Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 5


“Hi, my name is Shola. I believe I’m speaking with Tunde Jones of Right?”, the female voice asked as soon as I picked the call. “Oh yes! You’re on to Tunde Jones. How may I help you this cool evening?”, I responded. The lady then told me she’s an ardent fan of my blog and has been reading non stop since she discovered the blog. I thanked her for reading my stories and told her how encouraged I was to get a call from her. We talked for a while until she asked if she could use my taxi service. “Why not?”, I responded. “Who knows? You just might get a happy ending for bonus”, I added. Shola then asked, “which one is happy ending again o?”.

The call between me and Shola lasted for about fifteen minutes. She wanted to know the likelihood of us meeting one on one. I told her it was up to her. “Time is money so it might cost you a little”, I said. Shola promised to call me back soon. It wasn’t quite five minutes after her call before another call came in. “Hello, please, is this Tunde Jones?”, came the mature voice. I could tell it was ASP Bola right away. Her voice has this almost masculine feel. “Oh yes! Tunde Jones here. ASP Bola?”, I answered. We greeted and ASP Bola told me she was sorry we won’t be able to deal anymore. She has been to my blog and realized I write explicit content.

After so much persuasion, she told me her daughter was an undergraduate. So, she won’t like her to spend time with an adult blogger like me. It’s inevitable that she’ll get exposed to my porn and erotica at some point. Ms Bola feared that I’ll corrupt her daughter sexually. I tried convincing her that I could keep it really professional with her daughter. She won’t even know anything about as far as my mentoring was concerned. ASP Bola disagreed. Instead, she asked me to find another good blogger who can mentor her daughter. I agreed and we ended the mentoring discussion. Ms Bola then asked me, “what are you doing right now?”. I told her I was writing my next blog update. “Wow! Please let me know as soon as you have it online”, she said.

I was so excited to know that ASP Bola had become a fan of my writing too. I asked her to give me her email address so I can put her on my subscription list. That way she can get notified whenever there’s a new post. She agreed to text it to me right after our conversation. ASP Bola soon became flirty in her conversations. She told me she was having a drink and I should come join her. It was supposed to be some kind of over-the-phone joke but she insisted I come over and share with her. I begged to decline the offer but promised to join her some other time. “Hmm! Okay o”, she said as she finally gave up on trying to convince me to come over. Ms Bola must have been so horny from reading my erotica.

We later concluded that we should talk at some later time. By then I’ll have contacted another blogger who’s equally experienced but not into sex blogging like me. At the end of the call, I was glad that I added another fan to my base. ASP Bola sounded needy over the phone but I knew better than to rush into any conclusions. Besides, being friends with a Nigerian police officer can be detrimental, especially for a hustler like me. I’ve always seen the police as a devil we can’t live without.

The DPO called me later that same evening. He was out drinking with friends and said I could join them if I wanted. I thought of my recent rapport with the two senior police officers. “Hope I’m not walking into an unseen trap?”, I asked myself. But then, I got dressed in my white tees, blue jeans and black Timberland boots. I drove out and within minutes, I was hanging out with the DPO and two other friends who were not cops. “Tunde, have we met before?”, one of the DPO’s friends asked. His face looked quite familiar too.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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