Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 13


School resumed fully and I began to attend lectures. I joined study groups and made friends too easily. Everybody seemed to like Tunde. He’s a little bit of everything. Witty, humorous and has become some lecturers’ favorite student. I became the go-to guy whenever there was a need to reach the seemingly fierce lecturers. The confidence in me was out of this world and I knew the cause. My relationship with Mrs Olu has made me see myself as an adult. That thing called respect for age seemed to have eluded me without my knowing. I talked to everyone the same way, daring and logical yet submissive to learning. Ordinarily, one would expect the lecturers to dislike my attitude but things turned out differently. They actually noticed me and could relate better with me than with other students.

My friends circle grew within a short while. Several course and level mates followed me like Twitter. I also had stale student friends. Mostly males who were obviously into me because of my numerous female friends. I slowly began to live my university dreams but there was a problem. There were too many willing girls but I had no bunk to finalize their matter. This went on and on for months and some girls lost interest already. They must be thinking I’m either naive or gay. I didn’t want to incur Mrs Olu’s wrath in any way. Her jealousy is incredible and I could tell from her reaction on my matriculation day. Her house was a no-go area with any girl. I’ll rather light a match in a gas station instead.

So, of all the girls, I had a favorite. Titi was her name. She’s not the prettiest but for her dark skin and crazily curvy body with sexily bulgy eyeballs. Every time I look at Titi, all I think of is kiss, smooch, lick, suck, fuck and the likes. Her intelligence alone turns me on. Most of the other girls were so pretty but dim witted. I knew they were into me because of test and examination days. They just wanted a free pass to copy my work during exams. But they were ready to do anything within their reach to have me close. I mean anything. Averagely, I get to hang out with a random female classmate twice every week. Before long, I began to notice the haters circle and the fake friends so I began a filtration process. I dismissed the guys gradually.

Few weeks to our very first semester exams, the academic atmosphere became tense. There was excitement everywhere as we heard fables upon fables about how mean lecturers marked scripts. It almost seemed like you would fail anyway, whether you studied or not. Most students began to gather and study at night. Titi and I began to study together alongside a few other friends. As a group, we planned to have a revision just two days to the exams. The appointed day came and Titi was the first to get to the venue. As soon as I headed for the venue, it began to drizzle. I underestimated the drizzling and got quite wet before reaching the venue. As soon as Titi ushered me into the venue, it began to rain heavily. Titi and I stood by the entrance and watched the fabled cats and dogs rain from the skies.

We hoped the rain would end soon so other students could join us. After thirty minutes of downpour, the rain still showed no sign it’ll stop soon. Titi and I looked at each other and smiled. I caught her staring at me several times. Each time she bowed away shyly. Deep within me, I felt like reaching for her waist and pulling her closer. Titi really likes me but I wasn’t sure if she was that kind of girl. I had to respect myself and talk to the growing monster between my legs. I looked up suddenly and caught Titi smiling. “What is it?”, I asked with a smile. “What were you thinking?”, Titi asked in return. Her question caught me off guard and I stuttered. “See you. Ashawo!”, Titi said with a smile as she turned to continue watching the rain.

We watched the rain together but I noticed Titi was almost leaning on me. I moved slightly in order to avoid her but she moved closer to me again. Then I figured she wanted to snuggle because the weather was cold. I held her under my right arm and we continued to watch the rain. Titi held my left palm and placed it over her navel. I took the cue and kneaded her small navel through her blouse. Titi faced me and we kissed deeply. We both panted after the kiss and there was a burning hunger for more. I squeezed Titi’s boobs as I kissed her neck and she moaned loudly. Thanks to the rain, nobody could hear or see us. I dipped my hand into Titi’s skirt and located her clit like a pro.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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