Lagos Yahoo Boy -Episode 17


Lilian was one horny and expressive hell of a bitch. She pushed me into the settee as soon as we were inside my apartment. My dick sprang out as she pulled my pants down. It was rock hard already. Lilian’s eyes popped at the sight of my tool. She quickly covered it with her tongue and lips like she was trying to hide it. I leaned back and watched her as she made a lollipop out of my throbbing hardness. Lilian sucked my cock until I could take it no more. She took it deep in her throat and almost choked on it. The tightness of her throat muscles seemed to squeeze the sperm out of my cock. I came deep inside her throat and she swallowed it all up.

We relaxed for a while and Lilian asked if I had any toys in the house. I almost said ‘no’ before I remembered Bella my neighbor left hers in my bedroom. Lilian collected it from me immediately and sucked the dildo until she had saliva all over it. “Let me show you something Shola couldn’t have given you”, Lilian said. She went on her knees in front of me and slowly pushed the dildo into her anus. Lilian didn’t stop until the whole dildo disappeared into her ass. She moaned all the way. My dick became erect at the sight of Lilian pleasuring herself anally so I began to stroke it.

DPO called me and I quickly picked up. “Tunde, can I get eight girls tonight? They must be very good at what they do. Most of the men like to penetrate from the other hole. You understand?”, DPO said. “Very well sir. I will provide exactly what you need. Just text me the location and I’ll respond with my account details”, I responded. DPO begged me not to disappoint and I assured him he could only be impressed. I looked at Lilian dildoing her ass hole really fast as I ended the call. She was about to cum so I moved closer to her and hijacked the dildo. I fucked her ass real hard with it while rubbing her clit at the same time. Lilian moaned as she had a convulsive orgasm.

Then she asked what the call was about because she could pick up bits about my conversation with the DPO. I told her I needed eight badass girls who could make some old men feel really good. Lilian told me she was interested the moment I told her how much was involved. That way I had one of the girls already so there were seven more to go. Lilian then climbed on top of me. She positioned her pussy on top of my semi-limp cock and it got hard immediately. Lilian’s pussy was tight as fuck when I entered. She rode me so good I felt like keeping her pussy forever. I was jerking my waist up to meet with her riding until Lilian held me tight and increased the pace.

“Oh my God! Tunde I’m going to cum”, Lilian announced. Her announcement got me so turned on I had to tell her I was about to cum too. “Oh yes. Please cum with me now”, Lilian begged. I didn’t want to shoot my load inside her but Lilian held me tight. Then she pressed her hard nipples into my chest. It felt as if my sperms were racing all the way from my intestine. Lilian’s body shuddered as she came. Then she jerked her ass up at the first sprout of my warm semen inside her pussy as if to run. I pulled her ass closer and deposited my whole spermload deep inside her cunt. “Damn Tunde! You’re a bad motherfucker”, Lilian said as she collapsed on my body right after.

DPO’s text came in moments later. He gave me the address of some hotel inside Gbagada. I could go there to check and at least ten rooms have been booked for the purpose. The ladies could go there already and just chill till it was showtime. Lilian got dressed and we went to inspect the location together. Meanwhile, I already called the youngest and most freaky of my angels. They’re loyal fans of who never disappoint. They were all down for the business including two girls who had to come in from neighboring states.

As at seven o’clock in the evening, all the girls were in their various hotel rooms and waiting for DPO and his friends. The party was happening elsewhere so the girls were for the after party.

I left the hotel and went to meet DPO and his friends as the party venue. It was just five minutes drive away. All ranks of police officers were present. ASP Bola was there too and I sat with her for a while. She reminded me of our weekend rendezvous. The pretty female constable standing behind her smiled and winked at me and I didn’t understand.

Around 9pm, the DPO and his friends began to leave the party one after the other. By 9:30pm we were all in the hotel and each man entered the rooms with the girl of their choice.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Guy, wey the girls for this blog o… Make Dem commot make we see ourselves fa. So plenty things dey happen for here like this? I still no see way join the forum. Na free coin the thing dey advertise o..
    Nice story, btw. Pimp Tunde 💪💪💪💪💪 Ma Nigga

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