Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 26


The leg emerged from the door first and it was one of a mature female. There I concluded I’ll just own up for everything except the sex part. Besides, I never knew Shola was ASP Bola’s daughter until she took me home. I was ready to answer any and every question that came my way. Seconds later, I realized I had worried a little too much. The woman who came out was Shola’s neighbor. They just happened to share the same stairway. Shola and I greeted the woman as she walked past us. My legs were kind of fixed to the spot where I stood. “sister mi, how far?”, came a voice from above us. Shola and I looked up immediately. “that’s my brother greeting from the window”, Shola informed me.

“Did you see mom going out just now?”, Shola’s brother asked. “Her colleagues came to drag her to some impromptu meeting a while ago”, he added. Just then my heart was relieved. Thank God ASP Bola’s not home. Shola and I walked up the stairs and her brother opened before we got to the door. We shook hands and I sat right were I was seated the previous day. If only Shola knew I fucked her mom barely twenty four hours ago in the same house. Shola, her brother and I chatted for about half an hour while watching TV. Shola wet into her room briefly and her brother received a call. From what I could gather, his friend just bought a new soccer CD for his PS4 console. Shola’s brother appeared too eager to give the game a shot.

Minutes later, he came out of his room and apologized for having to leave me soon. “we’ll see some other time bro”, he said as he bade Shola goodbye and left. “Ghen! Ghen! It’s action time”, Shola said. That was as soon as we could hear her brother’s footsteps racing down the stairs. Shola went into her brother’s room and I followed moments later. She stood by the window and I joined her in watching as her brother walked down the street. I hugged Shola from behind and began to kiss her neck. “mmm…please squeeze my boobs, will you?”, Shola asked. We made out right there in her brother’s room until our clothes were on the floor. Besides, the window is a good spy zone.

I pushed Shola into her brother’s bed and spread her legs wide apart. Then I began to tease her pussy with my lips. I made sure she felt the warmth of my breath without my lips touching her pussy. Shola jerked her ass up in a desperate bid to have my lips on her eager cunt. I decided to have mercy on her ready-to-drip honey pot moments later. Swiping my tongue from her ass hole up to the clit severally made Shola beg for my cock. “baby, please fuck me now”, she said. I continued to lick and suck on her flesh until Shola came in my mouth. Damn! I just love to eat cum.

Shola took over and sucked on my already hard cock too. She took it so deep in her throat it felt like I was bleeping a very tight punani. It felt so good I knew it was time for the next level. Shola laid on her back for the missionary. As I was going to push my hardness inside her ready hole, Shola raised her legs. She put them on my shoulders and I began to pummel her kitty slowly. We fucked nice and slowly like that Usher song from the nineties. Shola opened her eyes wide and tightened her legs around my neck. One spasm after the other, she had a prolonged orgasm. “Thank you baby”, she said as she got up and positioned herself for the doggy.

The second round took us quite over an hour. I felt like I ran out of cum. Shola’s pussy became sore from endless fucking. She passed out on her brother’s bed moments after I left her. Then I walked into her mom’s room while Shola was asleep. I laid in her bed and masturbated with the lotion beside the bed until I came. After cleaning up and getting dressed, I returned to find Shola still fast asleep. I didn’t wake her for an hour until the lights went out. That just meant her brother would return soon from his video game playing. Shola got up as soon as I tapped her thighs twice. “Sorry I have to leave now, I’ll see your mom another day. Maybe next weekend”, I said. Shola looked disappointed but it wasn’t my fault.

I saw a mini mart at the entrance of the street as I drove home. I stopped to buy some milk or protein shake to recover my lost energy. As I was about to pay and leave, ASP Bola walked in.

To be concluded next episode…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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