Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 10


I swear, Mrs Olu is one bold hell of a woman. Despite mom’s look and question, she looked straight into mom’s eyes and asked, “thinking about what?”. “You call him your son and even buy him gifts that I never would have given him”, mom said. Then I could see a little amount of guilt on Mrs Olu’s face. Mom then went on her knees and begged Mrs Olu. “Please let him just stay with you since your house is closer to his school. It will save us a lot of stress. I’m talking transport and accommodation wise. And you also get to monitor him. Tunde can be a handful sometimes and you know it”. All that was coming from my mom.

“Ah! Ah! Get up my friend. Ki lo de? What’s yours is mine and my house is your house too. You said it yourself. Tunde is my son too. If I don’t do it for him, who else will I do it for? You know my Femi is with his dad in the US now. Even the house feels lonely a lot. That’s why I can’t help but come to your house every now and then. I will gladly have Tunde live with me through his studies. Then we can both spend the weekends with you. That way I get to have my son with me all week long, right?”, Mrs Olu said to mom and winked at me.

Mom was so excited she gave Mrs Olu a hug. Just then mom turned to me, “If you like, go there and misbehave. I trust Iya Tunde. She will deal with you for me”, she said.”

Mom thanked Mrs Olu severally before proceeding to walk out of my room. “Are you coming with me or you still want to stay with your son?”, Mom asked as she opened the door. “Go to your room old woman. Me and my son are still talking about how to face school without distractions”, Mrs Olu responded. Right there, mom gave up. “Okay o!”, mom said and slammed the door. Seconds later, I could hear her room door creak open. She shut the door loudly again. Then I knew she must be missing her friend. Mrs Olu got up and bolted my door after confirming that mom had returned to her room. I didn’t wait for her to get to me in bed before removing my blanket. Mrs Olu climbed into bed and began to lick the tip of my cock.

My cock got hard immediately. Mrs Olu slurped and took it deep into her throat. It felt so good my brain almost exploded from the feeling. I had to hold Mrs Olu’s head and push it away from my cock. But she resisted and even took my dick deeper inside her throat. Her lips were sitting well on my pubes. For the very first time I thought Mrs Olu was abusing me. I’m supposed to be a teenager but she’s giving me a pleasure meant for adults. I couldn’t take it anymore so I just held her head closer and ejaculated straight into her oesophagus. Mrs Olu didn’t stop sucking me until my cock went limp. “You’re still going to fuck me o. Shey you know?”, Mrs Olu said as she gave me some time to rest.

As we laid beside each other in my bed, Mrs Olu began to touch herself. She seemed not to be getting the kind of feeling she wanted though. “Are you not ready for me yet?”, she asked. I shook my head like a naive alter boy. “OK! I know what to do”, Mrs Olu said. Then she got up and sat her pussy really close to my cock. She fingered herself right in front of my eyes and that just did the magic. Watching her close her eyes and moan away gave me an erection immediately. Her fat pussy lips were virtually begging for an encounter with my sweet pole. Mrs Olu opened her eyes and was filled with joy when she saw how turgid my dick had become.

I got hold of Mrs Olu’s big and hard nipples as she mounted my cock. She began to breathe heavily while my cock tore through her already messy hole. The look on her face inspired me so I spread her ass wider with both hands. Then I rammed my dick into her real fast and hard from under. Up till now, I still can’t tell where the energy came from. I pounded her mature cunt endlessly. Mrs Olu screamed and cried as she had a prolonged convulsive orgasm. She fell flat on my body right after. “Oh Tunde! I can’t wait for you to start living with me. I want to sleep and wake up with your big cock inside me. Oh, how lucky I am to have you”, she said.

Mrs Olu got so weak I had to make her lay on her tummy. Then I fucked her from behind until I came inside her pussy. She jumped up and wore her nightie right after. “I have to return to your mom’s room now”, she said despite her shaky legs.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  2. Which year you go drop next episode? Lol, patiently waiting . Keep it up bro, I de share your link for SA

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  4. Mrs Okay get one kind mad mind fa…. She be boss… You go too miss lecture as I dey look you cos na I side Toto you go dey live not inside house.
    Nice story as always… Gbayi👍👍👍

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