Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 12


Mrs Olu made me understand that she was with the man who pays her bills. Alhaji has been her financial pillar since her husband left. I was made to understand that she can’t do without him because of his money. She went ahead to say that Alhaji has a very small dick. He’s also a one-minute man and never satisfies her in bed. At least it made me feel good in my mind. I felt like a stallion. Then she told me her pussy was itching for some hard fucking. Apparently, Alhaji offloaded his cum just when she was getting turned on. Before I could utter a word, Mrs Olu was all over me and we began to kiss.

Mrs Olu pinned me to the wall with her voluptuousness and pulled my pants down. She sucked the anger and jealousy in me out through my turgid dick. That took her only a few minutes to accomplish. I so wanted to suck her pussy too but thoughts of her Alhaji won’t let me. It just felt too odd to be eating some old man’s penis residue. After sucking my cock into an irreversible hardness, Mrs Olu stood up and we kissed. I couldn’t help but finger her wet cunt and squeeze on her ass at the same time. Mrs Olu moaned like a super bitch without caution. The foreplay soon got us loosing control and Mrs Olu bent over for me to dig her from behind. Her wide ass made my cock pulsate as I pointed it to the entrance of her vagina.

With both hands, Mrs Olu held her ass cheeks apart as I slowly entered her from behind. Her pussy was slippery wet but quite warm inside. After having several orgasms, she begged me to fill her pussy up with my sperm. We fucked for the rest of the day and walked around the house naked. For us, It was freedom like never before.

Monday morning came and I proceeded with my registration. I was as naive as any other fresher. Although I left home days before resumption, Mrs Olu’s thick and ready pussy took all of my time. A stale student directed me to the school clinic where I was to do my medicals. I met several other freshers there so I quickly joined the queue. The day ended and I was done with registration. I got home to Mrs Olu’s egusi soup and fufu. It was the perfect food for me at the time. After dinner, I went straight to bed.

Matriculation day came and the school was busy. I could see families in groups as they shared meals and endless shutter sounds. There were a couple of friends I met during my medical screening. We found each other on matriculation day and decided to take photos together. I had to do something to pass time while I waited for my mom and Mrs Olu. We took several photos and I began to flirt with some of the girls as usual. I couldn’t wait to get my first campus pussy. Back in secondary school, my friends and I planned to live with our girlfriends on campus. We just couldn’t wait to start fucking on a regular basis.

Mrs Olu’s call came in and she informed me that my mom was with her. That way I knew they could be on my campus any moment. I just basked in the moment and after the major ceremony in the school auditorium, matriculation was over. Meanwhile, the after party was going on outside. I could see parents with meal packs and drinks celebrating with their wards. Then I looked to the motion ground and saw some familiar faces. There were several photographers and lots of photo sessions going on. I moved closer and decided to take some shots too.

I realized it was way different in the university. Secondary school days we would blush from merely sighting a pretty girl. University was different. As soon as I hit the motion ground, I felt like some celebrity. Girls came around willingly and I took shots snuggling with a couple of them. I began to enjoy the photo sessions and snapped with every pretty face I could find. For me, it was a sign that I’ll be having a fuckful university education. Then, an angel appeared out of the blues. I later found out her name was Nneka. She was too pretty for a human. Light skin, pretty face and killer curves. She moved closer to the photographer but I didn’t wait for her to talk. “Hey! You’re too pretty. Please come pose with me”, I asked her.

Nneka was all smiles as she gladly obliged. There was joy in my arm from merely holding her curvaceousness. We took several shots until someone ran into us from behind. “This is not what you came here for. It’s only your matriculation day and you’re womanizing already”. It was Mrs Olu talking and mom was standing right behind her. Mom looked surprised though and I could tell she felt that Mrs Olu overreacted. I apologized to Nneka and paid the photographer. As far as I was concerned, Mrs Olu has stylishly ruined my day. My mood will never remain the same.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. No worry… You go meet her again.. Wetin person go chop Wella, e fit be like say no be person own at the beginning.. just calm down.
    BTW, how you dey? How hustle? No let this update dey tey abeg..
    Take care brah

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