy to ache for days after you’re gone”, she said.

We fucked until I was sweating inside an air conditioned room. Mrs Olu moaned loudly and without caution. I fucked her pussy hard with my massive cock and randomly smacked her clit with it. She screamed and had multiple orgasms. We fucked in every possible position and Mrs Olu attempted anal sex with me for the very first time. It was quite painful for her so we stopped. When it was time for me to cum, Mrs Olu begged me again to cum inside her. I gladly came deep inside her womb. It was one round of sex that felt better than the hundreds we’ve had in the past.

As we entered our third year, Larry left for the US all of a sudden. Titi didn’t know about it as she wasn’t even on his Top 10 Girlfriends List. By then I had been using my black Toyota Camry 2.0 for some months. I could tell that Titi would love to come back to me. She had been too aloof at the time and seemed depressed. We bumped into each other at the HOD (Head of Department)’s office after close of lectures one day. I offered to take her out that afternoon and she agreed. We had lunch and I took her on an unexpected shopping spree. She got a new phone, a couple of wears and some fashion accessories. Later that evening, I dropped her off at her closest bus stop. Before she alighted the car, I handed her ten thousand Naira.

Deep in my mind, I wanted to torture Titi psychologically. She needed to regret what she did to me. Suddenly, my plan began to work. Titi looked at the money in her palm and began to cry. “Tunde, I’m so sorry. H…honestly, I regret what I did to us. I was greedy and impatient”, she said. I told her it’s part of life and I’ve made some wrong decisions in the past myself. We held hands and looked each other in the eyes. The gap between us began to close gradually. We were about to kiss when we heard loud horns of a petrol tanker behind us.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Tunde… .a day can not pass without you digging a hoe but 9 days gone no update on your site

  2. Tunde. What’s going on. We are waiting for updates. Meanwhile I saw one mama about 53years today at ikoyi. She fits the description of Mrs Olu. Overly boobs , massive round and succulent ass. Really wish I could bang that woman today.

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