Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 19


I spent the night lonely in my bed. Little did I know I was about to have the biggest orgy of my life yet. If I made a movie of what just happened, then I’ll title it ‘Tunde and the six angels’. Bukola and Lilian didn’t take long before sucking me into hardness. I looked around me and the other girls were beginning to make out with each other. The whole room was busy with moaning sounds from the girls on the bed. Lilian took my cock deep in her throat while Bukola sat on my face. I raised my hands, grabbed Bukola’s breasts and fondled them as I ate her pussy. She held my head tight and pressed her clit harder into my mouth.

Bukola let out a short but sharp scream and came. Lilian quickly pushed Bukola off my face and she mounted it too. As I ate Lilian’s pussy, Onome, another girl took my cock in her mouth. Her dick sucking lips felt so good on my cock that I almost nutted. I had to distract myself with other thoughts. With her middle and ring fingers, Lilian rubbed her clit while grinding her wet cunt against my tongue and lips. Her firm boobs dangled in the air. Both nipples were begging me to suck on them so I held Lilian’s breasts in my hands. I kneaded both nipples until I could spot a crystal clear liquid seep through the pores. Lilian came in my mouth too.

I raised my head and looked around the room as Lilian got up from my face. Bukola was on her knees and eating Zainab’s pussy. Zainab just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Bukola’s warm tongue inside her pussy. I looked at Bukola’s well rounded ass and her ass hole got my attention. It pulsated every single second and I felt like sticking my dick into it right away. Before I could make up my mind to stand up, Funmi climbed on top of me. Funmi was the biggest and most busty of all the girls. She is the youngest also. I was at her twentieth birthday party only two weeks back. Funmi rubbed her slightly oversized boobs and hard nipples in my face. My hands reached for her ass right away.

Funmi gently sat her pussy into my dick until she could take no more. Then, she rode me slowly until her pussy creamed on my sweet pole. I raised my waist up as if to push my cock deeper inside her cunt. Funmi quickly pushed my thigh with one hand as she cleverly avoided a deeper penetration from my shaft. I still do not understand why thicker females seem to have shallow pussies when compared with the slim ones. Well, I just adjusted myself under Funmi and held her thighs with my hands. I fucked her real fast until she screamed and squirted all over my cock and tummy. Other girls in the room got attracted by her squirting and came closer.

I fucked Funmi continuously until she squirted a second time. Onome followed right after and sat herself into my erect cock. I began to fuck her from under too until she began to rub her pussy. Onome pleasured herself until she came and squirted on me too. I really enjoyed it and secretly wished all the girls would squirt on me at the same time. Onome took a pause, stood up and sat back on my cock. The sensation was massive. I had to look at her pleasure zone only to find out my cock was inside Onome’s anus. She moaned loudly as she bounced on top of me. Her anal muscles were squeezing hard against my turbo charged dick. I reached for her clit and began to rub on it as I fucked Onome’s anus.

The girls took their turns until they had all cum on me. Ordinarily, I expected myself to be exhausted by the time I was done with them. Instead, the excitement of having twelve pleasure holes to myself all at once just got me going. I ignored the pussies and fucked their ass holes instead. It was time for me to get up and show them what I’m made of. Of all the girls, there was one who decided to dishonor my cock. All she did was suck and finger-fuck other girls. She didn’t ride my cock with the others. Her name was Helen.

I took charge and asked all the girls to go on fours. They were all on the bed in front of me with their eager anuses. I began with Onome and gave her an orgasm. Lilian was followed by Funmi, Bukola and Zainab. They all got an orgasm each. All these while, Helen just watched me fuck while she fingered her own ass and pussy into several orgasms.

The room service came knocking. Funny how fast time flies when you’re having fun. It was twelve noon already and time to check out of the hotel. We all marched to my car so I could drop the girls off at their convenient stops. Helen just leaned forward to my ear and whispered, “I’m not sharing that cock of yours. I want it all to myself. Take me home. Will you?”.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

7 thoughts on “Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 19”

  1. One hell of a Tale.
    Baba you dey enjoy, I wish say I fit control that kind party.

    Any girl needing some discrete FWB (sexual) should holla via whatsapp (08131396235)

    Location: Onipan/Fadeyi/Palmgroove axis(thats ikorodu road)

  2. That was one hell of a tale.
    Any girl around Fadeyi/Onipan axis can holla.
    Just buzz on Whatsapp; 08131396235
    Want to eat someone out.

  3. I just sabi say room service go come knock door…
    Helen the Helen, God dey her back… I dey feel say she get special skill wey she wan show you personally…
    Nice story bruh..
    How weekend? Have a blessed week fam.

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