Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 24


“Hello Tunde! Good morning”, came Shola’s sleepy voice from the other end. She must have thought about me all night, or my sweet pole at least. Shola told me how much she wished I could see her mom that weekend. She said she woke up horny too so I knew going to her house that Saturday might involve a quickie. I played with my balls as I talked over the phone. Suddenly, I remembered my weekend appointment with ASP Bola would not be necessary anymore. Seeing we fucked each other into satisfaction the previous day, I assumed the weekend should be scratched. I decided to make Shola feel very important. “Sweetie! Because of you, I canceled my appointments for today. I think I should see your mom”, I said.

Shola was so excited she forgot about being horny. Usually, we’ll have had phone sex but this time it was ‘thank you…bye…’ and the call dropped. I got out of bed and walked straight to my wardrobe. After selecting my wears, I headed for the bathroom. It wasn’t long before I got dressed and rolled out. I just drove around the neighborhood to pass time and if possible pick up a passenger. After driving around for about ten minutes, I headed for the police station. I got in and exchanged greetings with the officers behind the counter.

“Tunde the correct guy. How far now? Oga DPO go soon come. You fit go wait am for upstairs. Hope say you go do weekend for us sha?”, one of the constables said. I told him we’ll talk about that later and ascended the stairs. There’s a bench for waiters just beside the DPO’s office door so I sat on it. I brought out my phone to play some games and pass time. Just then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Ladies and gentlemen, it was Beatrice. She walked to the bench, brought out her phone and sat beside me. She dialed a certain number and began to talk. “Oga mi, DPO never come office o. but I go wait for am small before I go come meet you for house”, Beatrice said.

Beatrice stole a glance at me right after the call. I could tell she’ll start up some form of conversation soon. Next thing, our eyes met and I winked at her. She smiled and just as she wanted to utter a word, I called her name, “Beatrice”. She was shocked and quickly looked around. “Ssh…how did you know?”, Beatrice whispered. Then I told her I caught her face before she could turn the camera last time we had video sex. The lust in my eyes was enough to melt Beatrice’s existence. I looked around and grabbed her thigh firmly. Beatrice moaned but then snapped. She hit my hand and got up from the bench. She walked further down the hallway and entered a corner leading to another stairway.

I followed Beatrice only to realize the stairway was a dead end and out of use. Beatrice turned back and ran into me. I pulled her closer immediately and began to kiss her right there. She resisted my touches feebly. While we smooched, I began to rub on her pussy through her trousers. Then I swiftly unzipped her and dipped my left palm into her pant. Beatrice moaned as quietly as she could. Good thing none of the senior officers on the top floor had resumed yet.

I fingered Beatrice into wetness and eventually an orgasm. She was going to adjust her uniform and leave when I pulled her trousers back down. I brought out my very hard cock and Beatrice moaned at the sight of it. She bent over and I inserted my hot rod into her vagina from behind. I fucked her tight vagina so good she released so much cream. Having patches of her wetness on my trousers became absolutely inevitable. Beatrice moaned and almost cried as I ravaged her pussy right there in the corner. She pressed her ass into my loins until my cock touched her g spot. I held her waist and pounded her harder. Beatrice’s legs shook uncontrollably as she blessed my cock with her cum. “Abeg release quick. This place wey we dey no good. Person fit come anytime”, she whispered.

Almost immediately, we heard footsteps approaching and I quickly tucked my cock in. Shit! I was yet to cum. We both adjusted our clothes immediately. Fortunately, the intruder opened some door and entered his office before getting to us. I climbed down the stairs and dropped a thousand Naira on the counter for the officers. “I go come later, I get appointment somewhere”, I said as I left the police station.

The officers hailed me as I entered my car to drive off. From my rear view mirror I could see Beatrice running toward my car. “Bros, abeg make I follow you reach junction where I go enter bus”, she said. I opened the door and she came in. As soon as she entered, Beatrice looked at me and smiled. “My toto don dey on fire for you like this. We must finish this thing wey we start today”, she said.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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