Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 8



Then I heard the sound of liquid pouring into a glass over the phone. “what are you drinking ma?”, I asked. “It’s Johny Walker’s Red Label. But, Tunde! Never use ma with me unless we’re in public. You understand?”, ASP Bola instructed me like I was one of her subordinates. “Okay ma…oops! Sorry Bola”, I quickly corrected myself. “Wow! Please say my name again”, ASP Bola begged. I called her Bola once more and she begged me to send my address. She would come to my house that very night if I sent my address. It was past midnight and I told her the stress wasn’t worth it. She felt bad about my response but I quickly proffered a solution.

“What are you having on?”, I asked. She told me she had a wrapper tied around her waist. She was also sitting on a single sitter in her bedroom. Then I asked how she would like it if I sneaked into her bedroom at that hour of the night. ASP Bola didn’t say a thing. Then I told her I’ll crawl on my knees to meet her in the seat and slowly remove her wrapper. “Aah Tunde, what you’re doing to me is not good o. You just want to add to my problem tonight”, she said. I asked how she was feeling then she told me she’s doing something unusual. She wouldn’t tell me what the unusual thing was, no matter how hard I pressured her. But then I began to hear soft moans.

“Bola, I want to lick your thighs from your knees all the way up between your legs”, I said. She moaned some more and I told her how badly I want to lick her pussy and clean up every wetness I’ve caused. “Oya! Come here now, let me text you my address”, she asked again. From the way her voice cracked I could tell she was experiencing some pleasure. Then I gave her a quick advise, “If I were you, I’ll just rub that pussy until I cum”. “You children of nowadays. How did you know?”, Bola asked me. “I’ve had my hand between my legs even before I called you”, she said. “Tunde please make me happy and I will make you happy too”, our ASP begged. Then I took charge.

“Go and lay on your bed”, I ordered and she obeyed right away. “Oya! I’m in bed now”, she said. Then I told her to close her eyes as I began to talk very dirty to her. She enjoyed it and moaned loudly as I ordered her to finger her wet snatch. ASP Bola has never experienced phone sex so I had to initiate her to it. Before long, she was fingering away and begging me to suck on her breasts. I, on the other hand got very hard. I told her my long cock is in my palm and I’m stroking it for her. It drove her wild and she begged me to fuck her faster. ASP Bola was a fast learner. She already had her eyes closed and imagined I was right on top of her.

“Aah…yess…oooh…please fuck me hard Tunde”, she begged as I stroked my hard cock too. I told her to take the phone closer to her pussy and it sounded so wet and messy. I visualized what ASP Bola’s mature pussy would look like and I got so close to cumming. “Are you going to cum soon?”, I asked her. She said she came already but wanted more so I controlled my ejaculation. I wanted to delay so that we cum together. “How badly do you want to seat your pussy on my young cock? Will you like to feel the warmth of my sperm as I pour my juice deep inside you?”, I asked.

Seconds after my question, ASP Bola declared she was cumming again. This time I wanked my sweet pole faster and allowed my sperm shoot out without hindrance. She heaved a sigh and told me she really loved what we just did. But then, she couldn’t wait to have my meat inside her for real. We talked for a while and she finally decided it was time for her to let me go. But then, she asked me, “can we have another round before we both go to sleep?”. I agreed and began to wank my steel hard cock to Bola’s moans again. I talked dirty to her and she came severally before I spewed my seed. Bola thanked me and asked that we meet the next day.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

2 thoughts on “Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 8”

  1. Nna men… You’re a bad somebody.. I dey pity the woman in advance. She no sabi the kind market wey she wan but at all…
    Aswear the way this blog be make brain o.. the cover pictures dope Wella.

    1. thanks bruh. I do my best to make it enjoyable for us all. meanwhile, ASP is about to feel some LTD18 stunts she’ll never fuckget in a hurry. 😉

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