Mom’s Best Friend – Episode 1


“Aaaargh! Tunde you have killed me ooooo”, Mrs Olu screamed as she had yet another orgasm. “corpses don’t moan”, I replied. Then I held her legs apart and thrust deeper into her slimy cunt with my long rod. She moaned louder and tried to push my tummy away. Apparently, my steel hard cock was touching the end of her pussy. Mrs Olu couldn’t cope with my full blown cock. Her mature pussy in all its fatness tried woefully to constrict my throbbing monster. She produced so much cum juice that her pussy muscles lost grip of my cock. Mrs Olu lifted her body and held my neck. She looked straight into my eyes and screamed again, “I am cumming again”.

You would think I hated Mrs Olu from the way I ploughed her pussy after she announced her cumming. Her pussy began to have contractions as I fucked her vehemently. Mrs Olu then pulled me closer until my chest was rubbing against her hard giant sized nipples. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we began to kiss. I pressed my cock deep inside her and stirred her pussy in several circular motions. Then I was about to cum too so I intensified my pounding. I became unsteady as my whole body convulsed. Just then, Mrs Olu told me she was cumming too. It was as though her voice activated the sperms inside my turgid cock. She held me tighter as I jerked and shot my cum deep into her womb.

“Oh…Tunde!…You’ve grown…..into something else….Oh my God!…hmmm…We have to…see everyday…until…I return in…two weeks time”. That was Mrs Olu panting and talking while trying to catch her breath. Just then, her phone began to ring. She checked her phone and smiled at me before picking up. “That’s your mom. She wasn’t picking her calls earlier so I sent her a text”, Mrs Olu said. By the time they were done talking on the phone, Mrs Olu looked worried. “Tunde, please get dressed and leave immediately. Your mom could be here any second. She’s at some place nearby and I invited her over in the text earlier”, Mrs Olu pleaded.

Mrs Olu just got back from the United States where she’s been for the past six years. Femi, her one and only son requested for my phone number via Facebook earlier and I gave it. I was expecting his call until I got a random Nigerian number calling my phone. As soon as I picked up, I heard, “Hello! Tunde, it’s mummy Femi. How are you and your mom? I’m in Nigeria now”. Instantly, I recognized the voice. That Ondo accent could never be erased even if Mrs Olu lived with aliens for five decades. “We’re fine ma. Welcome back”, I responded. Then she asked me to come over to her place asap as she had some things for me.

Mrs Olu was my mom’s best friend. Their friendship dated back to their teenage days together in the village. They attended the same schools; primary, secondary and university. Then, work separated them after school. Mrs Olu worked in a bank while mom was with the ministry of agriculture. Of a fact, my mom met my father through Mrs Olu. My father happened to be a close friend to Mrs Olu’s late elder brother. That said, you know the connection between Mrs Olu and my mom was decades old already. However, I put a strain to that relationship one Sunday morning. Mom returned from church unexpectedly to catch her best friend riding my young cock.

Mom had left for church only about forty-five minutes earlier. Usually, service begins by 8am and ends by 12pm. Mom left home and I was supposed to join her there as I woke up late. Mrs Olu had come visiting as usual. She had been mom’s shoulder to lean on since we lost my dad months back. Always so supportive as a best friend should be. However, she wasn’t feeling too good according to her. Mom and I were supposed to leave her at home and go to church. As soon as mom left, Mrs Olu came into my bedroom without knocking. I came out of the shower to meet her sitting in my bed. She was all smiles as I walked in with my schlong dangling between my legs.

It wasn’t going to be our first or even tenth time together in such an awkward scene. Before long, all her clothes were off. My young cock was busy giving her one orgasm after the other. After a while, Mrs Olu asked me to lay on my back and she took charge. It was my favorite position with her as it enables me savour her beauty and big nipples the most. Her thick and mature pussy wasn’t the tightest but it could make any man cum in a matter minutes. Mrs Olu closed her eyes and was about to have another orgasm on top of me when my room door flung open. It was my mom.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Had a similar experience with my aunt when i was younger. Mom caught us red handed. si i can relate with how you felt.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂
    Bad pikin… Your mind rest gan o… Your mama friend sef sha….. Nice story… This series go burst brain as I dey look am.. thumbs up

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