Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 16


Mrs Olu must have forgotten something at home and has returned for it, I thought. I told Titi to stay put in my room. I got dressed with speed and quickly removed every implicating item from the sitting room. On opening the door, I saw two women. They were well dressed in the same pattern of attires Mrs Olu and Alhaji wore earlier. That way I knew they were for the same party. They asked of Mrs Olu and I told them she left an hour earlier. They looked disappointed as they walked back into their car. One of them called Mrs Olu to express her anger right away. I could hear Mrs Olu begging from the other end. Both women bade me goodbye and drove off. I bolted the door and return into my room.

Titi was playing with her pussy by the time I entered. I took my clothes off and began to stroke my cock as I watched her finger herself. After a few minutes, Titi got up and moved closer to me. She kissed and pulled me to herself until we both collapsed into the bed. Titi spread her legs and held my dick in one hand. Slowly, she lowered my dick into her slippery and sweet pussy. Her pussy walls held on to my throbbing cock despite the wetness. I pumped Titi until she started moaning and screaming loudly. Good thing Mrs Olu is not home and won’t be back anytime soon. Titi came severally and we fucked in various positions. I remember her saying I fuck like a sex starved horse after pouring my semen on her tits.

We had a second round of sex before Titi left that afternoon. The sex was so good I knew I wanted Titi for a girlfriend. We could study and fuck together anytime. But I had to let her realize my house isn’t a place to be visited randomly. My landlady (Mrs Olu) does not like to see females around her property (me). To cut the long story short, Titi and I became regular fuck buddies. Titi was nothing short of a nympho so we fucked at every opportunity. We constantly found ways to isolate ourselves from other classmates. We even created a secret bush path behind the lecture hall. There’s a clearing down the path where we could see passers by without being seen.

We fucked in school almost everyday and at first everything was okay. But soon, things began to change. I would fuck my fresh and young Titi’s pussy so much in school that I get home and sleep immediately. Mrs Olu began to notice my lack of interest in sex and started asking questions. The only reasonable excuse I could come up with was increased academic load. Mrs Olu believed at first but soon began to think otherwise. She’s an experienced woman who knows the signs of a cheating man. But I was busy thinking I could manipulate her. I remember promising to give her a very good fuck when I return from school on Friday evening. That was the very day Titi came to school with no pants on. She made me touch her pussy during lecture. It was wet.

Mrs Olu suddenly became mean. She got angered by every little thing. Her sales girl at the shop had to ask me if there was any problem with her madam. Apparently, Mrs Olu had changed her attitude at the shop too. Later in my life, I came to understand one simple fact. A horny woman is an angry woman just like a hungry man is an angry man. Mrs Olu’s temperament changed because she stopped getting her regular dick. I figured I was being unfair to her so I decided to share my cock between both women. One round should be enough for each one of them, I thought. I later realized I was dealing with nymphos. Titi was never okay, even after the second round. Meanwhile, Mrs Olu was used to my third and fourth rounds. I began to lose weight despite feeding well.

Although I was financially supported by both mom and Mrs Olu, I still went bankrupt easily. No thanks to the hotel bills I paid whenever I want to have decent sex with Titi. We used hotels mostly on Friday nights when we both had the campus fellowship night vigil excuse. The same cycle went on and on until Mrs Olu got tired of my excuses. We barely had sex anymore because I was giving my all to Titi in school. Suddenly, Mrs Olu stopped giving me money. Instead, she would ask me to call my mom whenever I asked for some cash. I knew deep within me that I stopped deserving her financial favors.

One Saturday afternoon, Mrs Olu walked into my room with her hands folded behind her back. I quickly sat up in my bed as I had been sleeping all morning. It was as a result of my night vigil with Titi. Mrs Olu got really close to my bed and I began to pray in my mind. “God please don’t let this woman ask for sex today”. Mrs Olu brought her hands forward and there was a huge dildo in her right hand. “See? This is what you’ve turned me into”, she said as she threw the dildo on my bed.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Heheheheheheh… Which kind to be this na? Mrs Olu don relegate from premier league enter championship… 😂😂😂😂
    Guy, sort her o.. make titi sef calm down. She don try. Guy, update Mrs Olu abeg… 😂😂😂😂

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