Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 15



I was in bed thinking about how I spent my day. There was music in the background so I didn’t hear my phone ringing. It took the little pause between two tracks for me to hear my phone ringing. I picked ASP Bola’s call and she was indirectly complaining. “I’ve been calling you for ages”, she said. I quickly apologized and asked how she’s doing. ‘Hmm…not fine o”, came her response. I asked what the matter was and Bola said she was missing me madly. It made me feel really good to hear a superior police officer say that about me.

Bola and I began to flirt over the phone. Everything we talked about that night had some sex in it. We were on the verge of having phone sex when the line disconnected. Before I could figure out what the cause was, another call came in. I decided to pick up before returning to my erotic discussion with Bola. Next thing I heard was the pidgin queen’s voice. “Tunde-Tunde! How you dey na?”, Beatrice greeted. I decided to do the pidgin thing with her for once. My response was, “I dey o my sister, how your side na?”. Beatrice’s response wasn’t expected when she said, “Hmm…not fine o”. It was the same response ASP Bola gave me before Beatrice interrupted.

I began to wonder what was happening that night. Beatrice asked several random questions until she declared to me that she was horny. She also said she wish she could run away from home to meet me even if for a few minutes. I was already in the mood so I told her I could send my address if she wanted to come over. Beatrice asked me to hold on for a while. Then I heard a door creaking until it was shut. “Ehen! Sorry, I comot for the bedroom. My husband dey sleep. I dey inside parlour like this”, Beatrice told me. My instinct then told me to enquire about her sex life with her husband.

By the time Beatrice was done talking about her sex life, I knew she was in bondage. According to her, the only time her husband lasts up to ten minutes in bed is when he’s drunk. He doesn’t even pound her well. Most times Beatrice had to be on top but she never gets to orgasm before hubby shoots his load. I encouraged her to take heart but she told me that wasn’t the solution. “But, as it is, you can’t leave your home to come see me tonight. It’s late”, I said. “Ehen? Shebi technology don make life better for we all? Give me the thing for phone first, then I go come see you later. My toto need servicing like dis”, Beatrice responded.

Moments later, Beatrice and I were talking dirty to each other. She moaned from her end and I was stroking my cock. “aah…yesss…Tunde…fuck me well well. Suck my breasts”, Beatrice moaned and begged. I asked what she was doing and she told me she had three fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. I told her to picture my long cock fucking her pussy really deep, fast and hard. The volume of her moaning increased alongside the intensity of her fingering. Then I knew she was cumming. I pretended I was cumming at the same time and the phone sexing ended. Beatrice already satisfied her urge and was quick to end the conversation.

I knew too well that Bola must have been trying to call back after we got disconnected so I dialed her number. She was obviously angry when she picked up. “Who were you talking with for over thirty minutes? Your line has been busy and I tried calling you over fifteen times. I guess it’s one of your other girls”, Bola concluded. Then, I apologized for keeping her waiting but then I lied to her. “It’s my uncle from the US. He had some assignments for me and that’s what we’ve been talking about”, I said. Whether or not ASP Bola believed my tale, I cared less.

“Tunde, please don’t leave me like this. I need to sleep early as I have to be at the office very early tomorrow morning. I’ve been touching myself since our call got terminated. My pussy is a hot mess right now. I need you inside me asap”, Bola pleaded.

I knew right away that what she needed was a good phone sex so I gave it to her real good. Bola fingered her mature pussy so much she had multiple orgasms. It didn’t take long for me to cum either as I was already hanging from my session with Beatrice. Bola and I then agreed that we spend the coming weekend together at the same guest house where we met earlier.


To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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