Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 20


The next day in school was a very slow and quiet one for me. Tomi checked on me a couple of times but she couldn’t come too close. Titi didn’t come close to me either. Her guilty conscience won’t let her feel free with me as usual. Meanwhile, I had given it a lot of thought in my sleepless night. I could not afford to lose Titi’s voluptuousness. It would be a colossal loss for me to let her go, I thought. My cock had become too addicted to her pussy already. At the end of lectures, I approached Titi and started normal discussions with her. I made sure not to mention anything about the previous day. As far as I was concerned, nothing happened. Tomi got quite angry seeing me with Titi again so she kept her distance.

Later that day, I apologized to Tomi and told her I was merely playing along with Titi. Tomi and I soon became regular fuck buddies. Titi kept sneaking out on dates with Larry. By then, I was already connected enough on campus to hear everything. I really liked Titi and was hoping she’ll return to me fully someday soon. Tomi was a sweet girl but Titi remained way sweeter. I made a couple of new friends at the bar where I go to drink away my misery. There was a particular Ibrahim and his friends who were regulars at the bar. They always declared surplus and we got quite close. I never ceased to wonder how they got so much money to spend.

Titi never deemed it fit to talk to me about her relationship with Larry and I never asked. We continued dating but I never took her too seriously anymore. No more expensive outings or gifts. All I did was fuck her whenever she came around. Larry popped up in our department a few times and I never raised an eyebrow. But I had a determination which was to do everything within my reach to drive a car on campus too. Titi’s side runs with Larry became a great motivation for me. That was what prompted me to dabble into internet fraud with Ibrahim. I saved all the money that would have gone the way of hotel bills with Titi. Within two months, I was able to buy a fairly used laptop.

My friends circle changed and I got surrounded by internet bandits. We did everything in common and I began to live with them. Mrs Olu was worried but I told her it was easier for me to focus on studies among colleagues. My former study group in school dissipated as I was no longer available. Titi on the other hand began to go out with Larry so much they became an item. I tried to make Titi talk about it on several occasions but she didn’t. Titi drifted gradually and I was so heartbroken. But in all, I channeled the anger that came with the heartbreak into hustle. In order not to think about the heartbreak, I would stay for hours on the computer. As they say, every dog has its day. I got a pawn online who was a car dealer in Australia. Change was about to come.

I went home to Mrs Olu the weekend that followed. My birthday fell on that Saturday. Titi was the first to call me in the middle of the night. She wished me a happy birthday and professed all the love in the world to me. She promised to come be with me on my birthday. Tomi had to be out with her dad that day but she promised to make it up to me later. Morning came and Mrs Olu came naked into my room. She wished me a happy birthday followed by a quickie. She needed to rush to the shop to receive some goods. After Mrs Olu left, I received Tomi’s message. I was going to delete the harsh message but got distracted until I entered the shower.

Minutes later, I returned from the shower to meet a crying Titi in my room. I rushed to her to find out why she was crying. Then Titi pointed my phone screen in my face. It was Tomi’s message. “So you’re the reason Tomi shunned me? You two have been fucking behind my back?”, Titi said while sobbing. By then, I had been through a lot of heartbreak from Titi that my mind became harder. “Don’t you have your Larry? Or, do you think I’m such a fool?”, I responded. Titi didn’t say a word for a while. Then she rose to her feet suddenly. “I guess it’s over between us then”, she said as she walked out of the door. In my mind I was like, “shuo! Na today?”.

I checked my phone as Titi left to read Tomi’s mean message again. “Happy birthday sweetheart. But I wish that Titi will just die so I can have your sweet cock all to myself. I love you madly”.

Ibrahim was more experienced than I was with the internet thing so I told him about my Australian pawn. He took charge after I agreed to share the proceeds with him. By the Friday of that same week, the Australian paid me twenty five thousand dollars. Everything changed from that moment. I went shopping over the weekend and became a celebrity on campus the following week. Little did I know the best was yet to come.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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