Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 25


“you get mind o. you dey fuck police officer like that inside police station”, Beatrice said as we hit the road. “well, let’s say I’m dangerously adventurous”,I responded. Beatrice turned to look at me as though she was shocked by my response. I looked deeper into her eyes and realized it wasn’t shock. Instead, Beatrice got turned on. She began to rub my thigh until she was almost touching my crotch. Apparently, I was not the only one who finds risky situations sexy. “So, where make we go now? My oga go soon dey call to know where I dey”, Beatrice asked.

I thought of the expenses of an hotel but then I remembered I have a house. Taking a police officer to my house wasn’t something I like to do. From what I know, no hustler is hundred percent clean. But then, time was running out so I took the right turn and zoomed home. “where we dey go now?”, Beatrice asked. “My house is just two blocks away from here. Don’t worry. I’m not married so nobody will pour you hot water for sleeping with their man”, I responded. Beatrice chuckled and I pulled over right in front of my house. “oh. So quick? Your house no even far sef”, Beatrice commented as we alighted from my car and walked into my compound.

My snitch neighbor, Baba Wale was in front of his flat as I entered my apartment with Beatrice. I’m sure he is regretting ever setting me up with the police. Now, a police woman has joined my long list of bleeps. We entered my sitting room and I bolted my door.

Beatrice’s phone rang severally while we were busy having carnal knowledge of each other. It was her boss, ASP Bola calling. She ignored the calls and kept asking me to fuck her harder and harder. Her husband must not be fucking her at all. Beatrice’s pussy was almost as tight as a virgin one. Her only saving grace was that she creamed a lot. That way, I didn’t give her any bruises with my slightly oversized shaft. We didn’t finish until two hours later. Three non-stop rounds of sex got her legs so weak. I had to stylishly support Beatrice as we walked to the car.

After dropping Beatrice off, I drove straight to meet Shola at an appointed spot. I got to the location right on time and Shola was happy. We drove toward her house with some good music playing. We didn’t talk much until Shola announced we were in her neighborhood already. “Really? I was here just yesterday”, I said. Shola wondered who it was that I visited in her neighborhood. I told her it’s my mom’s friend and she believed it. Shola then began to tell me about her mom. Her mom was a reader of my LTD18 too. As a matter of fact, Shola’s first exposure to was via her mom’s browsing history. “wow! That’s interesting”, I said.

In my mind, I silently hoped I won’t end up fucking Shola’s mom too. Just then, ASP Bola’s call came in. She wanted us to spend some time together that Saturday evening but I declined. I told her I was with a passenger at the moment. The call ended and I could see joy in Shola’s face. I was really turning people down just to meet with her mom. “okay! One more right turn and we’ll be on my street”, Shola said. Everywhere began to look too familiar all of a sudden. It was my turn to start asking questions.

A day before, I entered through the front gate. But now I entered through the back one. My confusion ended when Shola asked me to pull over right in front of ASP Bola’s house. “For real? This is your house? Where does your mom work?”, I asked. Shola was so surprised at my questions she had to respond with her own set of questions. “what’s the problem? Have you been here before? Do you know my mom?”, Shola asked. “well, my mom is a police officer and…”, I didn’t let Shola finish her statement before cutting in. “you mean ASP Bola is your mom?”, I asked.

Shola was elated when she found out I knew her mom. Meanwhile, I was thinking of what to say in order to facilitate a reasonable escape. There is no way I’m going into that house to meet ASP Bola. I just had to find an excuse to turn back and go home. Suddenly, we heard footsteps descending the stairs. “that should be my mom”, Shola guessed. I thought of returning quickly to sit in the car but it was too late. The stairs door already opened.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. I wan hear full gist.. I go hope say una meet sef make I see as una wan handle am.. 😂😂😂 I dey laugh you down

    1. hahaha….happen dey nothing bro. Actor no dey die so Tunde must conquer. Final episode has been posted. New story on board from Sunday noon.

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