Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 20


After dropping all the other girls off, I drove home with Helen by my side. As soon as we were alone in the car, the erstwhile introverted Helen then became expressive. “Hmm, na wah for you oh. I can’t believe you just fucked five ladies without cumming. Are you on some drugs or what?”, Helen asked. “Well, you may be right if you consider alcohol to be a form of drug”, I responded. Helen then reminded me of how we began our friendship. She confessed she was home alone and so horny the very first day she called me. The stories on LTD18 always got her wishing to spend some lone time with Tunde Jones. Her wishes just came true and she’s riding home with me in my car.

“I was so shy to tell you I had a fire in my pussy that needed to be quenched that day. Instead, I told you I really love your stories and hung up. Later, I masturbated severally until I slept off”, Helen said. It was confession galore until we got to my gate. We entered my apartment as soon as I parked my car. There was a slightly foul smell in my apartment. “Oh my God! I forgot to refrigerate the fresh beef I bought yesterday”, I said as I raced into the kitchen. I opened the polythene bag and there was a crazy smell in my kitchen. Helen hugged me from behind and asked me to step aside. She quickly rinsed the beef with lots of water and the foul smell reduced drastically.

Helen must be a professional cook. She explored my kitchen like she’s been there before. “I’ll have to marinate the beef for a while so you can enjoy it better”, she said. Helen put some water in a bowl and salted it. Then she added other spices and left the beef to bask in it. My kitchen began to smell really nice immediately. I pulled Helen closer right there and began to kiss her hungrily. Minutes later, my pants were down and Helen was on her knees sucking me real good.

I brought out my phone and began to record Helen while she gave me head. She gaggled and choked on my stiff cock as trails of saliva ran to my kitchen floor from her mouth. “Please make sure you delete that video as soon as we’re done watching. I don’t want that kind of fame in my life”, Helen begged as I was recording. “I really don’t like having porn in my phone either”, I responded. Helen got up all of a sudden. She removed every piece of fabric on her until she had only her belly chain on. “Please fuck my pussy”, she said as she held my kitchen cabinet and arched her back.

With my phone recording in one hand, I pushed my throbbing hardness inside Helen’s pussy from behind. She moaned softly as I pushed my dick all the way inside her in one thrust. Helen turned and kissed me as I began to pummel her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and slimy as I fucked her into a first orgasm. Helen’s pussy was quite firm and it squeezed on my cock real hard with each thrust despite her wetness. I pulled her away from the cabinet and pressed her head downward until she was touching her toe. Then I held her by the waist and slammed her pussy real hard and fast. “Oh yes! Right there! Right there! Oh my gawwwwwdddd!”, Helen screamed as she came again.

We picked up our clothes from the kitchen floor and made for my bedroom right after. I wanted us to use the shower before continuing the fucking session but Helen was thinking otherwise. “Give me something to wash before we hit the shower”, Helen said. I understood what she meant and it was okay with me. We climbed into my bed and Helen laid on her tummy. She really likes being fucked from behind. I parted her ass cheeks with one hand and inserted my long rod into her pussy again. This time, Helen was determined to win. She squeezed my cock with her pussy walls until I was about to cum. I withdrew my dick from her pussy and was ready to pour my sperm on her ass. Helen quickly rolled over and held my throbbing cock in her hand.

She was going to suck it until I cum in her mouth but it was too late. I shut my hot fluid all over her face and hair before my cock could get inside her mouth. Helen looked shocked but then she rubbed my sperm all over her face. She claimed it was therapeutic and I believed. We entered the bathroom right after. “Now you’ve got something to wash. Right?”, I asked. We both laughed as we showered together.

On returning to my bedroom, I found three missed calls and a text on my phone. They were all from Shola.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

4 thoughts on “Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 20”

  1. Na God say make sperm no dey finish for guy life.. that shower sef wey una enter go still make something happen… Abeg, no forget Helen asshole..
    Make Shola calm down… E go reach her soon.
    Thumbs up nigga.👍👍👍👍

    1. This Helen na proper freak.
      Just remembered a girl I had a quickie with in the Kitchen for her to squirt and she did squirt floods.
      Had to carry and drop her on the bed, clean the Kitchen and had my bed soaked on the next encounter.
      FWB needed along Fadeyi/Onipan axis
      08131396235 whatsapp

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