Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 4


The DPO already informed constable Andrew to take me to his office once I arrived at the station. I got into the DPO’s office but he wasn’t on seat. Instead, there was a woman going through files on his table. Andrew asked me to wait as the DPO would be back shortly. I greeted the woman and she answered. Then she asked, “are you the blogger DPO has been talking about?”. “Yes ma’am”, I answered and we got talking. “Well, I’m Ms Bola and an assistant superintendent of police”, she introduced herself. “Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you ma. My name’s Tunde Jones and I’m CEO of my taxi and blogging businesses”, I responded.

She continued checking the files and talked to me by the side. After several questions, I felt like I was giving out too much info. Then I chipped it in that I offer web consultancy services. Domain registration, hosting, web design and other related services. “Well, I’m not interested in blogging myself but my daughter is”, she said. “Maybe I should connect you two so you can work something out. Do you have your card here?”, she added. Then I gave her my complimentary card. “It would be a pleasure ma”, I said. Ms Bola then asked what the URL of my website was and I told her it’s

The DPO came in shortly after. He looked so excited on seeing me. “Tunde the blogger, how are you?”, he asked. I told him I was good. He took his seat and said, “meet my oga, ASP Bola”. Before he could tell her my name, ASP Bola cut in. “We’ve been talking before you came in. I think he’s an interesting young man”, she said. That was when the DPO brought out the statement I had written the previous day. He handed it over to Ms Bola and she read through. “And one of your officers accepted this scandalous statement from him?”, she asked right after reading. I wrote a lot of stuff that could put the Nigerian Police in some trouble but constable Andrew was too ignorant to understand.

The statement was shredded in no time and the DPO told me we had some business to discuss later. I guess he didn’t want to discuss with me in the ASP’s presence. He asked for my phone number and I handed him my card instead. He looked quite impressed at my packaging. ASP Bola then called her assistant to come in. Her assistant carried the files downstairs into ASP Bola’s Nissan pathfinder. The DPO, ASP Bola and I chatted as we walked down the stairs to the garage. I bade them goodbye and headed to my car. I reversed and faced the police station gate. “Oh! Big boy. I can see the blogging is paying you”, Ms Bola said as she waved and watched me drive out of the station premises.

A few neighbors including Bella came visiting my apartment later. They claimed they heard I was taken away by the police the previous day. They apologized for not being able to come check on me before I was released. I told them it was nothing. The police must have been misinformed about me. Then I seized the opportunity to tell them my sources of income just in case. Everyone left except for Bella. She was feeling too guilty for not coming to see me at the station despite how close she was to me. Bella begged me to forgive her although I wasn’t holding anything against her. Besides, I didn’t stay up to four hours under custody. Bella then asked me to give her a kiss if I was sure I’m cool with her.

After kissing her reluctantly, she began to chew on my ear with her lips. I once told her that my ears were one of my most erogenous zones. She has always taken advantage of the piece of info ever since. Minutes later, our clothes were on the floor and Bella’s pussy juice was all over my cock and lips. We fucked and stayed indoor all day. Some unknown number called my phone in the evening. Thinking it was the DPO, I picked up only to hear a female voice.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Na phyno connect I dey play for my head.
    Bad guy… More pussies to your dick brah…
    Nice story. Gracias

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