Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 16


I woke up in the morning and put a call through to my friend Alex. He is the one friend who introduced me to blogging real time. I told him about a potential contract but he was preoccupied with other stuff. It took me ages to convince him into agreeing to take the job. Alex is a total nerd. He has no time for things of the opposite sex. All he knows is weed, music and internet. I was so relieved and couldn’t wait to break the news to ASP Bola. Finally, I got her daughter a very good mentor.

Her phone barely rang before she picked up. ASP Bola acted so much like a high school girl who just got a phone call from her crush. I could tell she was all smiles as we talked over the phone. After the compliments, I broke the news to her. Bola, I’ve found your daughter a mentor. A very good one and he’s my bosom friend. I went on praising Alex until I noticed Bola was quiet. “Hello, are you there?”, I asked. Then, ASP Bola responded, “Yes o. I’m here. So, what time should I expect you on Saturday?”. That was the least expected answer. She didn’t even say a thing about her daughter or blogging.

I decided to follow the tide. We talked about other things for a while and what we’re going to do to each other when weekend comes. After talking and flirting over the phone for several minutes, we were going to end the call. So, I tried reminding Bola about her daughter’s mentoring. “Woo, Tunde, leave my daughter and her blogging for now jare. Let’s just talk about you and I for now”, Bola responded. I was baffled by her sudden loss of interest.

The call ended and I began to wonder what could be the cause. Did Bola find another mentor for her daughter? Are they having issues? It’s a common thing for parents and their children to have a misunderstanding. Probably, Bola’s reaction was a disciplinary measure for something her daughter had done.I had thoughts upon thoughts until my phone rang. It was Lilian, Shola’s friend.

“Hello Mr Blogger. How have you been?”, Lilian asked as I picked up. “Very well. And you?”, I responded. “So, you finally decided to give your sweet thing to Shola only, right?”, she asked. I pretended like I didn’t understand a thing she was saying. Lilian then got really blunt about it. “Just so you know, Shola and I are very close friends. There’s nothing that happens to her without my knowing. She told me how you gave it to her from the sitting room to the bedroom with your long and turgid joystick. So I’m wondering if it’ll ever be my turn to get some loving sweetness from you”, she said.

I swear, Lilian’s boldness just turned me on right there and my dick got hard. Immediately, I began to think of Lilian’s face and the crazy things I could do with her body. Then I replied her question, “I’m always available. If you come, I’m going to loot your honey pot until it runs out of juice”, I said. Before I could finish, Lilian was already moaning. “Why are you moaning already?”, I asked. “Well, I’m imagining things here and secondly, I’ve got my hand inside my pant and it’s so wet down there”, Lilian responded. My dick got hard like it was gonna explode. Lilian moaned until we finished our discussion. I could tell she fingered herself until the call ended.

I brought out my hard cock from my shorts and held it in my hand for a while. It was so hard and the veins on it were full of life as blood pumped through them. I stroked it into further hardness and was almost masturbating. “No, let me invite Lilian over instead”, I told myself. I picked up my phone and sent a text to Lilian, “If you want some xxx action, here’s my address…..I’m home all day until evening”. It wasn’t up to two minutes before I got a response. “Hmm…okay! I’ll think about it”, came the response from Lilian.

I got up from my bed and began to tidy up my apartment. After stuffing the washing machine with the few dirty clothes I had, I decided to make breakfast. As soon as I was done spreading the clothes on the line outside, I got a call from Lilian. “Hello Tunde. I’m at your gate”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Lilian didn’t even tell me she was coming over and now she’s at my gate already.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Omo, your ministry is moving and spreading gradually… You don get new member… Damn.
    Girls sabi broadcast preek ehn…
    Nice story.. wehdonsir 👍👍👍

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