Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 9



I was seated inside the eatery for almost fifteen minutes before the appointed time. Several people came into the eatery and I watched every face with rapt attention. The only time I saw Shola’s face was on her Whatsapp display picture. She took it off even before I could take a second look. All I remembered was that she had very short tinted hair. So, I was on the lookout for any young female on low cut. None of the females that could fit into my description of Shola’s age and looks were on low cut. The most unique were two ladies who walked in as I ordered my drink. They both looked exactly the way I expected Shola to be. But then their hairs were long as fuck. They found a table across me and sat down.

After being almost halfway done with my bottle of Fayrouz pineapple drink, it was 3pm. “Yeah! Shola should be here by now. We agreed to meet here by three on the dot”, I thought to myself. I rapped the table with my fingertips out of impatience. After sending her a message on Whatsapp, I realized I could use some snacks with my drink. I planned to get jelly doughnuts but I spotted bean cakes (moi-moi) on display and my tongue lost control. It has always been my favorite since grandma days. I bought two portions and a bottle of water before I returned to my sit.

Both ladies sitting across me already moved to my table by the time I returned. “Hi guys”, I greeted with a not-so-real smile. As soon as I settled in and my fork was ready to plunge into the moi-moi, I invited the girls. “Please join me”, I said. They both smiled and thanked me. I dug into my food and munched away. Moments later, I got a message from Shola, “I’m here. Where are you?”. I quickly scanned the eatery for any likely faces but found none. Then I sent a response to her describing my table and what clothes I had on.

To my utmost surprise, the phone on the table right in front of me vibrated. One of the ladies then smiled. “Tunde Jones”, she said as she slightly shifted her wig to reveal the tint on her hair. “Damn! Shola! So you’ve been in front of me all these while?”, I commented as I got up and hugged both ladies. She introduced her friend as Lilian and we got down to business right after.

We ordered more drinks and edibles while Shola had tonnes of questions to ask. From her questions, I could tell she has read a lot about blogging online and only needed the practicals. She was quite witty yet cool headed. We had a few jokes here and there as I carefully answered each question while trying not to give too much info. Lilian joined our discussion and we all got quite acquainted within a very short while. Shola seemed to be all about blogging but Lilian was way curious. Lilian then asked, “do you get called by female fans a lot?”. She backed her question up with a seductive smile and a wink.

Shola soon opened up about her blogging plans. She wanted to teach cooking but she’s not so good at writing. As she praised her own culinary prowess, all I did was imagine things. I could envision her sweet young body stark naked and cooking in my kitchen. I advised her to go the YouTube way if writing is not her passion. Lilian on the other hand told me to expect her call as she had become one of my numerous fans too. As roommates in school, they both looked forward to reading my updates every night.

I offered to mentor Shola for a fee whenever she was ready to begin her blogging classes. She said she would love to learn how to write too. Lilian then asked a question, “what is your mode of payment?”. both ladies then looked at each other and laughed. I could swear I knew what Lilian was trying to say but I never like to jump the gun. “Whatever way is convenient for you as long as I get credited”, was my response. Shola looked at Lilian for a while before she decided to give a reply. “Let me talk to my mom about it and get back to you. Or, do you want to give me your house address?”.

Shola gave me a stern but lustful look right after her statement. Lilian then began, “Honestly, we both wished you were Tunde the moment we stepped in here. That’s why Shola asked us to move to your table to increase our…”, Shola quickly covered Lilian’s mouth before she could finish talking. “That’s it. We’re done here”, Shola said.

We all got up to leave moments after and both ladies gave me a hug. Lilian’s hug was quite prolonged though. Both ladies entered my car as they had come through public transportation.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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