Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 11


It was as though Bella’s pussy got tighter within a few days of her not fucking me. Despite her thick and mature skin, Bella’s pussy was just as tight as a teenage one. The whole of her pussy walls hugged my hard cock as I forcefully pushed it into her semi lubricated honey pot. Bella moaned and arched her legs around my waist like she’ll never let go. She scratched my back with her fixed acrylic nails as I stretched her pussy with my cock. We kissed hungrily while I stirred her pussy with my hardness. “Oh baby I’m coming”, Bella whispered as I felt her pussy release enough juice on my dick. The slime she produced was enough to lubricate two tractor engines.

Her pussy became so wet and slippery right after. I ploughed her needy cunt like I missed it. Bella told me she was about to cum again. I was close too so I withdrew my cock. “No, Tunde. Please put it back in and fuck me till I cum”, she begged. Before I could tell her I was about to cum too, Bella grabbed my cock and shoved it in her pussy. She wiggled her waist on me and that was it. I shot my sperm deep inside aunty Bella’s vagina. Bella pulled the sheets and orgasmed at the same time. She was so excited as I laid my body on hers after cumming. We kissed passionately until we both slept off.

I woke up the next morning to ASP Bola’s text and several missed calls. The fuck from the previous night must have made me sleep too deep to hear my phone ring. ASP Bola wanted me to call her as soon as possible. “Finally, she must want me to mentor her daughter”, I thought. I dialed her number and we got talking. ASP Bola is always so sweet whenever she talked to me. “Tunde, please, I want to text you an address now. Will you be nice enough to meet me there?”, she said with an almost crying needy tone. I hesitated for a while before saying, “it’s okay ma. Send it”. ASP Bola was so happy and thanked me as she ended the call. That was after begging me severely not to disappoint or keep her waiting.

I don’t like to keep a horny woman waiting. It’s an easy way to offend nature so I freshened up and got dressed even before the text message came in. It was a guest house on the other end of town. I drove to the location with so much ease. It still baffles me how easily I get to locations when there’s pussy involved. Ask me to go make a delivery in the same location and I’ll be needing help with direction.

The gate man opened wide at the sound of my horn and I drove into the decent guest house. One of the attendants rushed toward me. “Mr Tunde?”, he asked. I nodded in agreement. He then led me through the reception to the VIP section. “Madam said you should wait for her here. She’ll be here shortly. Meanwhile, we have good food and drinks. What can we serve you sir?”, the attendant asked. I felt like a very special guest but I told him I’m fine for the moment. ASP Bola came in moments after. She then led me to a very big room down the hall. “This is my getaway place. I had to escape from the office to be with you”, she said.

ASP Bola didn’t waste time as soon as we entered the room. She moved closer to me and we began to kiss. I caressed her body and squeezed her gigantic ass real hard. “Ma, take off you uniform or you’ll get it rumpled”, I advised. ASP Bola’s face changed immediately. “I told you to stop using that ma word with me. Stop making me feel guilty. Disrespect me as long as it’s just the two of us”, she said. Quickly, I apologized by saying, “okay Bola. I won’t do that again”. Then the smooching continued as we slowly undressed each other.

ASP Bola was so ticklish as I teased her soul with my tongue. I licked her mature but fresh thighs until she lost control. “Tunde, you have made me so wet. Please fuck me now and satisfy this hunger in me”, she begged. I positioned myself well between her legs and held my turgid dick in my hand. The tip of my dick was beginning to feel the wetness of ASP Bola’s pussy when her phone rang. She checked and it was from her CSP (Chief Superintendent of Police).

Bola begged me that she had to return to her office right away. Her superior needed her attention. She dressed up hurriedly and promised to call me as she left me in the room. My hard dick still pointing to the ceiling.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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    1. Hmm…really, Iya Tosin deserves a whole series. Just stay tuned to the blog and you’ll hear more about her. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks and have a splendid week.

    1. Thanks Jackson….All stories can be found under the categories section. Optionally, you can use the search function. Let me know if you need further assistance. I really appreciate you commenting.

  1. Which kind fuck up be this na? She go hear am next time. Guy, make boys proud next time..
    How’ve you been bruh?

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